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Move Growth and How To Grow Moves Fast

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This page explains what move growth is and how you can quickly grow the power of your moves in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to know how to grow your moves fast, please read on.

Move Growth Boosts a Move's Power

Cyndaquil Attack
Move growth is a new system introduced in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that allows attacking moves to grow in power the more you use them.

To grow a move, you just need to use the move over and over again and fill up the tiny move experience bar next to the move's name. It's as easy as that!

Move Growth Is Shared in the Party

Another great thing about move growth is that move experience is shared throughout the party, so your whole team will benefit from boosted moves.

Grow Moves Fast at the Makuhita Dojo

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon_ Rescue Team DX—Secret of the Makuhita Dojo 0-21 screenshot (2).png

The best way to grow moves is the Dojo Drills at the Makuhita Dojo. The training mazes in the Dojo Drills boost your experience rate, so if you want to grow moves fast, the Makuhita Dojo is the place to be.

That said. the only downside to the Makuhita Dojo is they require dojo tickets to use, so you won't be able to use it all the time. However, the Dojo isn't the only way to grow moves in this game.

Stock Up on Ethers and Spam Moves

Another way to boost the power of your moves is to bring ethers with you and spam moves in mystery dungeons.

This is a bit more dangerous than doing Dojo Drills since there's a chance you'll wander around the dungeons with zero PP, so we suggest you train moves on floors where you have access to an exit to the dungeon.

If you want to learn how to safely exit, you can check out our article on How to Leave a Dungeon.

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14 Anonymousabout 4 years

lol level resets are the first thing I wanted to run because I'm too lazy to level up my other cooler pokemon (or feed them vitamins)

13 Anonymousabout 4 years

Yeah but they don't help in the level reset dungeons. That really sucks. I don't like level reset dungeons


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