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Magma Cavern Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Magma Cavern in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Magma Cavern.jpg

Basic Information
No. of Floors 26
Boss Groudon
Required? Yes

Magma Cavern Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

The following Story Missions take place in Magma Cavern.

Mission Suggested Team Lv.
Mission 12: Vs. Groudon at Magma Cavern 28

Encountered Pokemon

Steelix ImageSteelix Onix ImageOnix Grimer ImageGrimer Rhydon ImageRhydon
Magcargo ImageMagcargo Arbok ImageArbok Mawile ImageMawile Magmar ImageMagmar
Golem ImageGolem Graveler ImageGraveler Sandslash ImageSandslash Sandshrew ImageSandshrew
Nidoking ImageNidoking Nidoqueen ImageNidoqueen Raticate ImageRaticate Koffing ImageKoffing
Crobat ImageCrobat

Tips and Strategies

As the game's penultimate dungeon, you'll need to come prepared as the dungeon can be just as dangerous as Groudon himself. For one, monster houses are likely to appear in Magma Cavern, so having items that affect entire rooms can make life a little easier.

These items could be ones that cause status conditions like a Slumber Orb, a Petrify Orb, or a Totter Orb. While you should be able to find these orbs in Magma Cavern, it's best to have them already with you going in.

On another note, you should watch out for the Golems and Gravelers in the dungeon, as their attacks affect the entire room, so try to take care of them first whenever you spot them.

Best Pokemon to Use

Totodile ImageTotodile Mudkip ImageMudkip Squirtle ImageSquirtle Absol ImageAbsol

Magma Cavern is filled with Fire- and Ground-type Pokemon, so having a strong Water-type Pokemon will do you good. That said, if you don't have a good Water-type, you can bring Absol with you instead.

He may not have moves that are super-effective against the denizens of the dungeon and even Groudon, but Absol is powerful enough on his own to deal with them anyway.

How to Beat Groudon

Groudon ImageGroudon

This boss fight can be a bit tricky at first, since you'll have to deal with changing terrain for the first time in the game.

During the fight, some of the tiles are going to light up and erupt into lava. While you can still walk on these if you have to, these tiles will give your Pokemon the Burn status condition, so be careful!

The lava will continue to spread as you fight Groudon, so you'll have to adjust your tactics as the fight goes on. But, as long as you keep on hitting Groudon with super-effective Water-type moves, you should be able to beat him.

Items Found in Magma Cavern

Coming soon.

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