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Mission 11: Mankeys in Uproar Forest Story Walkthrough

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This is a Story Walkthrough for Mission 11: Mankeys in HowUproarling Forest in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn tips and strategies, which Dungeons are included, and which Bosses you will face here.

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Mission 10: Meet Ninetales at Mt. Freeze Mission 11: Mankeys in Uproar Forest Mission 12: Vs. Groudon at Magma Cavern

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Dungeons in this Chapter

Uproar Forest.jpg

Uproar Forest

Basic Information
No. of Floors 10
Boss Mankey
Rewards -

Uproar Forest Dungeon Guide

Mission 11: Mankeys in Uproar Forest Walkthrough

1 Finish any 2 Dungeons
2 Completing Jobs is not required, but allowed
3 Receive a request from Wynaut at the Pelipper Post Office
4 Reach 4F of Uproar Forest and fight the Boss, three Mankeys
5 Give 3 Chestnuts to the Mankeys. Chestnuts can be found on 3F of Uproar Forest

Mission 11: Mankeys in Uproar Forest Tips and Strategies

As it is a fairly short dungeon run, it is wise to prepare for the boss fight instead of overthinking Uproar Forest. For the boss fight, bring these two items so the boss fight will be easier.

Blast Seed ImageBlast Seed Sleep Seed ImageSleep Seed

Of course this is in addition to the always-required Apple, Oran Berries and Tiny Reviver Seeds.

Best Pokemon to Use

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Charmander ImageCharmander Torchic ImageTorchic Spearow ImageSpearow

Many Pokemon in Uproar Forest are weak against Fire and Fying. With that, Spearow, Cyndaquil, Charmander and Torchic are the best Pokemon to have in Uproar Forest because it has access to Fire type moves.

How to Beat the Mankey Gang

Mankey Gang.jpg

Mankey ImageMankey

Do not underestimate the Mankey Gang! They can cause Confusion and make yourself hurt your own team. If you like to run Thunderbolt like us, beware as it can easily cause your team to faint especially on a high Sp. Atk Pikachu!

They can also use Seismic Toss to reposition their co-Mankeys. This does little damage but if you are protecting some weaker teammates in your backline, the Mankeys can easily get to them.

Overall, its going to be an easy fight compared to the last two boss fights. You can bring Blast Seeds and Sleep Seeds but your Linked Moves will be enough in dealing with the gang. You might want to bring Reviver Seeds if some of your Pokemon has not reached our recommended level of Lv. 26.

Pokemon to Recruit on the Way to Mankey Gang

Ledyba ImageLedyba

You can sometimes find fainted Ledyba in Uproar Forest. Ledyba has Silver Wind which lets it damage all of the Mankey Gang at once. Be careful as the Mankey Gang can get to the Ledyba at range using Seismic Toss.

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