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Joyous Tower Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Joyous Tower in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 99
Boss -
Required? No

Joyous Tower Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Treecko ImageTreecko Psyduck ImagePsyduck Chikorita ImageChikorita
Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaur Torchic ImageTorchic Eevee ImageEevee Skitty ImageSkitty
Minun ImageMinun Plusle ImagePlusle Beldum ImageBeldum Pinsir ImagePinsir
Slakoth ImageSlakoth Exeggutor ImageExeggutor Scyther ImageScyther Ledyba ImageLedyba
Linoone ImageLinoone Shroomish ImageShroomish Sunflora ImageSunflora Beedrill ImageBeedrill
Trapinch ImageTrapinch Spinarak ImageSpinarak Houndour ImageHoundour Dustox ImageDustox
Weedle ImageWeedle Teddiursa ImageTeddiursa FarfetchFarfetch'd Gligar ImageGligar
Stantler ImageStantler Cacnea ImageCacnea Houndoom ImageHoundoom Tauros ImageTauros
Ariados ImageAriados Heracross ImageHeracross Breloom ImageBreloom Doduo ImageDoduo
Dunsparce ImageDunsparce Skiploom ImageSkiploom Bagon ImageBagon Tangela ImageTangela
Nincada ImageNincada Pidgeot ImagePidgeot Magby ImageMagby Torkoal ImageTorkoal
Rapidash ImageRapidash Fearow ImageFearow Pineco ImagePineco Ditto ImageDitto
Mightyena ImageMightyena Snorunt ImageSnorunt Lairon ImageLairon Rhyhorn ImageRhyhorn
Metang ImageMetang Glalie ImageGlalie Seviper ImageSeviper Slaking ImageSlaking
Pupitar ImagePupitar Shelgon ImageShelgon Swablu ImageSwablu Grimer ImageGrimer
Rhydon ImageRhydon Arbok ImageArbok Magmar ImageMagmar Golem ImageGolem
Graveler ImageGraveler Sandslash ImageSandslash Sandshrew ImageSandshrew Metagross ImageMetagross
Salamence ImageSalamence Tropius ImageTropius Claydol ImageClaydol Flygon ImageFlygon
Aerodactyl ImageAerodactyl Dusclops ImageDusclops Scizor ImageScizor Altaria ImageAltaria
Ledian ImageLedian Lunatone ImageLunatone Masquerain ImageMasquerain Shuppet ImageShuppet
Forretress ImageForretress Shedinja ImageShedinja Ponyta ImagePonyta Victreebel ImageVictreebel
Persian ImagePersian Dugtrio ImageDugtrio Diglett ImageDiglett Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
Jigglypuff ImageJigglypuff Clefable ImageClefable Clefairy ImageClefairy Metapod ImageMetapod
Azumarill ImageAzumarill Bellossom ImageBellossom Igglybuff ImageIgglybuff Pichu ImagePichu
Kangaskhan ImageKangaskhan Chansey ImageChansey Weezing ImageWeezing Electrode ImageElectrode
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Blissey ImageBlissey Smoochum ImageSmoochum Porygon2 ImagePorygon2
Granbull ImageGranbull Kecleon ImageKecleon Camerupt ImageCamerupt Happiny ImageHappiny

Tips and Strategies

Best Pokemon to Use

Cloyster Image Cloyster Once Cloyster reaches level 13, it should be able to take care of tons of enemies with Spike Cannon due to its Skill Link ability. However, Cloyster can be a bit hard to use before level 13 as starting moves are randomized.
Masquerain Image Masquerain You may have to recruit a couple of different Masquerain for this build, but this Pokemon can be very useful for Joyous Tower as it can get Quiver Dance, Ominous Wind, and Bug Buzz as its starting moves. Masquerain can also resist physical attacks as it has the Intimidate ability.
Scizor Image Scizor Scizor's moveset works well in Joyous Tower. It's Technician ability works well with Pursuit, Quick Attack, and Bullet Punch, which are all potential starting moves. It also learns Agility at level 17, which can be very useful for the later parts of the dungeon. It's only downside is its weakness to Fire-type moves, but it makes up for it with many resistances.

Find Pokemon with Excellent Starting Moves

Since you'll be starting from level 5 in Joyous Tower, we recommend recruiting Pokemon that have great starting moves like the ones we recommend above. Note that the level of your moves will start from level 1, so we don't recommend using moves that initially have low power.

Learn Speed-Boosting Moves

Speed is very important in Joyous Tower as you will want to escape from fights in the later parts of the dungeon. As such, we recommend using Pokemon that can learn moves like Agility or Rock Polish.

Rely on Long-Range Attacks

Joyous Tower has big open rooms, so you can easily create situations where you can safely attack enemy Pokemon from the corridor.

Recommended Rare Qualities

Narrow Focus works well with our attack from the corridor strategy, and Riled Up makes it easier to explore a floor since the boost lasts as long as you stay on the same floor.

