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To Our World Quest | Rewards and Conditions

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Interested in learning more about Artemis and The New World Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW)? Keep reading for more information, tips and tricks, and a plot summary of the Monster Hunter movie crossover quest!

Basic Information

Event Duration

Event Quest Availabilty
Date Time
Start Friday, December 4, 2020 0:00 UTC
End Thursday, December 2, 2021 23:59 UTC

How to Unlock

how to unlock.jpg

You must have Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to play the quest. After downloading the update, simply log in and head to a Quest Board, your Handler, the Pub Lass or the Hub Lass. The quest will be filed under events.

Quest Details

Level M ★ 1 Destination Ancient Forest
Type Event HRP N/A
Time Limit 50 mins. Reward 25200z
Monster Rathalos
Condition Clear The New World quest

Monster Information



In this quest, Rathalos only appears in Area 1 of the Ancient Forest.

Rathalos Weakness and Strategy Guide


It will be worth your while to find Antidote Herbs for the fight ahead since Rathalos can and will poison you.

Don't forget to check the Item Box! You'll find a lot of helpful items such as EZ Rations, Ancient Potions, and First-aid Meds.

Artemis comes with a pair of strong Dual Blades. If you have not played Dual Blades before or are just not comfortable using them, you can feel free to change your weapons at the Equipment Box in the starting area.

But if you want to play her with Dual Blades (or any other stamina-heavy weapon for that matter), you should also pick up a Wiggly Litchi before your fight, just to decrease your stamina usage.

How to Use Dual Blades


Artemis Layered Armor

You can unlock the Artemis layered armor from this quest, by trading in Artemis's Notebook, along with 5000 Research Points.

Monster Materials


Rathalos Medulla Rathalos Ruby
Rathalos Shard Rathalos Fellwing
Rathalos Cortex Rathalos Lash
Rathalos Mantle

Quest Rewards

Item Appearance Rate
Ancient Potion -
Artemis's Notebook -
Max Potion -
Mega Potion -
Ration -

Plot Summary

Artemis speaks to the Admiral

Artemis Speaks to the Admiral.jpg

Artemis has flown into the Ancient Forest along with the Admiral. The language barrier between the two heeds their progress, luckily Artemis has a notebook handy for such situations. In fragmented language, she asks the Admiral if he understands her. The Admiral shrugs off her feeble attempt at communicating and tells her that they should split up to look for the Rathalos. Before she can protest, the Admiral flies off, leaving Artemis to track down the Rathalos by her lonesome.

Artemis finds the Rathalos

Artemis Finds the Rathalos.jpg

Artemis starts tracking down the Rathalos, advancing through the Ancient Forest and eventually reaching a clearing better known as Area 1. She recollects how her group has already slain the Rathalos she is tracking and it being alive must mean she was in the past. Her thoughts are cut short with an ear-piercing howl from the monster, signalling its approach. Finding no help from the Admiral, due to the language barrier, she is forced to face the creature alone.

Artemis tells the Admiral to forget who she is.

Artemis Tells the Admiral to Forget who She is.jpg

The fight between Artemis and the Rathalos is halted due to a large thunderstorm brewing menacingly by the horizon. With the Rathalos fleeing for safety, the Admiral beckons Artemis to do the same. She declines, knowing the thunderstorm is what can take her home. The admiral asks who she is, fearing a time paradox might occur, she tells the admiral to FORGET about her in his native tongue. Before leaving, she hands him her notebook.

The Admiral Forgets

The Admiral Forgets.jpg

With a sly grin, Artemis calls for a Wingdrake which carries her towards the approaching thunderstorm, leaving the Admiral without words. As Artemis flies off into the distance, the Admiral's Palico asks what happened and where he found the notebook. The Admiral simply shrugs, smiles, and says that he forgot.

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