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List of Rescue Camps

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This is a list of Rescue Camps in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how to unlock each Rescue Camp and what Pokemon you can recruit with each Rescue Camp!

What are Rescue Camps?


Areas that Enable Pokemon Recruitment

Rescue Camps allow the player to recruit Pokemon found in Dungeons. If you haven't purchased the Rescue Camp a certain Pokemon can live in, you won't be able to keep recruited Pokemon in your team after leaving a Dungeon.

How to Recruit Pokemon

Sometimes, after defeating an enemy Pokemon, they will want to join your team. If you encounter a stranded Pokemon in a Dungeon, you can give them an Apple or Big Apple, which will cause them to definitively join your team. However, if you don't have that Pokemon's Rescue Camp, they will leave your team after exiting the Dungeon. At this time, they will give you a money reward instead, with the amount depending on the length of time they spent with your party.

When a Pokemon joins your team in a Dungeon, and you have purchased the Rescue Camp that Pokemon belongs in, they will join your team permanently. You will be able to select that Pokemon to join your team any team you venture into a Dungeon from then on.

How to Unlock Rescue Camps

Unlocked through Mt. Steel

Until clearing the game's third Mission, defeating Skarmory at Mt. Steel, the player cannot recuit any Pokemon. After clearing this Mission, Rescue Camps will be unlocked, allowing the player to rescue Pokemon encountered in Dungeons.
Mission 3: Rescue Diglett at Mt. Steel Story Walkthrough

Wigglytuff Orb

Wigglytuff Orb Bargain.jpg

The Wigglytuff Orb allows you to contact Wigglytuff and buy camps while you are in the dungeons. This is useful for when you recruit a Pokemon whose camp isn't unlocked yet. If you have a Pokemon with the Bargain Rare Quality, you will be able to get a discount on all the camps. This will save you a lot of money if you will buy in bulk.

Legendary Pokemon Rescue Camps

Lugia Recruitment.jpg

All the Legendary Pokemon except Mew have their respective Rescue Camps unlocked after recruiting them. Lugia in this case unlocks Deepsea Current after beating him in the 99F of Silver Trench.

Which Camps Should I Get?

Camps That Can House Pokemon You Want

The most important camps to get are the ones that can house the Pokemon that you want in your team.

Camps That Are Cheap

If you are not sure about the Pokemon you want in your team, you should start with the cheaper Rescue Camps. This way, lots of different kinds of Pokemon can join your team!

Camps for Pokemon That Will Join After Finishing a Job


The Pokemon that would normally join your team after you finish their job will not be able to join unless you have their respective Rescue Camps, so prioritize these camps when you take these jobs.

Examples of Pokemon That Will Join After Finishing Their Jobs

Smoochum Image Smoochum Frigid Cavern
Mareep Image Mareep Thunder Crag

List of Rescue Camps

Wild Plains, Stump Forest, Sky Blue Plains, and Power Plant are unlocked for free when you unlock Wigglytuff's Camp Corner after finishing the Mission at Mt. Steel.

Rescue Camp Price
Seafloor Cave -
Volcanic Pit -
Southern Island -
Legendary Island -
Wild Plains -
Stump Forest -
Sky-Blue Plains -
Power Plant -
Deepsea Current ?
Stratos Lookout ?
Healing Forest ?
Enclosed Island ?
Cryptic Cave ?
Rainbow Peak ?
Sacred Field ?
Mystic Lake 2500
Echo Cave 2700
Beau Plains 2700
Rub-a-Dub River 3000
Dragon Cave 3000
Jungle 500
Flyaway Forest 500
Crater 5000
Thunder Crag 600
Safari 600
Turtleshell Pond 6000
Ice Floe Beach 6000
Decrepit Lab 6000
Scorched Plains 700
Ravaged Field 700
Overgrown Forest 700
Mt. Green 700
Mt. Discipline 700
Mt. Cleft 700
Magnetic Quarry 700
Boulder Cave 700
Ancient Relic 700
Poison Swamp 7000
Mt. Moonview 7000
Vibrant Forest 800
Mushroom Forest 800
Frigid Cavern 800
Darkness Ridge 800
Withering Desert 900
Tadpole Pond 900
Secretive Forest 900
Deepsea Floor 9000
Final Island 9000
Waterfall Lake 9000
Treasure Sea 9000
Shallow Beach 9000
Serene Sea 9000
Gourd Swamp 9000
Evolution Forest 9000
Bountiful Sea 9000
Aged Chamber O? 9000
Aged Chamber AN 9000

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