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How to Break Rank Caps

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Ever wondered when you will reach high rank? Or why you haven't been levelling up past HR29? There is something called rank caps in Monster Hunter World (MHW), and this guide will show you how to break every one of them.

How to Reach High Rank

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Any player will naturally progress from Low Rank to High Rank as long as they go through the main storyline. You will have to finish the ★6 Invader in the Waste quest, then you will have access to High Rank content once you get back to Astera.

Even though there are only the Low and High Ranks in the base game in terms of areas, weapons, and armor, your Hunter Rank (HR) steadily increases.

How to Break Hunter Rank Caps

What is Hunter Rank?

An Indication of Your Progress

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Your HR is an indication of how much you have progressed through the game. Your HR determines which quests you can take on.

Required to Accept Certain Quests

There are also certain event quests that will appear, but will block you from taking it because your HR is not high enough.

Quests that Break Hunter Rank Caps

Raising your HR can be done by completing any quest. The higher the minimum HR requirement of a quest is, the more you will raise your HR.

But there are also points at which your HR doesn't seem to increase—specifically, at HR15, HR29, HR49, and HR100. In order to move on, you need to progress through quests.

Min. HR Required Quest Name Requirements
15 [Assigned] ★9 Land of Convergence
Slay Xeno'jiiva
Cleared ★8 Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel, ★8 Teostra the Infernal, and ★8 Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak quests
29 [Assigned] ★9 Beyond the Blasting Scales
Slay 2 Bazelgeuse
Cleared ★9 Land of Convergence
49 [Assigned] ★9 Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands
Slay Tempered Kirin
Cleared ★9 Beyond the Blasting Scales
100 [Optional] ★9 Sapphire Star's Guidance
Slay Tempered Nergigante, Tempered Teostra, and Tempered Kushala Daora
Cleared ★9 Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands

However, even if you do not do the these quests immediately, the game still records all the HR you have raised through other quests. Your HR will automatically adjust accordingly after you complete these quests.

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