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Sizzling Spice Fest

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This page covers the Sizzling Spice Fest event in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Keep reading to find out what event quests are available, obtainable limited time equipment, and when the event will be held!

Sizzling Spice Fest Event Period

sizzling spice fest.png
Event Period -

Note: As of the 15.10 update, event quests are permanently available outside of fests. Siege quests for Kulve Taroth and Safi'jiiva are also alternated every two weeks. However, Sizzling Spice Tickets and VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets can only be readily earned during the Sizzling Spice Fest. But you can also convert Tickets from other events to the Ticket of your choice at the Elder Melder.

Sizzling Spice Fest Event Details

Make sure to head to the Gathering Hub at Seliana to see the redecoration your Handler has done. The festive music and the brightly-colored decorations in the Gathering Hub sets the theme appropriately!

Forge Limited Time Equipment

passion alpha+ armor set sizzing spice fest.png

During the Sizzling Spice Fest, you can make equipment that will only be available for a limited time. You can obtain Sizzling Spice Tickets from Low Level Hunter Helper rewards or the Special Rewards from the Master Rank quests. If you have the Passion Alpha+ armor, you have a greater chance of getting tickets from the rewards.

Collect Tickets and Forge Sizzling Spice Themed Gear!

pukei set alpha+ palico armor set.png

Using Sizzling Spice Tickets and VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets, you can forge an armor set, a layered armor set, and a Palico armor set!

Passion Alpha+ Armor Passion Layered Armor Pukei Set Alpha+ (Weapon, Armor)

Do Quests for Other Unique Items

There are a handful of unique quests that pop up that can be done during this event that are worth doing for unique items.

Quest Name Monster
faux kelbi layered armor.pngFetching Light Pearls None; just deliver 8 Light Pearls
faux aptonoth head layered armor.pngCamoflawed Rathian
strong ale dual blades.pngSeeing is Believing Tigrex
hare band layered armor.pngDon't Forget the Earplugs Yian Garuga
goldspring macaque layered armor.pngMonkey Business Furious Rajang
innerwear layered armor.pngThe Naked Truth Shara Ishvalda

Raise Your Hunter Rank

Raise HR.jpeg
During this event there are quests that are great for raising your Hunter Rank. As your HR goes up more quests will unlock so those who have a low HR should take advantage of these quests!
How to Raise Hunter Rank Fast

Collect Augmentation Materials

Collect Augmentation Materials.jpeg
At the Sizzling Spice Festival, quests where Augmentation Materials are easily obtained will be made available. We recommend making sure to take advantage of this availability due to the rarity of Augmentation Materials.
Iceborne Weapon and Armor Augment Materials

Farm Monster Materials

MHW Zorah Magdaros.JPG
During the Sizzling Spice Festival, quests wherein you can easily obtain monster materials will be available.

Sizzling Spice Fest Special Features

Boosted Facilities


Daily Login Bonuses

During this event, you get two Lucky Vouchers when you log in for the day instead of one. You can also get a Sizzling Spice Ticket as a login bonus during the event! Lucky Vouchers increase the rewards for a quest, and the Sizzling Spice Tickets are limited time items that are only available during this Fest.

Limited Bounty

sizzling spice snowman.png
During this event the daily Limited Bounty will give you bonus items, such as the Sizzling Spice Tickets and Snowmen! Yay!


One of the Facilities that have more rewards is the Steamworks. Head over there and help fuel Seliana to receive special Complimentary Items! When you finish the Steamworks Task successfully, you will be given one Gold Melding Ticket and one Luxury Platter.
How to Use the Steamworks

Lynian Observatory

The Lynian Observatory has more research quests. Be sure to visit them to receive rewards.

Sale on Facilities

During the event, facilities will hold a sale for their items, making them cheaper. No better time to stock up on hunting supplies and head out to hunt than now!

Limited Seasonal Platter Meal

sizzling spice platter.png
Additionally, there is a special meal only available at the Gathering Hub for the duration of the Fest. The Seasonal Platter does not cost ingredients, so don’t forget to fill up before a quest!
Canteen Ingredients | Food Guide

Sizzling Spice Fest Outfits

Customize Poogie Costume

eggsotic poogie costume.png
Head to Poogie and open his outfits and select the Eggsotic costume. You will always have this Poogie costume in your inventory.
List of Poogie Costumes

Customize Handler Outfit

As for your Handler, her outfit Festive Samba, is limited to the duration of the fest. You can head to your room and speak to your Housekeeper. There is an option to Change Handler's Outfit, there you will find the new event costumes.

How to Join The Sizzling Spice Fest

The Sizzling Spice Fest occurs when you enter the Gathering Hub. If you’re just getting started, keep in mind you need to unlock Seliana's Gathering Hub in the story before being able to do this!

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