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Silver Trench Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Silver Trench in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 99
Boss Lugia
Required? No

Silver Trench Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Seel ImageSeel Grimer ImageGrimer Kingler ImageKingler Krabby ImageKrabby
Cloyster ImageCloyster Shellder ImageShellder Muk ImageMuk Dewgong ImageDewgong
Slowbro ImageSlowbro Slowpoke ImageSlowpoke Tentacruel ImageTentacruel Tentacool ImageTentacool
Slowking ImageSlowking Lanturn ImageLanturn Chinchou ImageChinchou Dratini ImageDratini
Kabutops ImageKabutops Kabuto ImageKabuto Omastar ImageOmastar Omanyte ImageOmanyte
Vaporeon ImageVaporeon Starmie ImageStarmie Staryu ImageStaryu Seadra ImageSeadra
Horsea ImageHorsea Wingull ImageWingull Kingdra ImageKingdra Octillery ImageOctillery
Remoraid ImageRemoraid Corsola ImageCorsola Qwilfish ImageQwilfish Clamperl ImageClamperl
Luvdisc ImageLuvdisc Relicanth ImageRelicanth Gorebyss ImageGorebyss Huntail ImageHuntail
Walrein ImageWalrein Sealeo ImageSealeo Spheal ImageSpheal Armaldo ImageArmaldo
Anorith ImageAnorith Cradily ImageCradily Lileep ImageLileep Wailmer ImageWailmer
Sharpedo ImageSharpedo Carvanha ImageCarvanha

Tips and Strategies

Best Items to Bring

Silver Trench is a 99F dungeon and because of this, your need to strategize on how to utilize your inventory properly. Here are our recommendations.

Apple ImageApple x 10 Big Apple ImageBig Apple x 2 Reviver Seed ImageReviver Seed x 10
All Protect Orb ImageAll Protect Orb x 2 Totter Orb ImageTotter Orb Max Ether ImageMax Ether x 15

Efficient Apples

  1. Walk through Silver Trench until Satiety is depleted.
  2. Use Big Apple to reach 150 Satiety. Big Apples buff your Satiery upper limit to 200 for that specific run.
  3. Continue using apples as normal.

Recommended Item

Efficient Bandanna ImageEfficient Bandanna

This item gives you a chance to not consume PP when using a move. In long dungeons, this can save you lots of PP so bring your Efficient Bandanna if you have one.

Best Pokemon to Use

Quagsire ImageQuagsire

Quagsire has Water Abrosrb that heals him whenever he is hit by a Water type move. This is extremely useful as most Pokemon in Silver Trench use Water type moves. Quagsire can be your party leader as he can absorb most of the attacks here.

Many Flying Pokemon

Flying types are prevalent in Northern Range. You will have an easier type if you have access to Electric or Ice Moves. We recommend Ice Pokemon as they are also strong against Latios while Electric moves are not. This is because only one Pokemon is recovering at a single turn, the other ones are dealing damage.

Vs. Boss

Lugia ImageLugia

Lugia is at Lv. 65 so have Pokemon that are around or higher that level so that you wont have a hard time. We have stated earlier that Lv. 70 is enough. Being at Lv. 80 will make you feel comfortable throughout the dungeon run.

It is highly recommended that you have two All Protect Orbs with you as if you have many Pokemon in your party, it is possible to take down Lugia without taking damage.

Pokemon to Watch Out For

Seel ImageSeel Cloyster ImageCloyster Vaporeon ImageVaporeon Horsea ImageHorsea
Sealeo ImageSealeo

Pokemon with Hydro Pump

These Pokemon can damage your Pokemon at a Room-wide range. Be careful in dealing with them in large rooms as damage can accumulate from afar. Try to deal with them as soon as possible.

Cloyster's Spikes

Pay attention to your terrain as Cloyster can use Spikes that damage you and Toxic Spikes that Poison you. However, this is easily avoidable by not clumsily walking into one.

Sealeo and Seel's Blizzard

Ice Pokemon such as Seel and Sealeo have Blizzard that can damage you if you are in the same room. Damage can stack up really quickly even at range so be careful. This move can also inflict the Frozen status condition on your Pokemon.

Items Found in Silver Trench

Coming soon.

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2 Anonymousabout 4 years

"Many Flying Pokemon Flying types are prevalent in Northern Range. You will have an easier type if you have access to Electric or Ice Moves. We recommend Ice Pokemon as they are also strong against Latios while Electric moves are not. This is because only one Pokemon is recovering at a single turn, the other ones are dealing damage." There are not many flying pokemon. This is not the Northern Range. And Latios is not the boss lol.. please fix these errors! Thank you :]

1 Anonymousabout 4 years

Need to update the information here. It's not two big apples you want, it's two PERFECT apples. Big apples restore your belly to 100 once empty. Perfect apples restore to full and increase belly size. But to all who are having trouble here, considering using Groudon with an empowerment seed. This also means equipping goggle specs on the leader to avoid traps. Desolate land nullifies the many water attacks there. Groudon also has notorious restoration as his base RQ so it should help healing


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