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Wish Cave Dungeon and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Wish Cave in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 99
Boss Jirachi
Required? No

Wish Cave Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Machop ImageMachop Meowth ImageMeowth Rattata ImageRattata Voltorb ImageVoltorb
Baltoy ImageBaltoy Aron ImageAron Geodude ImageGeodude Tyrogue ImageTyrogue
Meditite ImageMeditite Beldum ImageBeldum Medicham ImageMedicham Ekans ImageEkans
Swinub ImageSwinub Trapinch ImageTrapinch Spinarak ImageSpinarak Manectric ImageManectric
Gligar ImageGligar Electabuzz ImageElectabuzz Electrike ImageElectrike Nidoran♂ ImageNidoran♂
Tauros ImageTauros Ariados ImageAriados Murkrow ImageMurkrow Dunsparce ImageDunsparce
Golbat ImageGolbat Bagon ImageBagon Nidorino ImageNidorino Nidorina ImageNidorina
Illumise ImageIllumise Nincada ImageNincada Numel ImageNumel Magby ImageMagby
Torkoal ImageTorkoal Pineco ImagePineco Piloswine ImagePiloswine Ditto ImageDitto
Lairon ImageLairon Rhyhorn ImageRhyhorn Metang ImageMetang Zangoose ImageZangoose
Shelgon ImageShelgon Grimer ImageGrimer Magcargo ImageMagcargo Arbok ImageArbok
Magmar ImageMagmar Golem ImageGolem Graveler ImageGraveler Nidoking ImageNidoking
Nidoqueen ImageNidoqueen Metagross ImageMetagross Salamence ImageSalamence Claydol ImageClaydol
Flygon ImageFlygon Dusclops ImageDusclops Scizor ImageScizor Koffing ImageKoffing
Solrock ImageSolrock Shuppet ImageShuppet Forretress ImageForretress Shedinja ImageShedinja
Magnemite ImageMagnemite Kadabra ImageKadabra Abra ImageAbra Dugtrio ImageDugtrio
Natu ImageNatu Togepi ImageTogepi Igglybuff ImageIgglybuff Cleffa ImageCleffa
Weezing ImageWeezing Hitmonchan ImageHitmonchan Hitmonlee ImageHitmonlee Electrode ImageElectrode
Ralts ImageRalts Hitmontop ImageHitmontop Porygon2 ImagePorygon2 Castform ImageCastform
Camerupt ImageCamerupt Rhyperior ImageRhyperior Mime Jr. ImageMime Jr.

Tips and Strategies

Remember that your Pokemon's levels will be reduced to Lv. 5 upon entering Wish Cave. This means that they would not know their usual moves. How you can prepare for this dungeon is to bring Pokemon that have good initial moves, fitting abilities and specific Rare Qualities.

It is a must for players to enter Wish Cave to strategize the items they will bring into the dungeon. It is a 99F dungeon and a big chunk of your success will rely on how well prepared you are.

Best Items to Bring

Reviver Seed ImageReviver Seed x 5 Escape Orb ImageEscape Orb Max Elixir ImageMax Elixir x 10 Big Apple ImageBig Apple x 4 Silver Spike ImageSilver Spike x 30

These are all in addition to the always needed Apples, Oran Berries and Tiny Reviver Seeds

WIsh Cave is a 99F dungeon so you should strategize on which items you will bring. These are our recommendations.

Notable Held Items

Efficient Bandanna ImageEfficient Bandanna Friend Bow ImageFriend Bow X-Ray Specs ImageX-Ray Specs
  1. Efficient Bandanna can help you preserve PP
  2. Friend Bow can help you recruit more Pokemon
  3. X-Ray Specs can help you avoid batling Pokemon thus preserving your resources.

Other Notable Items

Guiding Wand ImageGuiding Wand Surround Wand ImageSurround Wand Petrify Wand ImagePetrify Wand Warp Scarf ImageWarp Scarf
  1. Guiding Wand can help you with finding the next floor.
  2. Surround Wand can help you take out powerful Pokemon in open floors
  3. Petrify Wand can help you escape powerful Pokemon
  4. Warp Scarf can help you run away from Pokemon

Enemies Can Get Items

Enemies and Items.jpg

A Silver Spike being thrown by an enemy Pokemon

Be careful when using projectiles as Pokemon in Wish Cave have the ability to use them against you. Most Pokemon can also catch the thrown projectiles at them. This gives them the chance to throw it back to you. This makes the use of projectiles discouraged.

