Monster Hunter World (MHW)

List of All Monster Materials

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This is a list of all Monster Materials in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Check the links below for more information on each Monster Material that can be obtained in the game!

List of All Monster Materials

Acidic Glavenus Cortex Acidic Glavenus Hardfang
Acidic Glavenus Shard Acidic Glavenus Spineshell
Acidic Glavenus Tailedge Alatreon Diretail
Alatreon Direwing Alatreon Mantle
Alatreon Pallium Alatreon Riptalon
Amber Hardfang Ancient Cursed Bone
Ancient Great Horn Ancient Leshen Antlers
Ancient Leshen Claw Ancient Leshen Skull
Anjanath Fang Anjanath Fang+
Anjanath Fur Anjanath Gem
Anjanath Hardfang Anjanath Lash
Anjanath Mantle Anjanath Nosebone
Anjanath Nosebone+ Anjanath Pelt
Anjanath Pelt+ Anjanath Plate
Anjanath Scale Anjanath Scale+
Anjanath Shard Anjanath Tail
Annihilating Greathorn Annihilating Temperhorn
Anteka Antler Aqua Sac
Assassin Cutwing Aurora Crownhorn
Azure Dragonsphire Azure Mane
Azure Rathalos Carapace Azure Rathalos Cortex
Azure Rathalos Fellwing Azure Rathalos Lash
Azure Rathalos Scale+ Azure Rathalos Shard
Azure Rathalos Tail Azure Rathalos Wing
Azure Scale Banbaro Chine
Banbaro Cortex Banbaro Great Horn
Banbaro Lash Barioth Cortex
Barioth Greatspike Barioth Hardclaw
Barioth Lash Barioth Thickfur
Barnos Hardclaw Barnos Hide+
Barnos Talon Barroth Carapace
Barroth Chine Barroth Claw
Barroth Claw+ Barroth Cortex
Barroth Crown Barroth Hardclaw
Barroth Lash Barroth Ridge
Barroth Ridge+ Barroth Scalp
Barroth Shell Barroth Tail
Bazelgeuse Carapace Bazelgeuse Flail
Bazelgeuse Fuse Bazelgeuse Gem
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw Bazelgeuse Mantle
Bazelgeuse Scale+ Bazelgeuse Shard
Bazelgeuse Tail Bazelgeuse Talon
Bazelgeuse Wing Behemoth Bone
Behemoth Great Horn Behemoth Mane
Behemoth Shearclaw Behemoth Tail
Beotodus Cortex Beotodus Grandfin
Beotodus Hardhorn Beotodus Shard
Bergcrusher Claw Bird Wyvern Gem
Black Blood Black Diablos Carapace
Black Diablos Chine Black Diablos Cortex
Black Diablos Ridge+ Black Spiral Horn+
Blackcurl Stouthorn Blackcurl Temperthorn
Blackcurl Tyranthorn Blinding Cathode
Bloodstained Ebonhide Bloodthirsty Glimmerpelt
Blos Medulla Brach Obliterator
Brach Warhead Brachydios Cortex
Brachydios Crown Brachydios Lash
Brachydios Pallium Brachydios Pounder+
Brute Tigrex Cortex Brute Tigrex Hardclaw
Brute Tigrex Hardfang Brute Tigrex Shard
Charged Deathly Shocker Coldblooded Icefang
Colorful Plume Coma Sac
Conflagrant Sac Coral Pukei-Pukei Cortex
Coral Pukei-Pukei Fellwing Coral Pukei-Pukei Lash
Coral Pukei-Pukei Shard Cortos Hardclaw
Crackling Thunderpelt Crimson Blastscale
Cryo Sac Crystal Frozenhide
Crystal Shard Cursed Bone
Daora Carapace Daora Claw+
Daora Cortex Daora Dragon Scale+
Daora Fellwing Daora Gem
Daora Hardclaw Daora Hardhorn
Daora Horn+ Daora Lash
Daora Shard Daora Tail
Daora Webbing Dash Extract
Dazzling Photophore+ Deadly Poison Sac
