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Which Rescue Camps to Get Early

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Some Rescue Camps benefit you greatly if you get them at an early point in the game. This page lists these Rescue Camps and provides arguments to why. Click here to learn more about the Rescue Camps in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch.

Main Storyline

Mt. Green

Geodude ImageGeodude

Geodude is very powerful in the early stages of the game because of Rock Polish. Unlock Mt. Green to have a chance of recruiting him Mt. Steel!

Thunder Crag

Manectric ImageManectric

It has access to powerful Electric moves and Fire Moves such as Overheat! If you want to consider hunting for one in Mt. Thunder, purchase Thunder Crag immediately!

Boulder Cave

Onix ImageOnix

Its large size allows it to hit multiple targets with moves that normally only damage one tile! If you are lucky enough to befriend one early on in Oddity Cave, make sure you have Boulder Cave established!

Stump Forest

Ledyba ImageLedyba

Ledyba has access to Silver Wind, a somewhat powerful room-wide move in the game. You can find Ledyba in both Oddity Cave and Sinister Moves. Unlock Stump Forest to get access to Silver Wind!

Overgrown Forest

Scyther ImageScyther

Befriending a Scyther early on in Sinister Woods would later on prove useful in the post-game. Scizor is one of the best Pokemon to run level rest dungeons because of its typing and starting movepool.

Ravaged Field

Houndoom ImageHoundoom

Found in Great Canyon, Houndoom is a fierce Fire Pokemon that can Mega Evolve later on. If you managed to to get one with Flash Fire, consider yourself lucky! Unlock Ravaged Field to utilize this powerful Fire powerhouse.


Slugma ImageSlugma Magcargo ImageMagcargo

The Slugma line can be recruited in Mt. Blaze or Magma Cavern. Magcargo is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game because it has access to Shell Smash and Earth Power. Establish a camp in Crater to recruit the mighty Magcargo!

Post-game Quests

Withering Desert

Flygon ImageFlygon

Flygon can possess a similar moveset with Magcargo at it also has access to Earth Power but instead of Shell Smash, it uses Dragon Dance. If you manage to recruit it in Sky Tower, it can prove very useful in the second fight versus Groudon.

Bountiful Sea

Shellder ImageShellder

A Cloyster with Skill Link can COMPLETE the whole game single-handedly. It can both clear normal dungeons and level reset dungeons with ease! Unlock Bountiful Sea to recruit a Shellder in Stormy Sea to ensign the MOST POWERFUL POKEMON IN THE GAME.

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14 Anonymousabout 4 years

Lol I only bought this game becasue of the quarantine. I got the main story done, kyogre and im out hahahahahahaha I just used the guides here to finish it quickly. $60 aint much :)))

13 Anonymousabout 4 years

lol wtf why the hell would you expect some game would be FF7 level of story? there wont be a FF7 game in terms of story for a long-ass while. give it 20 yrs


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