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How To Track Gajalaka | Grimalkyne Guide

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This is a guide on how to track Gajalaka in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn tracking tips, possible routes to their hideout, and more.

Tracking a Gajalaka

  • Hunters are required to track and befriend the first four Grimalkyne tribes first (Bugtrappers, Protectors, Troupers, and Plunderers).
  • Tracking Grimalkynes can only be performed during solo play (Expeditions or Specific Quests).
  • Gajalaka can be tracked in either High Rank (HR) or Master Rank (MR) Expeditions.

Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics

The Gajalaka's tracking questline begins by acquiring Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics. This is a two-part Critical Bounty given to hunters by the Lynian Researcher.

It is important to note that this Critical Bounty will only appear when the following Grimalkyne tribes have been tracked and befriended:

  • Bugtrappers
  • Protectors
  • Troupers
  • Plunderers

Look for Doodles

Gajalaka Doodles are scattered across the following regions in High and Master Ranks:

  • Ancient Forest
  • Wildspire Waste
  • Coral Highlands
  • Rotten Vale
  • Elder's Recess

Gajalaka Doodles will only appear in these regions if the hunter has Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics.


  • Explore regions where the Lynian Researcher is currently present. He will always be in an area where Doodles spawn.
  • The hunter's Palico will notify the hunter if they are in an area that has Gajalaka Doodles
  • Cycling through Expeditions is the fastest way to gather Gajalaka Doodles.

Sneak into their Hideout

Once 10 Gajalaka Doodles have been sampled, Head back to Astera and talk to the Lynian Researcher near the research center to receive the final phase of the Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics.

Hunters will be tasked to sneak into the Gajalaka's Hideout in Elder's Recess at night to establish communications between them and the Lynian Researcher.

If this is done correctly, hunters will be rewarded with the Meowlotov Cocktail Palico Gadget and unlock the Gastodon Tailraider Monster.

Regional Conditions

Gajalakas will only be present at their Hideout during the night. Hunters can check for the day/night cycle in the region's information sheet when looking at the map.

The Lynian Researcher must also be present in the region.


  • Cycle through expeditions until both regional conditions are met.
  • The Lynian Researcher will stand at the entrance of the Gajalaka Hideout.
  • Be wary of a Gajalaka's line of sight when sneaking through the camp.
  • Hunters can also sneak past Gajalaka once they start dancing.
  • Use the Ghillie Mantle.

Gajalaka Tunnel Systems

The Gajalaka Tunnel Systems will be accessible to hunters once they've completed Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II. These are two-way forms of fast travel in Elder's Recess.

Route to Hideout

Route A

The Gajalaka Hideout is located at a remote region in area 16 of the Elder's Recess - accessible only via the Gajalaka tunnel systems present in the region. This route will be using Tunnel System #4.
From the Eastern Camp (8), look up and swing to the upper level via the wedge beetle perched atop the camp.
There will be a small hole nearby that drops you into Gajalaka territory. Drop down and push deeper into the cave.
Cross the crystal bridges.
The entrance to Tunnel System #4 lies at the end of the second crystal bridge.
The tunnel will take you to the eastern entrance of the Gajalaka Hideout.

Route B

The Gajalaka Hideout is located at a remote region in area 16 of the Elder's Recess - accessible only via the Gajalaka tunnel systems present in the region. This route will be using Tunnel System #5.
From the Southern Camp (1), Head north and enter the crystal cave to the left.
Head to the open ledge North-East of the crystal cave.
Jump down from the ledge and cross the crystal bridge on the left. The entrance to Tunnel System #5 is located at the end of the bridge.
The tunnel will take you to the western entrance of the Gajalaka Hideout.

Unlocked Palico Gadget & Tailraider Monster

Meowlotov Cocktail

Meowlotov Cocktail.png
Throws a Gajalaka-style bomb that deals damage. Combines with the Palico's slinger for sustained fire. Blast strength increases with Proficiency.

Moves Effect
Meowlotov The Palico will occasionally throw meowlotov cocktails at the monster.
Rath-of-Meow The Palico will deploy a mobile slinger, dealing constant damage to the monster.
Meowcano The Palico will deploy a giant cannon, spraying for high damage at any monster within its effect radius.


Hunters who befriend the Gajalaka will unlock the Gastodon Tailraider Monster. This monster can serve as either a tracking mount for hunters or a combat mount for Palicoes.

The Gastodon is available in the Elder's Recess or Volcanic Region of the Guiding Lands.

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