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How to Farm Stat Boost Items

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This is a guide page on how to Farm Stat Boost Items on the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. Stat Boost Items are things like Vitamins and Medicines which include Carbos, Protein and Accuracy Drink items.

Best Stat-boosting Item Sources

Buried Relic and Unown Relic

One-Room Orb ImageOne-Room Orb Phase Ribbon ImagePhase Ribbon Mobile Scarf ImageMobile Scarf Tunnel Wand ImageTunnel Wand

Buried Relic and Unown Relic contain many Stat-boosting items within their walls. The items above allow you to dig through those walls.

X-Ray Specs allow you to see where you should dig to find the Stat-boosting Items. This is the best source of Stat Boost Items in the game.

Although Hyper Beam is able to destroy walls, it also destroys items. Do not use it to dig through the walls.

Friend Rescue Board

Friend Rescue Board.jpg

Another source of Stat-boosting Items are running Friend Rescues. To boost this method's efficiency, run multiple Friend Rescues in one dungeon. Make sure to run Deluxe requests as they promise more rewards

What are Stat-boosting Items?

Items that Permanently Increase Stats

Stat-boosting Items are items that can be used on Pokemon to permanently enhance their stats and skills. In Rescue Team DX, the limit for HP is 500, and all other stats can be raised to 255.

Where to Find Stat-boosting Items

  • Glittering Floors
  • Box Drops
  • Excavate Walls in Unown Relic and Buried Relic
  • Increase Rescue Team Rank
  • Handle Rescues
  • Clear Dungeons

Stat-boosting Item List


Rainbow Gummi ImageRainbow Gummi
Random Stat
DX Gummi ImageDX Gummi
Random Stat
Life Seed ImageLife Seed
Sitrus Berry ImageSitrus Berry


Carbos ImageCarbos
Iron ImageIron
Protein ImageProtein
Zinc ImageZinc
Sp. Def
Calcium ImageCalcium
Sp. Atk


Power Drink ImagePower Drink
Move Power
Accuracy Drink ImageAccuracy Drink
Move Accuracy
PP Up Drink ImagePP Up Drink
Increases PP of Move

How to Use

Opening the Toolbox allows you to use Stat-boosting Items one by one while exploring a Dungeon. However, it's quicker to go to a Rescue Team Camp and use it there, as this allows you to use Stat-boosting Items all at once.

Using them in a Dungeon will also exhaust a turn with each Item used, so you need to be careful if you do it in Dungeons.

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3 Anonymousabout 4 years

Yup. I love my trusty Haunter for this. I want to get that Rare Quality that you were talking about so I can run dungeons without Haunter (he's quite weak)

2 Jamesabout 4 years

also ghost types can pass through walls w/o items so...


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