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Giving your weapons a shiny new pommel greatly increases your stats and level. Read on to find out what the best pommels are in the game, their locations and stats!

Best Axe Pommels

Valkyrie's Might

GoW Valkyrie

Collected after you have successfully defeated several Valkyries, Valkyrie's Might provides boosts to Strength, Runic, and Luck – all providing you with a high probability of inflicting extra damage on regular melee hits and Runic Attacks.

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Strength 10 12 14
Runic 10 12 15
Luck 16 18 22


GoW Mistbourne.png

In one of the realm tears in the realm of Niflheim that you have to close, Mistbourne will be one of your rewards. Apart from boosts to Strength, Defense, and Vitality, Mistbourne makes it so that you have the chance to generate Healing Mist, which provides a good amount of healing per second, on a successful melee strike.

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Strength 12 14 16
Runic 6 8 12
Vitality 15 18 22

Forbidden Grip of the Ages

GoW Forbidden Grip of the Ages.png

A Legendary Pommel that you can acquire in the mid-game stages, the Forbidden Grip of the Ages provides boosts to all stats while also adding a concussive wave after a successful light attack combo. While not extremely damaging against foes, the extra hit that this grip provides can affect a group of enemies caught in the wave.

Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Strength 8 10 12
Runic 6 8 10
Defense 6 8 10
Vitality 6 8 10
Luck 6 8 10
Cooldown 6 8 10

How to Get the Forbidden Grip of the Ages Pommel

Best Blades of Chaos Pommels

Grips of the Valkyrie

GoW Grip of the Valkyrie.png

Similar to Valkyrie's Might, the Grips of the Valkyrie provides major stat boosts to Strength, Runic, and Cooldown. On top of this is a stacking perk where successful hits with the blades grant increases to Strength and Runic, which makes combat end faster against foes particularly weak to Fire.

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Strength 12 14 16
Runic 10 12 12
Cooldown 10 15 18


GoW Blightguard.png

Blightguard provides good stat increases at its level and with upgrades, but its true beauty lies in its ability to inflict a Weakness status effect on enemies you hit.

Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Strength 12 14 16
Defense 18 20 22
Vitality 8 10 12

Grips of the Forgotten Flame

GoW Grips of the Forgotten Flame.png

Getting the Grips of the Forgotten Flame is a chore, as you have to slog through the Muspelheim trials – an arduously long and time consuming task that tests your skill. Nonetheless, once you've managed to get this pommel, it provides the Aura of Fire on successful hits when the perk activates, which creates a circle of flame around you as you move around inflicting Fire damage on enemies that get close.

Level 4 Level 6 Level 8
Strength 8 12 16
Vitality 10 16 22
Luck 6 10 13

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