Best Pokemon to Use

Scizor ImageScizor Masquerain ImageMasquerain

Masquerain is good because of its initial characteristics

  • Learns Silver Wind
  • Learns Quiver Dance
  • Learns Bug Buzz
  • Has Intimidate

Scizor is good because of its initial characteristics

  • Learns Bullet Punch
  • Leanrs Quick Attack
  • Learns Pursuit
  • Learns Agility at Lv. 17
  • Has Technician

Other Recommended Pokemon

Any Pokemon that has good starting moves and abilities will perform well in this dungeon.

Travel Speed Strategy

Golem ImageGolem Scizor ImageScizor

Most of the time, you will want to avoid fighting in order to preserve your time and resources. Moves like Agility and Rock Polish can help you in escaping Pokemon since they would not be able to keep up with you.

Recommended Rare Qualities

  • XP Boost : Will help everyone get levels faster.
  • Notorious Healing : Will make Satiery to HP conversion faster.
  • Squeeze Out : Will help manange your PP.

Vs. Boss

Jirachi ImageJirachi

At this point, you should have a full party of Pokemon with you. The Jirachi boss fight is not really special. Just treat it as a normal boss fight. Just use Oran Berries if it damages your Pokemon and make sure every Pokemon is able to damage it with the use of thrown items such as the mentioned Silver Spike.

Jirachi Boss Fight.jpg

Because of positioning, every Pokemon is able to attack Jirachi either through moves or Silver Spikes.

Pokemon to Watch Out For

Metagross ImageMetagross Claydol ImageClaydol Flygon ImageFlygon Scizor ImageScizor

Flygon's Stat Manipulation

Flygon can increase its Speed using Dragon Dance and decrease your party's Sp. Def using Earth Power

Scizor's Bullett Punch

Scizor's Technician Bulet Punch can easily knock your Pokemon out.

Claydol's Cosmic Power and Psybeam

Claydol's stats can quickly stack up using Cosmic Power so eliminate him as soon as possible.

Metagross' Magnet Rise

Metagross can use Magnet Rise to make Ground moves useless. His raw offensive power is also very high so be wary.

Detailed Strategy for Each Floor

1-19F : Collect Resources!

Wish Cave Item Collection.jpg

Do not worry too much about levelling up in Wish Cave, you will get the appropriate amount of experience as you go. Prioritize getting items for your dungeon run.

For the first 20 floors, the Pokemon are not that strong so you will have an easy time going through those floors.

Parts of the map that have so many items are most probably Monster Houses. You can trigger Monster Houses so that you will get both items and EXP points.

20-30F : Meditite and Medicham

Medicham and Meditite.jpg

Medicham is more powerful compared to the other Pokemon in these floors. Its Atk. is high and its HP stat is over 100. It can also pick up projectiles giving it the ability to damage you from long range.

Meditite on the other hand has Superpower which is both strong and can lower your stats.

31-40F : Electabuzz and Manectric

Manectric and Electabuzz.jpg

Electabuzz deals high damage and Manectric has high HP and can deal damage to you if you do not take it outt early. Try to take them out from range so you do not take that much damage.

50-60F : Magcargo and Dugtrio

Magcargo ImageMagcargo Dugtrio ImageDugtrio

Be careful as both of them has Magnitude and Earth Power which are room-wide moves. Your Pokemon can get wiped out early.

85-98F : Sludge Bomb

Many Pokemon with Sludge Bomb appear here! Try to run away from them so you avoid getting the Poisoned status condition.

90-98F : Floor Rushing

Wish Cave Floor Rushing.jpg

At this point, you already have enough levels, Pokemon and resources to deal with Jirachi. The Pokemon here are also from Sky Tower. These are very strong Pokemon that can deplete your resources quickly if you choose to face all of them.

It is smarter to preserve your resources for the fight against Jirachi. Prioritize getting to the next floors rather than trying to attempt a last minute EXP haul for your Pokemon.

Items Found in Wish Cave

Coming soon.

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