XP Boost is also really useful as you will have access to more moves faster.

Joyous Tower Strategy

Enemy Pokemon Can Pick Up Items

Enemy pokemon pick up items.jpg
Watch out! Enemy Pokemon in Joyous Tower can pick up and throw projectiles like Silver Spike at you, so be careful unless you want a half-dead team.

In addition, be careful when you use your own projectiles, as enemy Pokemon can pick those up too.

Prioritize Collecting Items from 1F-9F

Room with big apple.jpg
In the early stages of the dungeon, you don't need to worry about leveling up too much, so focus on collecting as many items as possible.

Watch Out for Strong Pokemon from 10F-19F

Attacking scyther.jpg
Be careful as you go through these floors as many of the Pokemon here can attack from long-range. However, if you're able to recruit some of these Pokemon, you should be safe until around 60F.

Pokemon to Watch Out For Description
Cyndaquil Image Cyndaquil and other starters Appears until 15F. These are able to attack from afar with moves like Razor Leaf, Ember, and Water Gun, so be careful.
Scyther Image Scyther Be careful with how you position your team, or else you might fall victim to a Focus Energy + Quick Attack combo from a Scyther with Technician.
Linoone Image Linoone Linoone can be deadly if you aren't careful as it can use the multi-strike Fury Swipes and long-range Quick Attack. Approach these with caution and make sure you have enough HP when you do so.

Watch Out for Magnitude from Dugtrio from 20F-29F

Use these floors to collect more items and to level up as the only Pokemon to really watch out for here is Dugtrio.

Pokemon to Watch Out For Description
Dugtrio Image Dugtrio Appears from 24F-29F. Be careful as the room-affecting Magnitude can kill you outright if it's powerful enough, so deal with these Pokemon from the corridors.

The Toughest Section in Joyous Tower (30F-39F)

Mega evolution.jpg
These floors are some of the toughest in Joyous Tower, and if you can go through these safely, you should be good up until 90F.

For dangerous enemy Pokemon, including those that can mega evolve, we recommend attacking them with Two-Edge Wands and Silver Spikes from the corridors. You do not want to fight them head-on.

Pokemon to Watch Out For Description
Bellossom Image Bellossom With its Chlorophyll ability, Bellossom can be very dangerous with its Sunny Day + Leaf Storm combo where it can attack you twice in one turn from afar. Attack it from corridors using items.
Gardevoir Image Gardevoir Gardevoir can be a pain to deal with since it can heal other enemies with Heal Pulse. Attack it with items from afar as it can cause status conditions that will have you attacking your teammates

Blast Through 41F-89F

Joyous Tower 41F-89F.jpg

Your main priority for these floors is to get to the stairs as fast as possible by using the items and speed-boosting moves that you've collected and learned so far. Try to avoid enemies if you can, but if you have to face them, use items.

Pokemon to Watch Out For Description
Camerupt Image Camerupt Appears in 80F-84F. They can be very dangerous as not only do they have the room-affecting Earth Power but they mega evolve too.
Kecleon Image Kecleon Appears in 77F. While these Kecleon may look identical to the unbeatable shopkeepers that attack you when you steal from them, these are much easier to defeat, so don't waste any items on them.

Running Away Is the Best Option (90F-98F)

90F-98F Joyous Tower.jpg

A lot of the Pokemon you will see in these floors come from Sky Tower, so it may be hard to escape from them. However, use your items wisely and apply speed-boosts when necessary, and you should be able to escape to the next floor.

Pokemon to Watch Out For Description
Altaria Image Altaria Altaria appears in the first half on 90F-98F. Through Natural Recovery and Refresh, it can heal itself and other enemy Pokemon of Status Conditions. It can also buff itself using Dragon Dance and Cotton Guard.
Aerodactyl Image Aerodactyl Appears at 94F onwards, it is dangerous because of Agility. Aerodactyls tend to use Agility more often than Scizors. It also has Pressure drains your PP as you use moves against it.
Flygon Image Flygon Appears at 95F, Flygons are very dangerous because of Earth Power and Hyper Beam moves that can easily destroy your team. It also has Dragon Dance that allows it to boost its travel speed. Flygons are very uncommon but if you see one, prevent it from dealing damage by knocking it out as soon as possible.
Scizor Image Scizor Its STAB Technician Bullet Punch is very powerful. However, it is fairly low in health.
Claydol Image Claydol It can raise its stats with Cosmic Power so knock it out as soon as possible. It can damage your Pokemon at long range using Psybeam so beware.

Items Found in Joyous Tower

Coming soon.

Joyous Tower Rewards: 99F Items

Joyous Tower Rewards.jpg

On the last floor, there are 12 Deluxe Boxes and 3 Joy Seeds waiting to be claimed. Be sure to collect everything!

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