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How To Track Plunderers | Grimalkyne Guide

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This is a guide on how to track Plunderers in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn tracking tips, possible routes to their hideout, and more.

Tracking a Plunderer

  • Tracking Plunderers require access to the lowest level of the Rotten Vale
  • Access to the lowest level is granted after completing the Into The Bowels Of The Rotten Vale Assigned Quest.
  • Tracking Grimalkynes can only be performed during solo play (Expeditions or Specific Quests).

Regional Requirements

Two conditions must to be met to trigger interactions with the Plunderers:

  • The Lynian Researcher must be present in the Rotten Vale
  • An Odogaron must be prowling the Rotten Vale

It is recommended that hunters cycle through expeditions until these conditions are met.

Talk to The Lynian Researcher

The Lynian Researcher is located inside Odogaron's Den (area 13). He will mention that he is looking for a Grimalkyne Tribe called the Plunderers that inhabit the Rotten Vale.

Search for a Plunderer

Odogaron's Den

Odogaron will occasionally store food such as raw meat and Legiana carcasses in its den from prowling the Rotten Vale. This is essential for a Plunderer to appear inside its den.

A Plunderer Appears!

When food is stored inside Odogaron's den, there is a chance for a Plunderer to show up and attempt to steal it.

It is recommended for Hunters to do one of the following to ensure that a Plunderer spawns in the area:

  • Use a Ghillie Mantle and wait for a Plunderer to show up.
  • Leave the area and return after a few minutes.

Locate the Hideout

The Plunderer will quickly flee after interacting with the hunter in Odogaron's den. Use scoutflies to track it back to its hideout.

Lure them out with meat

At the Hideout, The Plunderer will keep its distance from the hunter. Hunters can lure it out using Raw Meat.

If a hunter does not have Raw Meat available, they can simply return at a later time. Moving to other regions and returning to HQ/Camps will NOT reset the entire questline.

Regional Requirements (Lynian Researcher and Odogaron are no longer required as well upon returning.)

Talk to The Plunderers

Feeding the Plunderers will reward the hunter with the Plunderblade Palico Gadget and unlock the Girros Tailraider Monster. They will also start to aid the hunter during hunts or expeditions.

Route To Hideout

The Plunderers' Hideout lies at the center of the Rotten Vale's lowest floor (Area 15).
Descend from the Central Camp (11)
Enter the cave entrance to the left.
The path splits into two. Follow the one to the left.
At the end of the path is a small tunnel beside a Crimson Fruit. Crawl through it.
Jump down and follow the path to the right after crawling through the small tunnel. The Plunderers' Hideout is located at the end of the path.

Unlocked Palico Gear And Tailraider Monster


An invention of the Plunderers that snatches items from monsters when attacking. The quantity of stolen items increase with Proficiency.

Moves Effect
Plunderblade The Palico will strike the monster with a chance to steal materials.
Palarang The Palico will throw the Plunderblade at the monster. Shinies will drop on the ground on impact.
Mount and Plunder The Palico will mount the monster to unleash a flurry of attacks. Multiple trade-in items will drop to the ground.


Girros Tailraider.png
Hunters who befriend Plunderers will unlock the Girros Tailraider Monster. This monster can serve as either a tracking mount for hunters or a combat mount for Palicoes.

The Girros is available in the Rotten Vale or Rotted Region of the Guiding Lands.

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