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Best Items for Boss Battles

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This a the guide for what items to use for Boss battles in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Read on to learn what the best items to bring to Boss battles are, as well as how to use them effectively.

Items to Strengthen Allies

All Protect Orb ImageAll Protect Orb All Power Up Orb ImageAll Power Up Orb All Dodge Orb ImageAll Dodge Orb Empowerment Seed ImageEmpowerment Seed

All Protect Orb

Using the All Protect Orb gives your entire team Protect condition, allowing you to attack for a while without having to worry about taking damage or dying. This is the strongest item you can use in a Boss battle.

All Power Up Orb

Another Orb we recommend is the All Protect Orb, as it greatly increases the Attack and Special Attack of the entire team.

All Dodge Orb

Using an All Dodge Orb greatly boosts the evasiveness of your whole team, which prevents them from taking damage. It's one of the best items in the game and a great alternative for All Protect Orb.

Empowerment Seed

Using Empowerment Seed grants Awakened status to your pokemon, which gives them a huge power up and makes them very strong.

You also need the Empowerment seed to Mega Evolve, so keep that in mind if you have a Pokemon with your who can Mega Evolve!

How to Mega Evolve

Status Effect Items

Items That Increase Your Turns

Slumber Wand ImageSlumber Wand Confuse Wand ImageConfuse Wand Foe-Seal Orb ImageFoe-Seal Orb Decoy Seed ImageDecoy Seed

Bosses can recover quickly from bad status effects, but it is still recommended to use these items to temporarily weaken the boss, giving you more time to execute your attacks.

Recovery Items

Bring a lot of Recovery Items!

Tiny Reviver Seed ImageTiny Reviver Seed Reviver Seed ImageReviver Seed Heal Seed ImageHeal Seed Health Orb ImageHealth Orb

Healing items are crucial when fighting against powerful bosses. These items can be used to remove bad status effects, keep your team healthy and most importantly, revive fainted a Pokemon.

Other Useful Items

Blast Seeds

Blast Seed ImageBlast Seed

Blast Seeds can be used to deal additional damage to the enemy in front of you. Since this guarantees 100 Damage, this can be extremely powerful - especially during boss battles when clearing the story.

Mobility and Speed Items

Quick Orb ImageQuick Orb Slow Orb ImageSlow Orb Slow Wand ImageSlow Wand Whirlwind Wand ImageWhirlwind Wand

These items are best used to close the gap between you and the boss. You can use Quick Orb to increase the movement of your entire team or use Slow Orb, Slow Wand and Whirlwind Wand to slow them down and lower their movement speed.

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10 Anonymousover 3 years

hey by the way if you have the move sleep powder it is very useful. I have a great advantage in boss battles because of it!

9 Anonymousalmost 4 years

They take hits and they spawn really close to the boss (if you're using them on a boss floor which you should) so they're more of tanks rather than damage dealers but if they survive long enough they do a hefty amount of damage as well.


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