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Palico Weapons List

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This is a list of all Palico Weapons in Monster Hunter World plus Iceborne. Read on to know all about Palico Weapons and their, rarity, ranged damage, melee damage, damage type, elemental, status effects, elederseal, affinity, and defense bonuses!

Master Rank Palico Weapons

Felyne Escador Scythe α+ Dragon 360
Felyne Kulve Fan α+ -
F Grand God's Peer Staff α+ Thunder 180
Felyne Crusher Punch α+ Blast 70
Mega Buster α+ -
Gold Chocobo Rod α+ Dragon 380
Cursed Staff α+ -
Felyne Watcher Grinder α+ Thunder 200
Forgefire α+ Fire 150
Felyne Xeno Bouquet α+ Dragon 220
Felyne Nergigante Hammer α+ Dragon 70
Felyne Hazak Sword α+ Dragon 240
Felyne Safi Spear α+ Dragon 200
Felyne Specter Scepter α+ Dragon 260
Felyne Kaiser Mace α+ Blast 50
Felyne Daora's Wand α+ Ice 220
Felyne Godsblade Zapurr α+ Thunder 390
Felyne Nami Rod α+ Water 200
Felyne Ishvalda Orb α+ Dragon 300
Felyne Zorah Puppet α+ Blast 40
Felyne Guild Book α+ Sleep 90
F Wyvern Blade "Green" α+ Fire 200
Felyne Eliza Parasol α+ Blast 45
Felyne Ruinous Claw α+ Dragon 80
Felyne Rimeguard Lance α+ Ice 240
F Azure Era Fan α + Water 210

High Rank Palico Weapons

Cursed Staff α -
Gold Chocobo Rod α Dragon 360
Felyne Eliza Parasol α Blast 35
Felyne Kulve Fan α -
Felyne Samurai Sword α -
Felyne Xeno Bouquet α Dragon 180
Felyne Daora's Wand α Ice 200
Felyne Godsblade Zapurr α Thunder 350
Felyne Kaiser Mace α Blast 45
Felyne Nergigante Hammer α Dragon 60
Felyne Hazak Sword α Dragon 220

Felyne Star Mic Stand α Thunder 270
Felyne Vangis Mace α Dragon 180
Felyne Bazel Mace α Blast 40
Felyne Deathgear Scythe α Dragon 260
Felyne Gajalaka Sword α -
Felyne Uragaan Ironslab α Fire150

Low Rank Palico Weapons

Felyne Barroth Mace -
Felyne Pukei Bow Poison 80
Felyne Jyura Sword Water 100
Felyne Kadachi Fork Thunder 140
Felyne Iron Sword -

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