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Purity Forest Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Purity Forest in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 99
Boss Celebi
Required? No

Purity Forest Dungeon Guide

How to Get Celebi

Celebi Image Celebi

When you reach the 99th floor of Purity Forest, Celebi will automatically become your friend without needing to fight.
You won't receive any other rewards for completing the Dungeon, but Celebi should be enough to tempt most into clearing this daunting maze anyway.

How to Get Shiny Celebi

Also, after finishing Purity Forest, the player gains the chance to obtain Shiny Celebi.

When the Purity Forest Dungeon has been cleared, and the player visits the Western Cave Dungeon and finds a Mystery House there, a Shiny Celebi will be waiting inside.

Western Cave Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Wurmple ImageWurmple Pidgey ImagePidgey Rattata ImageRattata Nidoran♀ ImageNidoran♀
Voltorb ImageVoltorb Elekid ImageElekid Minun ImageMinun Plusle ImagePlusle
Poochyena ImagePoochyena Exeggcute ImageExeggcute Spearow ImageSpearow Baltoy ImageBaltoy
Zigzagoon ImageZigzagoon Aron ImageAron Geodude ImageGeodude Geodude ImageGeodude
Tyrogue ImageTyrogue Meditite ImageMeditite Beldum ImageBeldum Skarmory ImageSkarmory
Slakoth ImageSlakoth Hoothoot ImageHoothoot Exeggutor ImageExeggutor Scyther ImageScyther
Ledyba ImageLedyba Linoone ImageLinoone Shroomish ImageShroomish Sentret ImageSentret
Sunflora ImageSunflora Sudowoodo ImageSudowoodo Oddish ImageOddish Beedrill ImageBeedrill
Trapinch ImageTrapinch Spinarak ImageSpinarak Poliwag ImagePoliwag Dustox ImageDustox
Gloom ImageGloom Yanma ImageYanma Weedle ImageWeedle Teddiursa ImageTeddiursa
FarfetchFarfetch'd Growlithe ImageGrowlithe Manectric ImageManectric Gligar ImageGligar
Ampharos ImageAmpharos Stantler ImageStantler Electabuzz ImageElectabuzz Cacnea ImageCacnea
Electrike ImageElectrike Nidoran♂ ImageNidoran♂ Tauros ImageTauros Ariados ImageAriados
Heracross ImageHeracross Murkrow ImageMurkrow Cacturne ImageCacturne Cacturne ImageCacturne
Breloom ImageBreloom Vileplume ImageVileplume Doduo ImageDoduo Skiploom ImageSkiploom
Golbat ImageGolbat Bagon ImageBagon Tangela ImageTangela Nidorino ImageNidorino
Nidorina ImageNidorina Illumise ImageIllumise Numel ImageNumel Magby ImageMagby
Torkoal ImageTorkoal Rapidash ImageRapidash Arcanine ImageArcanine Furret ImageFurret
Pineco ImagePineco Piloswine ImagePiloswine Mightyena ImageMightyena Snorunt ImageSnorunt
Lairon ImageLairon Rhyhorn ImageRhyhorn Metang ImageMetang Glalie ImageGlalie
Zangoose ImageZangoose Slaking ImageSlaking Pupitar ImagePupitar Shelgon ImageShelgon
Swablu ImageSwablu Grimer ImageGrimer Magcargo ImageMagcargo Arbok ImageArbok
Magmar ImageMagmar Golem ImageGolem Golem ImageGolem Nidoking ImageNidoking
Nidoqueen ImageNidoqueen Metagross ImageMetagross Salamence ImageSalamence Tropius ImageTropius
Claydol ImageClaydol Flygon ImageFlygon Aerodactyl ImageAerodactyl Venomoth ImageVenomoth
Dusclops ImageDusclops Scizor ImageScizor Altaria ImageAltaria Ledian ImageLedian
Koffing ImageKoffing Solrock ImageSolrock Masquerain ImageMasquerain Shuppet ImageShuppet
Forretress ImageForretress Shedinja ImageShedinja Ponyta ImagePonyta Ponyta ImagePonyta
Weepinbell ImageWeepinbell Bellsprout ImageBellsprout Dugtrio ImageDugtrio Parasect ImageParasect
Jigglypuff ImageJigglypuff Clefairy ImageClefairy Caterpie ImageCaterpie Hoppip ImageHoppip
Marill ImageMarill Natu ImageNatu Togepi ImageTogepi Cleffa ImageCleffa
Weezing ImageWeezing Hitmonchan ImageHitmonchan Hitmonlee ImageHitmonlee Ralts ImageRalts
Porygon2 ImagePorygon2 Castform ImageCastform Camerupt ImageCamerupt Budew ImageBudew

