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What Is Critical Distance?

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Bows, Light Bow Guns, and Heavy Bow Guns: these ranged weapons have a critical distance that varies from weapon to ammo type. Read on to learn how to deal the most damage when hunting in Monster Hunter World (MHW)!

What Is Critical Distance

Ranged weapons aren't perfect at every distance. There is an area wherein you can maximize the amount of damage output. This is the critical distance.

The distance between the hunter and the monster wherein the most damage is dealt.

Use Reticle To Identify Critical Distance

Ranged weapons have a reticle that allows a more precise aim. What this reticle also has is a visual queue when the hunter is at a critical distance.

While aiming, there will be a second orange ring to prompt that you are the perfect distance to strike!

Reticle Effect
CriticalDistance.jpg Critical distance
YellowNormal.jpg Close to critical distance
NormalDistance.jpg Normal distance
OutOfRange.jpg Out of range

Importance of Critical Distance

Make sure you are at a critical distance before you fire. This allows you to be more efficient by waiting for the perfect shot instead of depleting your ammo on lower damage output.

Ballistics Skill

The skill Mind's Eye/Ballistics will increase the range of the critical distance. This is acquired by equipping three or more Master Rank Rathalos gear to receive Rathalos Essence.

Critical Distance for Bowguns

Ammo Critical Distance
Normal Ammo Short-Mid Range
Pierce Ammo Mid-Long Range
Spread Ammo Short Range
Elemental Ammo Mid Range
Sticky Ammo Explodes after sticking to target
Cluster Bomb Shoots into the air then scatters
Wyvern Ammo Short-Mid Range
Recover Ammo Short Range
Demon Ammo/Armor Ammo Support Ammo
Tranq Ammo Support Ammo
Wyvernblast Placed on ground

Rapid Fire

You may be at a critical distance at the moment, but keep in mind that the monsters move around. If you are using rapid-fire, you can easily miss your shots.

Utilize rapid-fire when the monster is down to ensure your shots will land!

Sticky Ammo and Cluster Bombs

Sticky Ammo and Cluster Bombs are a type of ammo that does not rely on the critical distance to deal the most damage. These ammo types explode after impact.

Critical Distance for Bows

Ammo Critical Distance
Charged Shot 1 Short-Mid Range
Charged Shot 2 Short-Mid Range
Charged Shot 3 Mid-Long Range
Charged Shot 4 Mid-Long Range
Dragon Piercer Short-Mid Range

Special Scope for Heavy Bow Gun

The special scope is available in the Monster Hunter World (MHW) expansion, Iceborne. It is a scope that is attached to the Heavy Bow Gun to make the aim more precise. This requires you to be around five steps away from the monster to be at Critical Distance.

Dragon Piercer

The Dragon Piercer has several shots, therefore it can not be assured that every single one with hit the monster. To increase the chance that all the arrows hit its target, have the Mind's Eye/Critical Distance skill.

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