Rajang Weakness and Strategy Guide | Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne

Learn how to beat Rajang in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Rajang's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Rajang Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Rajang Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Rajang
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big None Big Thunder None
Breakable Parts
Head, Tail

Locations and Areas Visited

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Spot
Ancient Forest 5 13

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
50 40 40 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 0 15 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
45 40 40 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 0 15 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
45 40 40 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 0 15 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
45 50 50 0 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 0 15 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
60 60 60 5 Green
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 0 30 0

Higher values indicate higher damage.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Paral. Sleep Stun
Blast Exhaust Mount -
★★ ★★ -
Flash Shock Pitfall Ivy
★★ ※★★ ※★★
Dung Meat Screamer -
★★ -

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How to Beat Rajang

Rajang's Death Slam

How to Beat - Rajang 1.png
When Rajang is fully enraged he will sometimes perform a powerful slam that creates a massive explosion to the surrounding area with his fists. If you see Rajang jump high, this is the signal that he is about to do the death slam. Avoiding the body slam can be easy but what catches people off guard is the large explosion at the end of the attack. Try to run away as far as possible whenever Rajang is about to perform this move.

In addition, do not attempt to guard this attack as it can greatly reduce your health and stamina when directly hit.

Forward Roll

How to Beat - Rajang 2.gif
Although it is difficult to time perfectly, but it is possible to avoid the death slam by rolling away from the attack. It gives you enough invulnerable frames to completely dodge the attack. However, it is still recommended that you equip Evasion Window to make it a lot more easier.

Fully Enraged Rajang

How to Beat - Rajang 3.png
Enraged Rajang has another form wherein his arms will glow red and be extremely hard. During this state, most of your attacks on Rajang's arms will bounce off. It is best that you focus on attacking the tail until the fully enraged state is finished.

Note: During this state, Rajang will be vulnerable to Pitfall Traps.

Removing Fully Enraged State

You can release Rajang's fully enraged state by attacking its tail and dealing enough damage. This will force Rajang to return to its normal state making him vulnerable again to your attacks.

Scatternut and Flash Pod

How to Beat - Rajang 4.png
Rajang will sometimes grab a nearby hunter and throw them on to the wall which is followed up by a powerful punch. You can easily stop this by using a Flash Pod or a Scatternut to immediately stop Rajang from dealing more damage. This can be pretty useful especially if you are playing in multiplayer with other hunters.

Laser Beam

How to Beat - Rajang 5.png
While Rajang is firing the Laser Beam, he is unable to move. Use this opportunity to attack and deal as much damage as you can. However, take note that Rajang will most likely do a backstep after the Laser Beam, so be prepared to dodge and roll to the side to avoid his next attack.

Rajang will lift his arms up until the chest area whenever he is about to use the Laser Beam. Use this to your advantage and immediately run towards the rear area to prepare dealing damage.

Clutch Claws

You cannot use clutch claws on Rajang's head. However, you can still stick to his arm and blow him off with your clutch claws to control his position.

Shock Traps and States

When Rajang is enraged, the effectiveness of Shock Traps are lowered and will only disable him for a few seconds. However, if Rajang is in his fully enraged state. Shock Traps are totally useless since Rajang will only destroy the traps with his glowing red hands.

Rajang's Aggression

How to Beat - Rajang 6.png
Rajang will continuously attack during the enraged and fully enraged state. It is best if you don't get greedy and attack Rajang in full force. Try to poke him every time he misses an attack. You can easily get punished if you try to perform a full combo with your weapon since Rajang can move and attack pretty quickly.

Abnormal Status Ailments

How to Beat - Rajang 7.png
Since you only have a small window to attack Rajang because of his aggression. Try to use Abnormal Status Effects like Paralysis and Sleep. This way, you can setup Large Barrel Bombs and traps to deal more damage.

Rajang Attack Patterns

Attack Description
Forward Strike A frontal attack using both his left and right fists.
Jump Back A short jump back to reposition himself.
Spinning Attack A powerful swing attack that makes Rajang rotate twice.
Rush Charge forward in a zigzag motion.
Laser Beam A long range beam coming out of Rajang's mouth.
Jump Breath A jump attack where Rajang releases an energy ball.
Tremor Powerful slam that causes tremor to a small area.
Ground Attack Strong ground frontal attack
Fully Enrage A powerful roar to draw more energy and before switching to Fully Enraged state. (Only during Enraged state)
Yo-yo Dive A spinning dive after jumping high.
Death Slam A powerful jumping ground slam that explodes on contact. (Only during Fully Enraged state)
Grapple Crushes the grabbed hunter and them throwing them on to the wall.
Ground Slam Pounds the ground twice before and then performing a powerful slam.
Shock Trap Destruction Destroy nearby Shock Traps. (Only during Fully Enraged state)
Continuous Swing Continuous hook punches with left and right arm.

Rajang Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Gold Rajang Pelt+ /
Rajang Wildpelt /
Rajang Hardhorn /
Rajang Hardclaw /
Rajang Tail /
Rajang Hardfang /

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Rajang Hardhorn /
Rajang Tail /
Rajang Hardclaw /

Breakable Body Parts

How to Break
Head Set durability to 0 (Applicable to both horns).
Tail Set durability to 0 using cut damage.

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Rajang Wildpelt /

How to Get Drops

How to Get # Times


Quest Clear & Investigation Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Rajang Wildpelt /
Rajang Hardhorn /
Rajang Hardclaw /
Rajang Tail /
Rajang Hardfang /
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!

Quests Where Rajang Appears

Type Quest Name
Special Assignment M★6 - Reveal Thyself, Destroyer
Event M★6 - Razzled, Frazzled, and Dazzled
Event M★6 - Muscle Monkey Madness
Event M★6 - Yodeling in the Forest

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