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Unique Materials in The Guiding Lands

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The Guiding Lands, Monster Hunter World's (MHW) end-game location uhrocked after the main campaign in Iceborne is full of unique materials to each biome. Read of to learn more!

The Guiding Lands

Guiding Lands.jpeg

After the credits roll, you will be asked to go on a quest after Ruiner Nergignate. During this cut-scene, you will be introduced to the world of The Guiding Lands-- each biome representing a different area you've explored before. This area is filled unique items to increase your power!

The Guiding Lands
Sub-Areas Forest Region
Wildspire Region
Coral Region
Rotten Region
Volcanic Region
Tundra Region

Unique Materials


Each item is unique to its Region. To be able to find these items, you must reach the research level required to find it. Here is a list of all materials from Ore Deposits and Bone Piles and where you can find them based on your research level in The Guiding Lands!

Forest Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Decayed Crystal Mossy Greatbone
2 Forest Crystal Woodland Greatbone
3 Prosperous Crystal Slumbering Greatbone
4 Guiding Forest Crystal Guiding Forest Dragonbone

Wildspire Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Cracked Crystal Weathered Cragbone
2 Wasteland Crystal Wasteland Cragbone
3 Serene Crystal Tempered Cragbone
4 Guiding Wasteland Crystal Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone

Coral Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Pale Crystal Vivid Crimsonbone
2 Reef Crystal Coral Crimsonbone
3 Deepsea Crystal Vibrant Crimsonbone
4 Guiding Reef Crystal Guiding Reef Dragonbone

Rotted Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Distorted Crystal Malformed Frenzybone
2 Effliuvial Crystal Effliuvial Frenzybone
3 Twilight Crystal Afflicted Frenzybone
4 Guiding Effluvial Crystal Guiding Rotted Dragonbone

Volcanic Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Melted Crystal Simmering Wildbone
2 Magma Crystal Volcanic Wildbone
3 Hellfire Crystal Dragonscorched Wildbone
4 Guiding Magma Crystal Guiding Volcanic Dragonbone

Tundra Region

Tier Ore Bones
1 Frozen Crystal Hoary Icebone
2 Rime Crystal Tundra Icebone
3 Daybreak Crystal Everfrost Icebone
4 Guiding Rime Crystal Guiding Tundra Dragonbone

Unique Monster Materials

In The Guiding Lands, when you break monster parts, flinch shot or carve them they usually drop special materials. These can only be found from The Guiding Lands so make sure you try to maximize the materials you recieve by having at least one point of Geologist.

When doing this, you can get bones from the monsters.

Obtainable Drops By Tier and Threat Levels

Non-Tempered Monsters
Tier 1 Fierce Dragonvein Bone
Tier 2 Heavy Dragonvein Bone
Tier 3 Dragonvein Solidbone
Elder Dragon Elder Dragonvein Bone
Tempered Monsters
Threat Level 1 Spiritvein Slogbone
Spiritvein Gem Shard
Threat Level 2 Spiritvein Solidbone
Spiritvein Gem
Threat Level 2* Spiritvein Solidbone
Great Spiritvein Gem
Threat Level 3 Elder Spiritvein Bone
Great Spiritvein Gem

Monster Material Carves

Flying Wyvern

Monster Material
BariothBarioth Coldblooded Icefang
Tempered Icefang
Seething BazelgeuseSeething Bazelgeuse Crimson Blastscale
Tempered Blastscale
DiablosDiablos Twisted Bravehorn
Twisted Temperhorn
Black DiablosBlack Diablos Blackcurl Tyranthorn
Blackcurl Temperhorn
LegianaLegiana Smooth Icehide
Tempered Icehide
Shrieking LegianaShrieking Legiana Crystal Frozenhide
Tempered Frosthide
NargacugaNargacuga Assassin Cutwing
Tempered Cutwing
PaolumuPaolumu Rubbery Shell
Tempered Rubbery Shell
Nightshade PaolumuNightshade Paolumu Obsidian Fur
Tempered Hide
RathalosRathalos King's Scale
Tempered Red Scale
Azure RathalosAzure Rathalos Azure Scale
Tempered Azure Scale
Silver RathalosSilver Rathalos Scorching Scale
Tempered Silver Scale
RathianRathian Queen's Scale
Tempered Green Scale
Pink RathianPink Rathian Pink Scale
Tempered Pink Scale
Gold RathianGold Rathian Moonlight Scale
Tempered Gold Scale
TigrexTigrex Strongman's Jaw
Tempered Jaw
Brute TigrexBrute Tigrex Shuddering Darkjaw
Tempered Ebonjaw

Piscine Wyvern

Monster Material
LavasiothLavasioth Incandescent Magmafin
Tempered Magmafin

Fanged Wyvern/Beast

Monster Material
DodogamaDodogama Heavy Jaw
Great GirrosGreat Girros Night Hood
Great JagrasGreat Jagras Rugged Mane
OdogaronOdogaron Fatal Rendclaw
Tempered Rendclaw
Ebony OdogaronEbony Odogaron Soulrender Talon
Tempered Talon
RajangRajang Bloodthirsty Glimmerpelt
Tempered Glimmerpelt
Tobi-KadachiTobi-Kadachi Blinding Cathode
Tempered Cathode
Viper Tobi-KadachiViper Tobi-Kadachi Enticing Viperthorn
Tempered Viperthorn
ZinogreZinogre Charged Deathly Shocker
Tempered Shocker
Stygian ZinogreStygian Zinogre Gushing Dragonhold
Tempered Dragonhold

Bird Wyvern

Monster Material
Kulu-Ya-KuKulu-Ya-Ku Colorful Plume
Pukei-PukeiPukei-Pukei Fragrant Poison Sac
Tempered Poison Sac
Coral Pukei-PukeiCoral Pukei-Pukei Hydrated Sac
Tempered Torrent Sac
Tzitzi-Ya-KuTzitzi-Ya-Ku Dazzling Photophore+
Yian GarugaYian Garuga Sinister Silverpelt
Scarred Yian GarugaScarred Yian Garuga Tempered Silverpelt

Brute Wyvern

Monster Material
AnjanathAnjanath Flickering Flamepelt
Tempered Flamepelt
Fulgur AnjanathFulgur Anjanath Crackling Thunderpelt
Tempered Thunderpelt
BanbaroBanbaro Ancient Great Horn
Tempered Great Horn
BarrothBarroth Muddy Crown
Tempered Crown
BrachydiosBrachydios Glossy Ebonshell
Tempered Ebonshell
Savage DeviljhoSavage Deviljho Bloodstained Ebonhide
Spattered Hide
Tempered Tailedge
Acidic GlavenusAcidic Glavenus
Tempered Tailblade
RadobaanRadobaan Inkstained Oilshell+
Tempered Oilshell+
UragaanUragaan Metallic Scute
Tempered Scute

Elder Dragon

Monster Material
KirinKirin Solemn Azure Horn
Tempered Azure Horn
Kushala DaoraKushala Daora Stormcall Steelwing
Tempered Steelwing
LunastraLunastra Azure Mane
Tempered Azure Mane
NamielleNamielle Enchanting Finehide
Tempered Trancehide
Ruiner NergiganteRuiner Nergigante Extinction Greathorn
Annihilating Temperhorn
TeostraTeostra Hellfire Mane
Tempered Crimson Mane
Blackveil Vaal Hazak Twilight Fang
Tempered Twilight Fang
velkhana icon.pngVelkhana Aurora Crownhorn
Tempered Crownhorn

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