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Learn how to beat Teostra in the game Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Teostra's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Teostra Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Teostra Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Teostra
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big High None Fire Blastblight
Breakable Parts
Head, Torso, Wings, Hindlegs, Forelegs, Tail

Locations and Areas Visited

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Spot
Wildspire Waste 13 8 / 13 / 14 14
Elder's Recess 13 7 / 8 / 9 / 11 / 12 13

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
55 60 50 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
30 10 25 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
33 38 33 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 5 15 5


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
18 18 18 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 0 10 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
18 18 18 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 0 10 0


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
38 38 33 0 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 5 15 5


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
30 25 20 0 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 5 10 5


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
40 35 30 0 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
25 10 20 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
38 33 28 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 5 15 5

Higher values indicate higher damage.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Paral. Sleep Stun
★★ ★★
Blast Exhaust Mount -
Flash Shock Pitfall Ivy
Dung Meat Screamer -

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How to Beat Teostra

Things You Should Know in Advance

・Fire Resistance is recommended
・Elderseal works to prevent Supernova
・Flash Pods are useful

High Fire Resistance

Teostra can deal high damage if you do not have enough survivability. Try to increase your max health and equip armors with high fire resistance to increase your chances of winning the fight.

If fire resistance is not available, it is suggested that you get the skill Evasion Window or stun resistance depending on your playstyle.

Dealing With Blastblight

Some of the moves that Teostra makes can cause Blastblight. Constantly check if you are inflicted by the Blastblight status by checking for the blast icon below your health bar. This can cause a small explosion around your body dealing damage to you and nearby allies after a short time. You can easily remove this by rolling 3 times or eating a Nullberry.

Teostra's State

Fire Armor Fire Dust Armor
How to Beat - Teostra 1-1.pngEnlarge How to Beat - Teostra 1-2.pngEnlarge

Move Away From the Flame

Teostra will sometimes cover some areas of its body with fire. Try to stay away from the body to avoid getting damage every second and focus on staying near the head or tail area to get out of its range.

Check for Dust

How to Beat - Teostra 2.png
Teostra will release dust particles in one of his attacks. These dust particles will stay in the area and explode on contact. It can deal serious damage if you get constantly hit. You must prioritize avoiding these dust particles over attacking Teostra.

Guns and Bows

How to Beat - Teostra 3.png
When Teostra is covered in fire, you will not be able to deal any damage to him unless you attack his head.

Removing the Flames

You can suppress the flames around Teostra's body by using a weapon with Elderseal capabilities. This can be quite helpful especially for later when you have to attack him head-on.

The Supernova

How to Beat - Teostra 4.gif
Teostra's most powerful attack is the Supernova. It is a high damaging attack with an extremely large area of effect. This attack will be used multiple times throughout the hunt and it can be dangerous as it can one-shot multiple hunters at once if not geared well.

Teostra will usually use the Supernova a few minutes after he enrages. It is recommended that you do not finish any of your combos to prepare yourself from escaping once he starts the Supernova.

In addition, you can also use a Flash Pod to stop the Supernova. However, if you want to take this approach, you must react fast and aim it directly in front of Teostra to make this work.

Opportunity to Attack

How to Beat - Teostra 5.png
Dish out as much damage as you can whenever Teostra is doing his fire breath attack. This will give you a huge window of opportunity to attack him as much as you want without any retaliation from Teostra for a few seconds.

Fire Breath Sweep

How to Beat - Teostra 6.gif
Teostra will sometimes do a fire breath sweep attack. This can be tricky to dodge if you are standing in front of him. Always keep in mind that it is easier to dodge if you roll forward rather than to roll away from Teostra. Also, rolling forward will give you a higher chance of dodging and it will close the gap between you and Teostra. You can use this opportunity to deal some damage while Teostra is still committed to the attack.