Deathweaver Membrane Deceased Scale
Deceased Shard Deviljho Blackpiel
Deviljho Crook Deviljho Flail
Deviljho Gem Deviljho Hide
Deviljho Ripper Deviljho Saliva
Deviljho Scale Deviljho Scalp
Deviljho Shard Deviljho Tail
Deviljho Tallfang Deviljho Talon
Diablos Carapace Diablos Chine
Diablos Cortex Diablos Fang
Diablos Hardhorn Diablos Marrow
Diablos Ridge Diablos Ridge+
Diablos Shell Diablos Tailcase
Diablos Tailcase+ Distilled Blast Fluid
Dodogama Hardclaw Dodogama Hide+
Dodogama Jaw Dodogama Lash
Dodogama Mandible Dodogama Scale+
Dodogama Shard Dodogama Tail
Dodogama Talon Dodogama Thickhide
Dracophage Bug Dung
Ebony Odogaron Hardclaw Ebony Odogaron Hardfang
Ebony Odogaron Lash Ebony Odogaron Mantle
Ebony Odogaron Shard Elder Dragon Blood
Elder Dragon Bone Elder Spiritvein Bone
Electro Sac Enchanting Finehide
Enticing Viperthorn Eternal Regrowth Plate
Extinction Greathorn Fancy Beak
Fatal Rendclaw Fatalis Cortex
Fatalis Evil Eye Fatalis Fellwing
Fatalis Hardhorn Fatalis Pectus
Fatalis Shard Fertile Mud
Fey Wyvern Gem Fine Brachydios Ebonshell
Fire Dragon Hardclaw Fire Dragon Scale+
Flame Sac Flashpoint Slime
Flickering Flamepelt Flickering Silvershell
Flood Sac Fragrant Poison Sac
Freezer Sac Frost Sac
Fulgur Anjanath Hardfang Fulgur Anjanath Lash
Fulgur Anjanath Mantle Fulgur Anjanath Shard
Fulgur Anjanath Thickfur Gajau Scale
Gajau Skin Gajau Thickhide
Gajau Whisker Garuga Auricle
Garuga Cortex Garuga Fellwing
Garuga Lash Garuga Shard
Garuga Silverpelt Gastodon Carapace
Gastodon Horn Gastodon Husk
Ghoulish Gold Gorer Girros Fang
Girros Hide Girros Hide+
Girros Scale Girros Scale+
Girros Shard Glavenus Cortex
Glavenus Hardfang Glavenus Hellshell
Glavenus Mantle Glavenus Shard
Glavenus Tailedge Glossy Ebonshell
Glowing Slime Gold Rajang Pelt+
Gold Rathian Cortex Gold Rathian Shard
Gold Rathian Surspike Golden Dragonsphire
Grand Gajau Whisker Great Girros Fang
Great Girros Fang+ Great Girros Hardfang
Great Girros Hardhood Great Girros Hide
Great Girros Hide+ Great Girros Hood
Great Girros Hood+ Great Girros Lash
Great Girros Scale Great Girros Scale+
Great Girros Shard Great Girros Tail
Great Girros Thickhide Great Jagras Claw
Great Jagras Claw+ Great Jagras Hardclaw
Great Jagras Hide Great Jagras Hide+
Great Jagras Mane Great Jagras Mane+
Great Jagras Scale Great Jagras Scale+
Great Jagras Shard Great Jagras Thickhide
Great Spiritvein Gem Gushing Dragonhold
Hard Ebony Odogaron Sinew Hard Odogaron Sinew
Heavy Anjanath Nosebone Heavy Fulgur Anjanath Nosebone
Heavy Jaw Hellfire Mane
Hellfire Shard High-quality Pelt
Honed Acidcryst Honed Tailblade
Hornetaur Carapace Hornetaur Head
Hornetaur Innerwing Hornetaur Razorwing
Hornetaur Shell Hornetaur Wing
Hydrated Sac Immortal Dragonscale
Immortal Reactor Immortal Shard
Incandescent Magmafin Indestructible Ebonshell
Inferno Sac Inkstained Oilshell+
Jagras Hide Jagras Hide+
Jagras Scale Jagras Scale+
Jagras Shard Jyuratodus Carapace
Jyuratodus Cortex Jyuratodus Fang
