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Main Story Post-Game 100% Clear

This is a list of Story Walkthrough pages for the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX for the Nintendo Switch. Check our guide to learn how to beat the game fast and get through all the hardest dungeons unscathed!

List of Story Walkthroughs

All Missions

Mission Suggested Team Lv.
Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods 4
Mission 2: Rescue Magnemite in Thunderwave Cave 5
Mission 3: Rescue Diglett at Mt. Steel 6
Mission 4: Rescue Metapod in Sinister Woods 8
Mission 5: Rescue Jumpluff in Silent Chasm 10
Mission 6: Vs. Zapdos | Rescue Shiftry at Mt. Thunder 15
Mission 7: Meeting Xatu in Great Canyon 17
Mission 8: Vs. Moltres at Mt. Blaze 20
Mission 9: Vs. Articuno at Frosty Forest 24
Mission 10: Meet Ninetales at Mt. Freeze 25
Mission 11: Mankeys in Uproar Forest 26
Mission 12: Vs. Groudon at Magma Cavern 28
Mission 13: Vs. Rayquaza at Sky Tower 32

Missions 1-7 Summary

No. Mission
1 Reach 3F of Tiny Woods and rescue Caterpie
2 Reach 5F of Thunderwave Cave and rescue Magnemite
3 Reach 9F of Mt. Steel and defeat the Boss Skarmory
After this Mission, you'll unlock Rescue Camps and Magnemite will join your team
4 Reach 8F of Oddity Cave
After clearing Oddity Cave and finishing one more Dungeon, you'll meet Team Meanies.
After that, when clearing another dungeon again, you'll unlock Sinister Woods.
Reach 13F of Sinister Woods and fight the Boss Team Meanies: Gengar, Medicham, and Ekans
5 Reach 10F of Silent Chasm and encounter Zapdos for the first time
6 Reach 13F of Mt. Thunder and fight the Boss Zapdos
7 Reach 13F of Great Canyon and meet Xatu
Visit Whiscash to the north of Pokemon SquareAfter this, you will become unable to access the Pokemon Square

After Mt. Thunder, Pokemon Square becomes inaccessible

After defeating Zapdos at Mt. Thunder and visiting Xatu in Great Canyon, you'll become temporarily unable to visit Pokemon Square. This will prevent you from such actions as leveling up by completing Jobs or by training at the Makuhita Dojo, as well as buying and selling Items, so be sure to do these tasks before talking to Whiscash. Raising your level in advance will make sure you're able to complete the subsequent Missions without a problem.
Leveling Up at Makuhita Dojo

Missions 8-10

No. Mission
8 Reach 14F of Lapis Cave
Reach 15F of Mt. Blaze and fight the Boss Moltres
9 Reach 14F of Frosty Forest and fight the Boss Articuno
Absol (Lv. 28) will join your team
10 Reach 20F of Mt. Freeze and Meet Ninetales
Return to Pokemon Square
You'll be able to use Pokemon Square services freely again.

No friends, nowhere to hide

During this part of the game, you'll be unable to gain any new friends aside from Absol. In addition, there are few options to raise your level or obtain useful Items. The only options to increase your level and collect Items are the optional Dungeons Rock Path and Snow Path. If you get stuck in continuing the story in this difficult part of the game, consider visiting these Dungeons to get ready to power through.

Missions 11-13

No. Mission
11 Finish any 2 Dungeons (Completing Jobs is not required, but allowed)
Receive a request from Wynaut at the Pelipper Post Office
Reach 4F of Uproar Forest and fight the Boss, three Mankeys
Give 3 Chestnuts to the Mankeys. Chestnuts can be found on 3F of Uproar Forest
12 Finish any 2 Dungeons
A story event will occur (No spoilers!)
Finish any 2 Dungeons
You will gain access to Magma Cavern
Reach 26F of Magma Cavern and face the Boss, Groudon
13 Reach 34F of Sky Tower and defeat the final Story Boss, Rayquaza

How Long to Beat the Game?

Our Joy-con slingers at game8 were able to clear the Story at a lightning speed of 12 hours; for a typical play, we estimate a length of 15~25 hours to finish the story. But there's no rush – take your time and enjoy what the game has to offer!

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