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How to Save Money Using Wigglytuff Orbs and Bargain

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This article discusses the interaction between Wigglytuff Orbs and the Bargain Rare Quality in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. When these two are used together, the player can save lots on money on buying Rescue Camps.

Wigglytuff Orb-Bargan Interaction

The Bargain Rare Quality allows you to buy things inside dungeons at a discounted price. In face value, that would mean buying things from the in-dungeon Kecleon Shop at a discount.

However, it can also get you discounted prices on Rescue Camps if they are accessed from a dungeon using a Wigglytuff Orb.

Bargain on a Wynaut

As you can see below, Rescue Camps that are normally priced at 9,000 are only priced at 7,200 when accesed through a Wigglytuff Orb.

Bargain One.jpg

We saved 1,800 Poke on Deepsea Floor just by using this technique. In theory, you can buy all of the Rescue Camps with just one Wigglytuff Orb. There is no limit on how many camps you can buy using a Wigglytuff Orb so you can save around 30,000 to Poke using this mechanic.

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Check out the article below to know how to save up money for buying all the Rescue Camps!

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How to Get Money Fast

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