Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods Story Walkthrough | Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Switch

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This is a Story Walkthrough for Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn tips and strategies, which Dungeons are included, and which Bosses you will face here.

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- Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods Mission 2: Rescue Magnemite in Thunderwave Cave

Full Story Guide & Walkthrough

Dungeons in this Mission

Inside Tiny Woods Dungeon

Tiny Woods

Basic Information
No. of Floors 3
Boss -
Rewards Tiny Reviver Seed
Pecha Berry
500 Poke

Tiny Woods Dungeon Guide

Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods Walkthrough

Rescue Caterpie End

1 Go through the floors of Tiny Woods.
You can use Auto Movement from B2F.
2 After reaching B3F, go down the stairs to rescue Caterpie.
3 Form a Rescue Team with your partner Pokemon.
The story will not progress until you agree to form a team.

Mission 1: Rescue Caterpie in Tiny Woods Tips and Strategies

Keep your Belly Full

Tiny Dungeons Not Very Effective
This mission basically functions as the tutorial of the game and getting through Tiny Woods is very easy.

If you spend a long time there, you might have problems with hunger, so getting an Apple would be a great help!

Best Pokemon to Use

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Charmander ImageCharmander Torchic ImageTorchic

Most Pokemon that appear in Tiny Woods are weak to fire or other moves held by the three fire starters, but since it's the first dungeon, you will have no trouble clearing it with any of the other starters.

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