How to Use the Training Area | Monster Hunter World (MHW)

How to Use the Training Area

This is a guide about the training area in Monster Hunter World (MHW). If you want to know more about the training area, its features, and the changes in the Iceborne expansion, read on!

The Training Area in Monster Hunter World

Practice Different Weapon Types

Practice Different Weapon Types

The training area allows the player to practice all the different weapon types available in the game.

The simple combos for that weapon are also displayed on the screen for reference. Recently performed button presses are also displayed to aid in your practice.

Experiment on Various Bowgun Ammo or Bow Coating

Different Ammo or Coatings

Items do not get consumed in the Training Area so it is the best place to practice all the different offensive consumables like ammo and coatings!

Try Different Skin Toughness Levels

Skin Toughness Levels

Barrels that look like this corresponds to a hard skin toughness level for a monster! If you want to check if the sharpness level of your weapon is enough for that hard monster skin, practice here!

Quickly Change Equipment

Quickly Change EquipmentEnlarge

You can quickly change the equipment using the Item Box near the entrance of the Training Area. You can test out all your armor builds and weapons quickly using this feature!

Slinger Ammo Nodes (Iceborne)

Slinger Ammo NodesEnlarge

Different slinger ammo types like Piercing Pod, Slinger Bomb, Dragon Pod, and Stone can be conveniently picked up from nodes inside the Training Area.

Use this to practice new slinger combos introduced in Monster Hunter World Iceborne!

Combo Damage Check (Iceborne)

Combo Damage CheckEnlarge

Iceborne introduces a new feature that allows the player to check the total damage dealt by a certain combo. Use this to test out unique weapon combos to maximize your damage!

Clutch Claw Practice (Iceborne)

New Objects Available

Change Objects for Clutch ClawEnlarge

Iceborne introduces the Clutch Claw, so the developers have updated the Training Area to cater to this! You can change the objects in the Training Area to cater to clutch claw practice.

Mountable Objects

Clutch Claw Practice

You can even mount the object like you mount monsters!

How to Reach the Training Area in MHW

Via the World Map

via World MapEnlarge

You can access the Training Area via the World Map. This can be done anywhere in Astera or Seliana!

Via the Housekeeper in Your Room

via Housekeeper in Your RoomEnlarge

The Training Area can also be accessed using the Housekeeper inside Your Room. Simple talk to it and pick Go to the Training Area.

Exiting the Training Area in MHW

Talk to the Housekeeper

Exit via HousekeeperEnlarge

To exit the Training Area, talk to the Housekeeper next to the Item Box near the gate.

Exit Through the Gate

Exit via GateEnlarge

You may exit through the gate!

Exit via the World Map

Exit via the World MapEnlarge

You can also exit through the World Map. Just choose anywhere but the Training Area!

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