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This is the Rescue Request Boards Page for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. This is for posting your request for aid when you faint in a Dungeon, so other players can help you out!

How to Request a Rescue

Please use one of the following formats to request a rescue from another player.

Send a Screenshot of a Password

Rescue request password.jpg
When requesting a rescue without accessing the Internet, please include a screenshot of the password as displayed on the screen.

Also, please include the name of the Dungeon you are stranded in using the format below.
[Dungeon: xxxxxxxxxx]

Send an ID

When requesting a rescue over the Internet, please include the rescue code and name of the Dungeon using the format below.
[Code: xxxxxxxxxx]
[Dungeon: xxxxxxxxxx]

  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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How to Use Friend Rescue

How to Use Friend Rescue

List of Message Boards

Message Board Banner.png

Discussion Board Friend Rescue Board
Pokemon Memes Board

Make a Post

Message Board

Submissions: 297
See the newest comments
297 Anonymousabout 4 hoursReport

>>290 Rescued, here’s the revival password

296 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

drAAL0Tm0q4 Purity Forest

295 Anonymousabout 10 hoursReport

>>292 Am so sorry for that. Will try not to do it again

294 Rascalsabout 13 hoursReport

hJGqeqidZkG Sky Tower

293 Anonymousabout 13 hoursReport

reK9YkU1Q☆Y Stormy sea

292 Anonymousabout 17 hoursReport

>>290 Bruh why did you put it sideways?

291 Anonymousabout 17 hoursReport

ID:r%7gkUNV:Hj Sky tower

290 Anonymousabout 20 hoursReport

Team Unity 6723P-5397D-68X8D-MDPPM-2P961-27P59 Please help me thanks is you do

289 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

First of all to the person who lost in oddity cave: WEAK!!! Now for the acutal request. ID:r%7gkUNV:Hj Sky Tower.

288 Anonymous1 dayReport

I keep dying. Please help. Dungeon: Oddity Cave

287 Anonymous2 daysReport

ID: r%7gkUNV:Hj Mt. Freeze.

286 Anonymous4 daysReport

ID eC79Em9m*Cm Purity Forest Please help would be much appreciated

285 Anonymous4 daysReport

7m153-1x1m7-1p469-x68d4-x814p-4296p Floor 61 purity forest please help am close thanks.

284 Anonymous5 daysReport

24PMP 1441D 42843 191P2 963PD P1426 B4F Lapis cave :)

283 Anonymous8 daysReport

Sky Tower 33F ID: byf4HeFB7nW Please help!

282 Anonymous8 daysReport

can some one save me? 7D51M3 32722 76M29 6791D 1M369

281 Anonymous8 daysReport

Me again, lost in the Grand Sea. Easy rescue, should have done it myself

280 Anonymous11 daysReport

>>279 Sorry picture is a litt blurry

279 Anonymous11 daysReport

Someone please rescue me I’m like 1 floor away Sky pillar ID is in the picture provided Thank you

278 Anonymous11 daysReport

Please help! at Frosty Forest 13 floor, got beat up by Articuno. Thank you!

277 Anonymous11 daysReport

Stormy Sea, F39. Felt like I was close to beating Kyogre ^^’

276 Anonymous14 daysReport

Need help buried relic 95th floor Got mew recruited

275 Anonymous14 daysReport

Help please! Mt. Faraway, 38F I’d: tbeΔE*:YG8Y What if you wanted Ho-oh but three Mega Glalie using blizzard in the hail said no...

274 Anonymous15 daysReport

>>272 Its 267

273 Anonymous15 daysReport

Please help, grand sea floor 20 deluxe reward Thanks

272 Anonymous15 daysReport

>>270 What is the code u got?

271 Anonymous15 daysReport

Sky tower floor 23. Please help me 😭

270 Anonymous15 daysReport

>>263 I rescued you:)

269 Anonymous15 daysReport

>>268 and there is a 800 gold reward

268 Anonymous15 daysReport

Floor 39 Stormy sea

See the newest comments

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    • They really should nerf flygon, literally almost one shotted my team, now I'm waiting to get rescued.

    • >>[290]
      Rescued, here’s the revival password

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