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List of Characters

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God of War PS4 - List of Characters
This is a page for all the characters in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Read on to learn about the different characters in the game and their roles in the story!

List of Characters

Main Characters
Kratos.pngKratos Atreus.pngAtreus
Brok.pngBrok Sindri.pngSindri
Mimir.pngMimir Freya.pngFreya

Character Info

Main Characters


God of War PS4 - Kratos Character.png

The main protagonist in God of War (2018). Prone to anger and savagery, Kratos is a master in the arts of combat and will stop at nothing to protect the son he has with his now dead wife from the many dangers in the realms – Aesir gods or otherwise.

Kratos Character Information


God of War PS4 - Atreus Character.png

As Kratos' son – still young and innocent – he ventures out on a quest to spread his mother's ashes atop the highest peak in the realms. An exciteable boy with a talent for shooting arrows and summoning creatures, Atreus learns how to be a true warrior alongside his father.

Atreus Character Information



God of War PS4 - Brok Character

A Dwarf who periodically appears to both Kratos and Atreus on their journey, offering aid and a place to spend their saved up Hacksilver. He is locked in a feud with his brother, Sindri, in a vain effort to prove who is the better smithy.

Brok Character Information


God of War PS4 - Sindri Character

The brother of Brok, Sindri is a master blacksmith who is as cowardly as his brother is fierce. Like his brother, he appears to Kratos and Atreus from time to time throughout their journey, offering much of the same services his brother does.

Sindri Character Information


God of War PS4 - Mimir Character

A wise but bodiless man, Mimir is found by Kratos and Atreus throughout their journey. He provides the unknown histories and stories to the father and son, telling many strange and epic tales regarding the Aesir gods and their madness.


God of War PS4 - Freya Character

The mysterious Witch of the Woods – a woman who cares deeply for the many creatures of the woods, she forms a friendship with Kratos and, in particular, in his son Atreus. She aids them both, giving them protections and abilities to better navigate the known realms.

Jormungandr (World Serpent)

God of War PS4 - Jormungandr

A giant serpent living around the Lake of the Nine. Jormungandr is such a large creature that any movement of his body causes the waters around the lake to shift, revealing new areas and mysteries to explore and unravel.



God of War PS4 - Baldur Character

A mysterious Aesir god that arrives to interrupt Kratos and Atreus' journey. With skills of a capable and powerful fighter who seemingly cannot be hurt or killed in conventional ways, his unknown motives cause much grief and distress to Kratos.

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