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Best Moves Tier List

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This is a guide to the best and strongest Moves in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find what the best Moves are for completing the Story and which Pokemon can learn these Moves.

Moves by Type
Fire.jpegFire Water.jpegWater Grass.jpegGrass
Electric.jpegElectric Ice.jpegIce Fighting.jpegFighting
Poison.jpegPoison Ground.jpegGround Flying.jpegFlying
Psychic.jpegPsychic Bug.jpegBug Rock.jpegRock
Ghost.jpegGhost Dragon.jpegDragon Dark.jpegDark
Fairy.jpegFairy Steel.jpegSteel Normal.jpegNormal

Best Moves Tier List

S Tier

Multi-Hit Attacks

As with the original game, multi-hit attacks dish out heavy damage, with each hit dealing damage equivalent to a standard attack in itself. Although their accuracy is a bit low compared to other attacks, this can be covered by raising the Pokemon's Speed and the Move's Level, and even when some strikes multi-hit Moves miss, at least some of the hits will almost definitely land, ensuring at least some damage will be inflicted. These attacks are extremely using for dealing with individual opponents at a time.

Recommended Moves

Move Explanation
Fury Swipes A multi-hit Normal-type Move. A wide variety of Pokemon learn this Move, and it's easy to raise its Level.
Pokemon That Learn Fury Swipes
Meowth (Lv. 14), Rattata (Lv. 13), Teddiursa (Lv. 8), Linoone (Lv. 19)
Barrage A multi-hit Normal-type Move. It can attack from a distance, and doesn't even require a straight line to hit. This makes it one of the most powerful attacks in the game; however, it's only learned by Exeggcute and Exeggutor.
Pokemon That Learn Barrage
Exeggcute, Exeggutor (Starting Move)

A Tier

Entire Room Range Attacks

These attacks have a Range of an entire Room, and can hit all foes anywhere in a single Room. In special areas called Monster Houses which are packed with enemy Pokemon, these moves can be a lifesaver. These attacks are ideal for handling situations with multiple foes at a time.

Recommended Moves

Move Explanation
Discharge A move learned by many Electric-type Pokemon. Useful against all except Ground-types, making it effective in a variety of situations.
Pokemon That Learn Discharge
Pikachu (Lv. 34), Magnemite (Lv. 37), Mareep (Lv. 31)
Silver Wind A Bug-type move which affects the entire room. It also has a chance of boosting all the Pokemon's stats, which makes it extremely powerful.
Pokemon That Learn Silver Wind
Dustox (Lv. 25), Ledyba (Lv. 25), and others

B Tier

Long-Range Attacks

Long-Range Attacks are able to hit foes before they get close. They are especially useful in hallways, where Pokemon in the back normally are too far away to attack. They won't be affected or blocked by the position of your teammates, and can move from the back of the line to hit distant enemies and support the teammates risking their skins in the front.

Recommended Moves

Move Explanation
Flamethrower A ranged Fire-type attack. Can potentially inflict Burn to lower dangerous opponent's Attack from a distance. Generally learned at a high level, but its availability as a TM makes it more accessible.
Pokemon That Learn Flamethrower
Charmander(Lv. 37), Torchic (Lv. 40), and others
Ice Beam A ranged Ice-type attack. Highly useful against the many Dragon-type Bosses in the Story and Post-Game, and also has a chance to inflict Freeze. Generally learned at a high level, but its availability as a TM makes it more accessible.
Pokemon That Learn Ice Beam
Cubone (TM), Skitty (TM), most Water-type Pokemon (TM)

C Tier

Status Moves

Moves which inflict negative Status Conditions and lower the stats of foes can be highly effective. In particular, the Paralysis status, which prevent the opponent from moving while simultaneously lowering their Travel Speed, is effective in Boss fights, and both attacks and Status Moves which inflict this status are recommended.

Move Explanation
Thunder Wave Can inflict Paralysis on a foe directly in front. Although it has a chance of failing, it's easy to learn for many Electric-type Pokemon.
Pokemon That Learn Thunder Wave
Pikachu (Lv. 18), Mareep (Lv. 4), Magnemite (Lv. 11), and others
Stun Spore Can inflict Paralysis on nearby Pokemon. It's ineffective against Grass-types, and has a chance of failing, but is highly useful for inflicting Paralysis on multiple threatening opponents in one go and turning around a bad situation.
Pokemon That Learn Stun Spore
Oddish (Lv. 14), Exeggcute (Lv. 19), and others

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7 Anonymousabout 4 years

a bit of an overstatement but I get what you mean. With the proper allies, good inventory and good luck, Lv 30 skill link cloyster can clear even rayquaza haha

6 Anonymousabout 4 years

RBE allows skill link cloyster to clear the game at Lv 30 unboosted. Not even kidding hahahaha


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