Teostra Attack Patterns

Attack Attack Power Guardable Exhaustion
Bite 45 40
Rush 35 25
Scratch 45 40
Tail Attack 45 40
Fire Breath 60 30
Fire Breath Sweep 90 60
Dust Explosion 60 60
Nova 110 75
Supernova 150 Guard Up 0

Teostra Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
LR Coming soon!
HR Teostra Tail / Tail 75
Teostra Horn+ / Body 8
Fire Dragon Scale+ / Body 32, Tail 22
Teostra Carapace / Body 24
Teostra Gem / Body 2, Tail 3
Teostra Claw + / Body 19
Teostra Mane / Body 15
MR Teostra Lash / Tail 75
Teostra Hardhorn / Body 8
Teostra Gem / Body 5
Hellfire Shard / Body 30, Tail 22
Large Elder Dragon Gem / Body 2, Tail 3
Fire Dragon Hardclaw / Body 19
Teostra Mane / Body 14
Teostra Cortex /

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
LR Coming soon!
HR Teostra Webbing / Wing 70
Teostra Claw + / Wing 30
Teostra Horn+ / Head 66
Teostra Mane / Head 32
Teostra Gem / Head 2
MR Teostra Fellwing / Wing 70
Fire Dragon Hardclaw / Wing 30
Teostra Hardhorn / Head 66
Teostra Mane / Head 32
Large Elder Dragon Gem / Head 2

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Coming soon!
Dragon Treasure / 50
Teostra Powder / 50
Fire Dragon Scale+ / 28
Teostra Powder / 50
Fire Dragon Scale+ / 28
Old Dragon Treasure / 22

How to Get Drops

How to Get # Times


Quest Clear & Investigation Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Elder Dragon Bone / 7
Elder Dragon Blood / 7
Teostra Carapace / 24
Fire Dragon Scale+ / 20
Teostra Claw + / 18
Teostra Mane / 14
Teostra Powder / 10
Teostra Gem / 6
Fire Dragon Scale+ / 28
Teostra Claw + / 12
Teostra Webbing / 12
Teostra Horn+ / 12
Teostra Powder / 12
Teostra Mane / 12
Teostra Carapace / 12
Teostra Tail / 12
Fire Dragon Scale+ / 8
Teostra Gem / 13
Teostra Mane / 12
Teostra Tail / 12
Teostra Horn+ / 12
Teostra Claw + / 11
Teostra Webbing / 11
Teostra Powder / 11
Teostra Carapace / 10
Large Elder Dragon Bone / 9
Pure Dragon Blood / 9
Teostra Gem / 3
Teostra Cortex / 26
Hellfire Shard / 21
Teostra Mane / 18
Teostra Lash / 14
Large Elder Dragon Gem / 8
Teostra Mane / 22
Fire Dragon Hardclaw / 22
Teostra Fellwing / 18
Teostra Lash / 16
Teostra Hardhorn / 14
Teostra Lash / 22
Teostra Hardhorn / 18
Large Elder Dragon Gem / 16
Teostra Mane / 14
Fire Dragon Hardclaw / 12
Teostra Fellwing /

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
LR Coming soon!
HR Fire Dragon Scale+ / 45
Teostra Carapace / 30
Teostra Mane / 24
Teostra Gem / 1
MR Hellfire Shard / 45
Teostra Cortex / 30
Teostra Mane / 24
Large Elder Dragon Gem / 1


Obtain Rate (%)
LR Coming soon!
HR Coming soon!
MR Teostra Powder / 50
Hellfire Shard / 28
Old Dragon Treasure / 22

Quests Where Teostra Appears

Type Quest Name
Assigned ★8 - Teostra the Infernal
Optional ★8 - The Fires of Hell Bite Deep
Optional ★8 - Hellfire's Stronghold
Optional ★8 - A Blaze in the Sand
Event ★9 - The Scorn of the Sun
Event ★8 - Code: Red
Special Assignment ★8 - The Blazing Sun
Challenge ★8 - The Best of the Best
Optional M★5 - Royal Audience on the Sand
Optional M★6 - Master Hunter of the New World
Event M★5 - We Three Kings

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