Jyuratodus Fang+ Jyuratodus Fin
Jyuratodus Fin+ Jyuratodus Grandfin
Jyuratodus Hardfang Jyuratodus Scale
Jyuratodus Scale+ Jyuratodus Shard
Jyuratodus Shell Kelbi Horn
Kestodon Carapace Kestodon Husk
Kestodon Scalp Kestodon Shell
King's Scale Kirin Azure Horn
Kirin Azure Horn+ Kirin Finehide
Kirin Hide Kirin Hide+
Kirin Mane Kirin Silvermane
Kirin Tail Kirin Thunderhorn
Kirin Thundertail Kirin Thundertail+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Shard Kulu-Ya-Ku Thickhide
Kulve Taroth Emperor Nugget Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone
Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget+
Kulve Taroth Golden Scale Kulve Taroth Golden Scale+
Kulve Taroth Golden Shell Kulve Taroth Golden Shell
Kulve Taroth Golden Shell+ Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn
Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn+ Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell
Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell+ Large Coral Pukei-Pukei Sac
Large Elder Dragon Bone Large Elder Dragon Gem
Large Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak Large Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
Large Pukei-Pukei Sac Large Wyvern Bonemass
Large Wyvern Gem Lava Nugget
Lavasioth Carapace Lavasioth Cortex
Lavasioth Fang+ Lavasioth Fin+
Lavasioth Grandfin Lavasioth Hardfang
Lavasioth Scale+ Lavasioth Shard
Legiana Claw Legiana Claw+
Legiana Fellwing Legiana Gem
Legiana Hardclaw Legiana Hide
Legiana Hide+ Legiana Mantle
Legiana Plate Legiana Scale
Legiana Scale+ Legiana Shard
Legiana Tail Webbing Legiana Tail Webbing+
Legiana Thickhide Legiana Webbing
Legiana Wing Leshen Antlers
Leshen Claw Leshen Resin
Leshen Skull Lightning Sac
Lunastra Carapace Lunastra Cortex
Lunastra Fellwing Lunastra Gem
Lunastra Hardhorn Lunastra Horn
Lunastra Lash Lunastra Mane
Lunastra Mane+ Lunastra Scale+
Lunastra Shard Lunastra Tail
Lunastra Wing Majestic Horn
Metallic Scute Molten Bursa
Monster Bone+ Monster Broth
Monster Essence Monster Fluid
Monster Hardbone Monster Keenbone
Monster Slogbone Monster Solidbone
Moonlight Scale Mosswine Hide
Muddy Crown Mutagen
Namielle Fellwing Namielle Finehide
Namielle Hardclaw Namielle Lash
Namielle Whisker Nargacuga Blackfur+
Nargacuga Cutwing+ Nargacuga Hardfang
Nargacuga Lash Nargacuga Mantle
Nargacuga Shard Nargacuga Tailspear
Nergigante Carapace Nergigante Cortex
Nergigante Flail Nergigante Gem
Nergigante Hardclaw Nergigante Horn+
Nergigante Regrowth Plate Nergigante Tail
Nergigante Talon Night Hood
Nightshade Paolumu Fellwing Nightshade Paolumu Shard
Nightshade Paolumu Thickfur Nourishing Extract
Obsidian Fur Obsidian Icetalon
Odogaron Claw Odogaron Claw+
Odogaron Fang Odogaron Fang+
Odogaron Gem Odogaron Hardclaw
Odogaron Hardfang Odogaron Lash
Odogaron Mantle Odogaron Plate
Odogaron Scale Odogaron Scale+
Odogaron Shard Odogaron Sinew
Odogaron Sinew+ Odogaron Tail
Omniplegia Sac Paolumu Carapace+
Paolumu Cortex Paolumu Fellwing
