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How to Use Clutch Claw | Flinch Shot Guides and Tips

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This is a guide on how to use the Clutch Claw in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Read on to learn more about the Clutch Claw, the best way to use it, and what effects it has on Monsters!

What is a Clutch Claw

What is the Clutch Claw

The Clutch Claw is a supplement to the Sling in Monster Hunter World, only acquired when the Iceborne expansion is purchased.

How to use the Clutch Claw

How to use Clutch Claw.jpg

To be able to trigger a Clutch Claw is simple and quite similar to a Sling, make sure your weapons are sheathed beforehand.

Clutch Claw Controls

Platform PC PS4 Xbox One
Aiming C L2.png LT
Firing RMB/MB5 O button.png B
Weapon Attack RMB Triangle button.png Y
Claw Attack LMB O button.png B
Flinch Shot MB4 R2.png RT
Move W L stick.png L

Clutch Claw Effects

Weapon Attack Monsters

Grapple Attack Monsters

Once you are successfully grappling the Monster With the Clutch Claw, you can perform a weapon attack. The effect of the attack varies from weapon to weapon.

Heavy Weapon's Clutch Attacks

With bigger weapons like the Great Sword, Hammer, and Switch Axe, etc., a single attack while grappling a monster can cause a weak spot to form. The downside is heavy weapons will not cause the monster to drop slinger ammo. This can be situationally bad as the hunt might continue with the monster losing it's rage status. With no slinger ammo, you will not be able to flinch shot the monster into walls.

Light Weapon's Clutch Attacks

Enemies drop sling ammo

Meanwhile, lighter weapons like the Bow, Dual Blades, Sword and Shield will always drop a slinger ammo from monsters. These ammo can be used to flinch shot the monster or be used by weapons for certain moves. Ammo dropped by monsters are often times, better than regular Slinger ammo found in the environment. The downside is that light weapons needs to use the Clutch Attack twice to wound a monster part.

Clutch Claw Boost

There is a skill called the Clutch Claw boost which removes the weapon's clutch attack weakness. This allows heavy weapons to cause monsters to drop slinger ammo while letting light weapons wound monsters in a single clutch attack. This is much more valuable for light weapons since the main purpose of the Clutch Attack is to wound the monster.

Wounded Monster Parts

To verify if a monster is wounded, you can take a look at the specific monster part you use the clutch attack at. That specific part will display scars, this indicates that you have wounded the monster part. This allows you to deal more damage to that part and it can also be utilized by skills like Weakness Exploit.

Flinch Shot While Grappling a Monster

Using Sling Attack While Grappled

You can choose to fire your sling, called a Flinch Shot, while you are on a monster using the Clutch Claw. Using the Flinch Shot will send the Monster flying forward. An ideal way of utilizing the Flinch Shot is by making the Monster hit a wall or letting it fall off a cliff.

Flinching an Enraged Monster

It is impossible to flinch shot an enraged monster. This will only cause you to waste your current slinger ammo. The only way for you to be able to flinch shot an enraged monster is by lulling it to sleep. This removes the Rage status temporarily.

Flinch Shotting Monsters to Other Monsters

Aside from making them fall from cliffs and hitting walls, you can also slam monsters onto other monsters. While this may be difficult, it is extremely rewarding as this will cause damage to both monsters. It will also only enrage the monster you have used the flinch shot at. meaning if a flinch shot to another monster is successful, you can prepare to use the Flinch shot on the other monster and have it hit your primary target.

Changing Monster Direction

Changing Monster Direction

You can only change the direction where the Monster is facing using the Clutch Claw by aiming for the head and performing a Claw Attack. This is ideal for wall slamming monsters using the Flinch Shot.

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