How to Farm Flametal Ore

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This is a guide to farming Flametal Ore in Valheim. Learn how to get Flametal Ore quickly, how Flametal Ore can be used, and the materials required to craft Flametal Ore.

Flametal Ore Basic Information

Name Flametal Ore ImageFlametal Ore
Item Type Ore
Weight 12
Description Warm to the touch with glowing veins of strange metal. Needs to be refined in a smelter.
Max Capacity 30
Item Spawn Code FlametalOre

How to Get Flametal Ore

Explore the Ashlands

Valheim - How to farm Flametal Ore.png
Flametal Ores are obtained from Glowing Metal Deposits located in the Ashlands Biome. These particular deposits require an Iron Pickaxe to break.
How to Craft the Iron Pickaxe and Stats

Can Be Spawned with Console Command

If you don't mind using cheats to obtain it, Flametal Ore can easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the item, first turn on cheat codes by typing devcommands in the F5 console, and use the spawn FlametalOre command to create the item.

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How to Use Flametal Ore

Refine into Flametals

Flametal Ores can be smelted into Flametal using a Blast Furnace.

Refer to the table below for Flametal's smelting rate:

Req. Flametal Ore / Req. Coal Produced Flametal / Time to Refine
1 Flametal Ore / 2.5 Coal 1 Flametal / 30 seconds

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