Paolumu Pelt Paolumu Pelt+
Paolumu Scale Paolumu Scale+
Paolumu Shard Paolumu Shell
Paolumu Thickfur Paolumu Webbing
Paolumu Wing Paralysis Sac
Piercing Claw Pink Rathian Carapace
Pink Rathian Cortex Pink Rathian Scale+
Pink Rathian Shard Pink Scale
Poison Sac Prized Pelt
Pukei-Pukei Carapace Pukei-Pukei Cortex
Pukei-Pukei Fellwing Pukei-Pukei Lash
Pukei-Pukei Quill Pukei-Pukei Sac
Pukei-Pukei Sac+ Pukei-Pukei Scale
Pukei-Pukei Scale+ Pukei-Pukei Shard
Pukei-Pukei Shell Pukei-Pukei Tail
Pukei-Pukei Wing Pulsing Dragonshell
Pure Dragon Blood Queen's Scale
Radobaan Carapace Radobaan Cortex
Radobaan Marrow Radobaan Medulla
Radobaan Oilshell Radobaan Oilshell+
Radobaan Scale Radobaan Scale+
Radobaan Shard Radobaan Shell
Rajang Apoplexy Rajang Hardclaw
Rajang Hardfang Rajang Hardhorn
Rajang Heart Rajang Tail
Rajang Wildpelt Rath Gleam
Rath Wingtalon Rath Wingtalon+
Rathalos Carapace Rathalos Cortex
Rathalos Fellwing Rathalos Lash
Rathalos Mantle Rathalos Marrow
Rathalos Medulla Rathalos Plate
Rathalos Ruby Rathalos Scale
Rathalos Scale+ Rathalos Shard
Rathalos Shell Rathalos Tail
Rathalos Webbing Rathalos Wing
Rathian Carapace Rathian Cortex
Rathian Mantle Rathian Plate
Rathian Ruby Rathian Scale
Rathian Scale+ Rathian Shard
Rathian Shell Rathian Spike
Rathian Spike+ Rathian Surspike
Rathian Weave Rathian Webbing
Rich Mud Rimed Hide
Rubbery Shell Rugged Mane
Safi'jiiva Cortex Safi'jiiva Fellwing
Safi'jiiva Hardclaw Safi'jiiva Hardhorn
Safi'jiiva Lash Safi'jiiva Shard
Scorching Scale Scorching Silverwing
Scratched Shell Screamer Sac
Shadowpierce Fang Shamos Hide
Shamos Hide+ Shamos Scale
Shamos Scale+ Shamos Shard
Shara Ishvalda Boulderplate Shara Ishvalda Gem
Shara Ishvalda Petalstone Shara Ishvalda Tenderclaw
Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate Shara Ishvalda Tenderscale
Sharp Claw Shuddering Darkjaw
Silver Rathalos Cortex Silver Rathalos Fellwing
Silver Rathalos Lash Silver Rathalos Shard
Silversnow Pelt Silverwhite Frostfang
Sinister Silverpelt Skyswayer
Sleep Sac Smoldering Tailedge
Smooth Icehide Solemn Azure Horn
Soulrender Talon Spattered Hide
Spiritvein Gem Spiritvein Gem Shard
Spiritvein Slogbone Spiritvein Solidbone
Stark Wing Steel Gajau Whisker
Stormcall Steelwing Strongman's Jaw
Stygian Zinogre Cortex Stygian Zinogre Dragonhold
Stygian Zinogre Dragonlocks Stygian Zinogre Hardclaw
Stygian Zinogre Hardhorn Stygian Zinogre Lash
Stygian Zinogre Skymerald Tempered Azure Horn
Tempered Azure Mane Tempered Azure Scale
Tempered Blastscale Tempered Cathode
Tempered Crimson Mane Tempered Crown
Tempered Crownhorn Tempered Cutwing
Tempered Dragonhold Tempered Ebonjaw
Tempered Ebonshell Tempered Flamepelt
Tempered Frosthide Tempered Glimmerpelt
Tempered Gold Scale Tempered Great Horn
Tempered Green Scale Tempered Hide
Tempered Icefang Tempered Icehide
Tempered Jaw Tempered Magmafin
Tempered Oilshell+ Tempered Pink Scale
Tempered Poison Sac Tempered Red Scale
Tempered Rendclaw Tempered Rubbery Shell
Tempered Scute Tempered Shocker
