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List of Shiny Pokemon and How to Get Them

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This page lists all the Shiny Pokemon you can encounter in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how to encounter Shiny Pokemon and how to get them on your team!

What is a Shiny Pokemon?

A Pokemon With a Different Color Scheme

Shiny Ampharos.png

Shinies are Pokemon whose colors are different from the usual Pokemon.

While shinies are rather rare compared to regular Pokemon, they aren't any stronger than Pokemon of the same species and level.

Shiny Pokemon Tend to Be Strong Foes

Strong Foe.png

Shiny Pokemon tend to appear as Strong Foes in mystery dungeons. This also means that only a few kinds of Pokemon can be encountered as Shinies. For more information check out the article below.
List of Strong Foes and Rewards

How to Recruit Shiny Pokemon

You Need to Have Strong Pokemon

Since Shiny Pokemon tend to show up as Strong Foes, you're going to need a high-levelled team that can defeat them.

You Might Need a Friend Bow

Item Effect
When this item is equipped, Pokemon you battle will be more likely to join you. It's also said that Shiny Pokemon will want to join you, too. It's only effective when the leader equips it, though.

It hasn't been confirmed yet, but you might need to have a Friend Bow equipped in order to recruit Shiny Pokemon, especially since the Friend Bow's effect description explicitly mentions them.

However, even if it turns out that a Friend Bow isn't required to recruit Shiny Pokemon, we recommend having one equipped anyway as it increases the recruitment rate.

Other Conditions are the Same


Other than their color palette, every condition is the same with a Strong Foe pokemon of the same type. Equip a Friend Bow, hunt them down and they will join your team eventually.

List of Shiny Pokemon and Where You Can Find Them

Main Story Dungeons

Dungeon Name Strong Pokemon
Mt. Steel Rapidash Image Rapidash
Sinister Woods Ampharos Image Ampharos
Silent Chasm Metagross Image Metagross
Mt. Thunder Dragonite Image Dragonite
Great Canyon Ambipom Image Ambipom
Lapis Cave Noctowl Image Noctowl
Mt. Blaze Azumarill Image Azumarill
Frosty Forest Spinda Image Spinda
Mt. Freeze Lickilicky Image Lickilicky

Post-Game Dungeons

Waterfall Pond Gyarados Image Gyarados
Remains Island Espeon Image Espeon
Desert Region Sudowoodo Image Sudowoodo
Southern Cavern Shuckle Image Shuckle
Wyvern Hill Exeggcute Image Exeggcute
Grand Sea Starmie Image Starmie
Far-off Sea Corsola Image Corsola
Howling Forest Butterfree Image Butterfree
Murky Cave Hoothoot Image Hoothoot
Pitfall Valley Exeggutor Image Exeggutor
Northern Range Ninetales Image Ninetales
Western Cave Zangoose Image Zangoose
Mt. Faraway Electrode Image Electrode
Solar Cave Aipom Image Aipom
Buried Relic Ditto Image Ditto

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8 Anonymousabout 4 years

YES. It was hell in the original games I would have 3 playthroughs of Emerald dry of shiny pokemon. My last run on an emulator I had so many hours in (Pokemon Emerald), I have gold frontier badges but still no shiny pokemon!

7 Anonymousabout 4 years

Its pretty easy in the newer gen games, more ways to find 'em! I agree though the difficulty in this game is quite in the right spot


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