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Bestiary Entries

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This is a list of all Bestiary entries in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Read on to learn about each bestiary entry per category, useful information, as well as tips from Atreus!

All Bestiary Entries


GoW The Light of Alfheim - Stone Ancient.png

Draugr Draugr (Dual Wield) Draugr (Explosive)
Draugr (Power Weapon) Draugr (Projectile) Draugr (Shield)
Draugr (Speed) Heavy Draugr Fire Ancient
Fire Nightmare Forest Ancient Frost Ancient
Ice Ancient Soul Eater Soul Devourer
Stone Ancient

Primordial Bestiary Entries


Seidr top image.jpg

Brood Gullveig Nightmare
Nightmare Parasite Exploding Nightmare Reaver
Revenant (Poison) Revenant (Summoner) Shadow
Traveler Traveler Champion Viken

Seidr Bestiary Entries


Beasts top image.jpg

Fafnir Hraezlyr Fierce Ogre
Ogre Otr Poison Wolf
Rabid Wolf Reginn Tatzelwurm
Cursed Tatzelwurm Wulver Fierce Wulver

Beast Bestiary Entries


GoW The Sickness - Minions.png

Hel-Brood Hel-Reaver Hel-Reaver Guard
Hel-Reaver Lord Hel-Revenant Hel-Shadow Archer
Hel-Shadow Scout Hel-Traveler Hel-Viken
Ice Nightmare

Hel-Walker Bestiary Entries


GoW The Light of Alfheim - Svartaljofurr.png

Dark Elf Dark Elf Lord Svartaljofurr
Dark Elf Summoner Dark Elf Warrior The Light Elves
Gloom Nightmare

Elves Bestiary Entries


Friends top image.jpg

Andvari Brok The Goddess Freya
Mimir Motsognir Sindri
World Serpent

Friends Bestiary Entries


GoW The Marked Trees - The Stranger.png

Baldur Magni Modi

Aesir Bestiary Entries


GoW The Marked Trees - Daudi Kaupmadr.png

Brenna Daudi Daudi Hamarr Daudi Kaupmadr
Grendel of the Frost Grendel of the Ashes Jarn Fotr
Mattugr Helson Stonebeard King Daudi Munr

Trolls Bestiary Entries


GoW Gunnr Top.png

Eir Geirdriful Gondul
Gunnr Hildr Kara
Olrun Rota Sigrun

Valkyries Bestiary Entries

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