Tempered Silver Scale Tempered Silverpelt
Tempered Steelwing Tempered Tailblade
Tempered Tailedge Tempered Talon
Tempered Thunderpelt Tempered Torrent Sac
Tempered Trancehide Tempered Twilight Fang
Tempered Viperthorn Teostra Carapace
Teostra Claw+ Teostra Cortex
Teostra Fellwing Teostra Gem
Teostra Hardhorn Teostra Horn+
Teostra Lash Teostra Mane
Teostra Mane+ Teostra Powder
Teostra Tail Teostra Webbing
Thunder Sac Tigrex Cortex
Tigrex Hardclaw Tigrex Hardfang
Tigrex Lash Tigrex Mantle
Tigrex Shard Tobi-Kadachi Cathode
Tobi-Kadachi Claw Tobi-Kadachi Claw+
Tobi-Kadachi Electrode Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+
Tobi-Kadachi Hardclaw Tobi-Kadachi Membrane
Tobi-Kadachi Membrane+ Tobi-Kadachi Pelt
Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+ Tobi-Kadachi Scale
Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ Tobi-Kadachi Shard
Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur Torpor Sac
Torrent Sac Tough Claw
Toxin Sac Twilight Fang
Twisted Bravehorn Twisted Horn
Twisted Stouthorn Twisted Temperhorn
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw+
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hardclaw Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide+ Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photomembrane
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore+
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale+
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Shard Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Thickhide
Ultraplegia Sac Uragaan Carapace
Uragaan Cortex Uragaan Jaw
Uragaan Jaw+ Uragaan Marrow
Uragaan Pallium Uragaan Ruby
Uragaan Scale+ Uragaan Scute
Uragaan Scute+ Uragaan Shard
Vaal Hazak Carapace Vaal Hazak Cortex
Vaal Hazak Fang+ Vaal Hazak Fellwing
Vaal Hazak Flail Vaal Hazak Gem
Vaal Hazak Hardclaw Vaal Hazak Membrane
Vaal Hazak Tail Vaal Hazak Talon
Vaal Hazak Wing Velkhana Cortex
Velkhana Crownhorn Velkhana Crystal
Velkhana Fellwing Velkhana Hardclaw
Velkhana Lash Vespoid Carapace
Vespoid Innerwing Vespoid Razorwing
Vespoid Shell Vespoid Wing
Vile Fang Viper Tobi-Kadachi Hardclaw
Viper Tobi-Kadachi Membrane+ Viper Tobi-Kadachi Shard
Viper Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur Viper Tobi-Kadachi Thorn
Warm Pelt Wingdrake Finehide
Wingdrake Hide Wingdrake Hide+
Wulg Thickfur Wyvern Bonemass
Wyvern Gem Xeno'jiiva Claw
Xeno'jiiva Gem Xeno'jiiva Horn
Xeno'jiiva Shell Xeno'jiiva Soulscale
Xeno'jiiva Tail Xeno'jiiva Veil
Xeno'jiiva Wing Zinogre Cortex
Zinogre Deathly Shocker Zinogre Electrofur+
Zinogre Hardclaw Zinogre Hardhorn
Zinogre Lash Zinogre Skymerald
Zionium Crystal Zorah Magdaros Carapace
Zorah Magdaros Gem Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale
Zorah Magdaros Magma Zorah Magdaros Pleura
Zorah Magdaros Ridge

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Fish.pngFish Bones.pngBones Account Item.pngAccount Items
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