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How To Track Protectors | Grimalkyne Guide

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This is a guide on how to track Protectors in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn tracking tips, possible routes to their hideout, and more.

Tracking a Protector

Tracking Grimalkynes can only be performed during solo play (Expeditions or Specific Quests).

Look for Doodles

Protectors have doodles scattered all over the Wildspire Waste. Similar to monster tracking, hunters must fill up the Protectors' tracking meter by finding and analyzing these doodles.

Enter The Hideout

A Protector will show on the map once their tracking meter has been filled. Pin it and follow the scoutflies to its location.

If no Protector icons show up, hunters are advised to re-enter the region from HQ.

Find The Missing Protectors

After following the scoutflies to the Protectors' hideout, hunters will find only one of them inside. Getting close to it will trigger a quest to find its missing companions.

A Critical Bounty will also be given to the hunter.

Locating The Missing Protectors

After talking with the lone Protector, three Protector icons will spawn on the map. These indicate where its missing companions are.

Bringing Them Home

Hunters need to use their Capture Net to retreive the missing Protectors. It is important that the missing Protectors are not aware of the hunter's presence to successfully capture them.

  • Approach the missing Protector while crouched.
  • Stay out of its line of sight.
  • Using the Ghillie Mantle will make it easier for hunters to get in-range for the capture.

Return to The Hideout

Return to the Protectors' Hideout once all three missing Protectors are captured.

Initiating a dialogue with the Protectors will result in your Palico being inducted into their tribe, unlocking the Shieldspire Palico Gadget and Kestodon (Male) Tailraider monster.

Route to Hideout

Route A

The Protectors' Hideout in Wildspire Waste is located beside the Northeast Camp (Area 15) in a small cave system between the first and second levels of the region. This route is for hunters that do NOT have access to the Northeast Camp (15) yet.
Head to the north of Area 8. Look for a small cavern entrance where Carrier Ants march into and jump down.
Turn around and enter the pathway to the right. At its mouth, a small tunnel can be seen beside a patch of Brightmoss. Crawl through the tunnel.
The Protectors' Hideout lies at the end of the small tunnel.

Route B

This route is for hunters that have access to the Northeast Camp (15) of Wildspire Waste. From the camp, climb the ivy wall in front of the supply box.
Enter the small tunnel beside the patch of Brightmoss.
The Protectors' Hideout lies at the end of the small tunnel.

Unlocked Palico Gadget & Tailraider Monster


A massive Protector shield used to defend against attacks. It can also be used to provoke monsters, drawing their attention. Guard effectiveness increases with Proficiency.

Moves Effect
Shieldspire Taunt Allows The Palico to guard attacks and draw the attention of the monster.
Shieldspire Bash The Palico will taunt the monster. Once in range, It will bash the monster and deal massive KO damage.
Shieldspire Stooge The Palico will deploy a stationary stooge that will draw the monster's attention to its location until it is destroyed.

Kestodon (Male)

Kestodon (Male) Tailraider.png
Hunters who befriend Protectors will unlock the Kestodon (Male) Tailraider Monster. This monster can serve as either a tracking mount for hunters or a combat mount for Palicoes.

The Kestodon (Male) is available in the Wildspire Waste or Desert Region of the Guiding Lands.

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