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This is a list of all Monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (MHWI). Here we list all monsters by type, ranging from Large Monsters, their Tempered Variants and Colored Variants, as well as Small Monsters. Read on to know more about the game's monsters!

Base Game Monsters

Below is the list of Iceborne monsters in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Take note that these monsters are the monsters that are available from the Iceborne Expansion. If you're looking for a list of monsters from the base game only, see the link below.

Monster List (Base Game)

Monster List

Large Monsters

Large Monsters are Monsters that present a certain challenge to conquer. They are the main attraction of the game and learning how to best these mighty foes is the mark of a true hunter.

Alatreon IconAlatreon Banbaro IconBanbaro Barioth IconBarioth Beotodus IconBeotodus
Brachydios IconBrachydios Fatalis IconFatalis Glavenus IconGlavenus Master Rank Kulve Taroth IconMaster Rank Kulve Taroth
Namielle IconNamielle Nargacuga IconNargacuga Rajang IconRajang SafiSafi'jiiva
Shara Ishvalda IconShara Ishvalda Tigrex IconTigrex Velkhana IconVelkhana Yian Garuga IconYian Garuga
Zinogre IconZinogre

Subpecies and Variants

These altered versions of Monsters are stronger, more aggressive, and some even have new effects on their moves. The difference is they offer a different set of loot for the players which can be used to craft different sets of weapons and armor.

Acidic Glavenus IconAcidic Glavenus Blackveil Vaal Hazak IconBlackveil Vaal Hazak Brute Tigrex IconBrute Tigrex Coral Pukei-Pukei IconCoral Pukei-Pukei
Ebony Odogaron IconEbony Odogaron Frostfang Barioth IconFrostfang Barioth Fulgur Anjanath IconFulgur Anjanath Furious Rajang IconFurious Rajang
Gold Rathian IconGold Rathian Nightshade Paolumu IconNightshade Paolumu Raging Brachydios IconRaging Brachydios Ruiner Nergigante IconRuiner Nergigante
Savage Deviljho IconSavage Deviljho Scarred Yian Garuga IconScarred Yian Garuga Seething Bazelgeuse IconSeething Bazelgeuse Shrieking Legiana IconShrieking Legiana
Silver Rathalos IconSilver Rathalos Stygian Zinogre IconStygian Zinogre Viper Tobi-Kadachi IconViper Tobi-Kadachi

Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons

These monsters are notoriously much more powerful than their normal counterparts. To partner their increased aggressiveness and damage, they also gain new moves and qualities that forces hunters to approach the fight in a completely different manner. Below are the list of Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons for Iceborne.

AT Velkhana Icon.pngArch-Tempered Velkhana AT namielle.jpgArch-Tempered Namielle

Small Monsters

These monsters are sources of materials that can be used for crafting low-end gears. They are also fought by new hunters in lower ranked missions for the hunters to get accustomed to battle.

Small Monsters (Iceborne)
`title` IconWulg `title` IconPopo `title` IconCortos `title` IconAnteka

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