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This page will guide you through the Strong Foes and Rewards that they offer if defeated in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out more!

What is a Strong Foe?

Strong Pokemon Sometimes Appear in Dungeons

Strong Ampharos

Pokemon that are marked with a yellow warning arrow on top on their models have higher stats compared to other Pokemon. Use the necessary strategies and tools when approaching and defeating these Pokemon.

There is no set number of Strong Pokemon in a Mystery Dungeon.

The numbers are random and this means that multiple Strong Pokemon can appear in one Mystery Dungeon.

Strong Foes Appear as Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Ampharos

Strong Foes have a higher chance of appearing as Shiny Pokemon. If you want to recruit Shiny Pokemon into your rescue team then actively challenge dungeons that have Strong Pokemon inside them!

List of Shiny Pokemon

How to Defeat Strong Foes

Slumber Orb Tooltip.jpg

A Strong Foe is stronger than the Pokemon around it. However, applying Status Conditions on Strong Foes are still effective on it unlike bosses. So Be sure to use items like Slumber Orbs or Confuse Wands to defeat it!

Escaping Strong Foes

There are no downsides on avoiding the strong foes. If you choose not to battle it, then that is generally okay. You can use items such as Pure Seed and Warp Seed to avoid them.

Rewards for Defeating Strong Pokemon

Rare Drops are Guaranteed


If the Strong Foe is defeated, it will always drop Deluxe Boxes that contain rare items such as Vitamins and Gummi Items.

Can You Recruit Strong Foes?

Yes, with a Low Probability

The recruitment rate is really low, but the strong enemy will probably be useful to your adventures. Depending on the strength of the Strong Foe, you might exhaust your items and resources. If you plan to recruit Strong Foes, make sure to increase your Pokemon's levels so that you don't use much resources when battling them.

Dungeons where Strong Pokemon are Located

Main Story Dungeons

Dungeon Name Strong Pokemon
Mt. Steel Rapidash Image Rapidash
Sinister Woods Ampharos Image Ampharos
Silent Chasm Metagross Image Metagross
Mt. Thunder Dragonite Image Dragonite
Great Canyon Ambipom Image Ambipom
Lapis Cave Noctowl Image Noctowl
Mt. Blaze Azumarill Image Azumarill
Frosty Forest Spinda Image Spinda
Mt. Freeze Lickilicky Image Lickilicky

Post-Game Dungeons

Waterfall Pond Gyarados Image Gyarados
Remains Island Espeon Image Espeon
Desert Region Sudowoodo Image Sudowoodo
Southern Cavern Shuckle Image Shuckle
Wyvern Hill Exeggcute Image Exeggcute
Grand Sea Starmie Image Starmie
Far-off Sea Corsola Image Corsola
Howling Forest Butterfree Image Butterfree
Murky Cave Hoothoot Image Hoothoot
Pitfall Valley Exeggutor Image Exeggutor
Northern Range Ninetales Image Ninetales
Western Cave Zangoose Image Zangoose
Mt. Faraway Electrode Image Electrode
Solar Cave Aipom Image Aipom
Buried Relic Ditto Image Ditto

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