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Weapon Popularity Tier List

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The amount of unique weapons in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is one of the things that makes the game feel fresh even after a couple hundred hours. Read on to find out how popular each weapon is!

What's Your Favorite Weapon?

Great Sword 55
Long Sword 31
Sword and Shield 30
Dual Blades 33
Hammer 26
Hunting Horn 36
Lance 29
Gunlance 31
Switch Axe 43
Charge Blade 46
Insect Glaive 84
Bow 13
Light Bowgun 12
Heavy Bowgun 13

Weapon Popularity Tier List

Rank Weapon Usage Rate
1st long sword.pngLong Sword 21%
2nd bow.pngBow 12%
3rd great sword.pngGreat Sword 9%
4th charge blade.pngCharge Blade 9%
5th dual blades.pngDual Blades 8%
6th heavy bowgun.pngHeavy Bowgun 8%
7th insect glaive.pngInsect Glaive 7%
8th light bowgun.pngLight Bowgun 6%
9th hammer.pngHammer 5%
10th switch axe.pngSwitch Axe 5%
11th sword and shield.pngSword and Shield 3%
12th gunlance.pngGunlance 3%
13th hunting horn.pngHunting Horn 2%
14th lance.pngLance 2%

This tier list was obtained from the game on December 1, 2020. Rankings may change over time.

Where to Get Weapon Popularity Tier List In-Game

first wyverian.png
Curious where these numbers came from? You can check for yourself by talking to the First Wyverian during expeditions. He has other stats to share with you as long as you keep talking to him, such as the most hunted and least hunted monsters.

Information about Every Weapon in MHW

Long Sword

long sword.png

Articles about the Long Sword
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Articles about the Bow
How To Use Bow Best Skills for Bows Best Bows
Best Bow for Each Element Bow Tree Layered Weapons for Bows

Great Sword

great sword.png

Articles about the Great Sword
How to Use Great Swords Best Skills for Great Swords Best Great Swords
Best Great Sword of Each Element Great Sword Tree Layered Weapons for Great Swords

Charge Blade

charge blade.png

Articles about the Charge Blade
How To Use Charge Blade Best Skills for Charge Blades Best Charge Blades
Best Charge Blade of Each Element Charge Blade Tree Layered Weapons for Charge Blades

Dual Blades

dual blades.png

Articles about the Dual Blades
How to Use Dual Blades Best Skills for Dual Blades Best Dual Blades
Best Dual Blades of Each Element Dual Blades Tree Layered Weapons for Dual Blades

Heavy Bowgun

heavy bowgun.png

Articles about the Heavy Bowgun
How To Use Heavy Bowgun Best Skills for Heavy Bowguns Best Heavy Bowguns
Best Heavy Bowgun of Each Element Heavy Bowgun Tree Layered Weapons for Heavy Bowguns

Insect Glaive

insect glaive.png

Articles about the Insect Glaive
How to Use Insect Glaives Best Skills for Insect Glaives Best Insect Glaives
Best Insect Glaive for Each Element Insect Glaive Tree Layered Weapons for Insect Glaives

Light Bowgun

light bowgun.png

Articles about the Light Bowgun
How To Use Light Bowgun Best Skills for Light Bowguns Best Light Bowguns
Best Light Bowgun of Each Element Light Bowgun Tree Layered Weapons for Light Bowguns



Articles about the Hammer
How to Use Hammer Best Skills for Hammers Best Hammers
Best Hammer of Each Element Hammer Tree Layered Weapons for Hammers

Switch Axe

switch axe.png

Articles about the Switch Axe
How To Use Switch Axe Best Skills for Switch Axes Best Switch Axes
Best Switch Axe of Each Element Switch Axe Tree Layered Weapons for Switch Axes

Sword and Shield

sword and shield.png

Articles about the Sword and Shield
How To Use Sword and Shield Best Skills for Swords and Shields Best Swords and Shields
Best Sword and Shield of Each Element Sword and Shield Tree Layered Weapons for Sword and Shields



Articles about the Gunlance
How to Use Gunlance Best Skills for Gunlances Best Gunlances
Best Gunlance of Each Element Gunlance Tree List of Layered Weapons for Gunlances

Hunting Horn

hunting horn.png

Articles about the Hunting Horn
How to Use Hunting Horn Best Skills for Hunting Horn Best Hunting Horns
Best Hunting Horn of Each Element Hunting Horn Tree Layered Weapons for Hunting Horns



Articles about the Lance
How To Use Lance Best Skills for Lances Best Lances
Best Lance of Each Element Lance Tree Layered Weapons for Lances

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