Tips and Strategies

Best Items to Bring

You aren't allowed to bring items to Purity Forest. Good luck!

Best Pokemon to Use

Cloyster ImageCloyster Charizard ImageCharizard

Charizard's an excellent Pokemon to have due to its access to the room-affecting Heat Wave and its protection from Magnitude as a Flying-type. It can also Mega-Evolve if you find an Empowerment Seed along the way.

A Cloyster with Skill Link is another excellent Pokemon to use, especially if someone in your team has the Rapid Bull's-Eyes rare quality. With Cloyster learning Spike Cannon, a multi-strike long-range move, at level 13, Cloyster is an excellent Pokemon to bring to Purity Forest.

We recommend having a Pokemon with XP Boost

Since you start at level 5 in Purity Forest, you will need as much experience as you can get, so try getting a Pokemon with XP Boost before proceeding with this dungeon.

Pick Up as Many Items as You Can

Item Screen.jpg
Since you aren't allowed to bring in any items to Purity Forest, you need to stock up on items as much as you can inside the dungeon. We recommend having at least 5 Perfect Apples, Max Ethers, and Max Elixirs at all times.

Enemies Can Pick Up Items

Enemy using a silver spike.jpg
In Purity Forest, enemy Pokemon can also pick up items and use projectiles on you, so don't be surprised when enemies with Silver Spikes leave your team half-dead!

In addition, enemies can also pick up Gravelerocks and Iron Spikes that you throw, so projectiles are a bit harder to use in this dungeon.

Clear Out Monster Houses with Items

Monster House.jpg
Monster houses can be tough to deal with, so use room-affecting orbs like a Petrify Orb or a Slumber Orb to take care of all the enemies here.

Prioritize Items from 1F-20F

Using an oran berry.jpg
Your success in this dungeon will partly depend on the items you pick up in the lower floors of Purity Forest. Try to use Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries wisely as having more HP will only help you in this dungeon.

Ignore Sleeping Ledyba from 20F-29F

Sleeping Ledyba.jpg
These Pokemon can be a problem as not only do they attack in groups but they can also confuse your team, so try to avoid them as much as possible.

Beware of Magcargo from 50F-60F

Attacking Magcargo.jpg
Magcargo have access to Earth Power, which can attack all your allies at once, so try using room-affecting items to deal with them before they can attack.

Try Recruiting Vileplumes from 60F-70F

Vileplumes may have access to Aromatherapy, which gets rid of bad status conditions, so try recruiting one while you are on these floors.

Watch out for Camerupts from 80F-90F

Attacking Camerupt.jpg
Much like the Magcargo in earlier floors, the Camerupts can use Earth Power, so try using room-affecting items on these enemy Pokemon as well.

Focus On Escaping for 90F-99F

Using an orb.jpg
Purity Forest has no boss battle, so don't be afraid to use up all the items you can in order to get to the next floors. Wands can be especially useful during this last section of the dungeon.

Items Found in Purity Forest

Coming soon.

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2 Azureiabout 4 years

You're better off using Heracross with the rare quality Rapid bull's eye. You start with the moves bullet seed and arm thrust and if you don't, reset the first floor until you do, early on you can find Dustox around lvl 20, recruit one with moonlight and it will keep you healed when you take damage for the whole dungeon, at floor 90+ watch out for altaria, in 2 turns sky attack will wipe out your whole team if you're in a corridor so stock up on orbs and wands if you run into any.


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