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This is a guide on how to track Bugtrappers in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn tracking tips, possible routes to their hideout, and more.

Tracking a Bugtrapper

Tracking Grimalkynes can only be performed during solo play (Expeditions or Specific Quests).

Look for Doodles

Bugtrappers have doodles scattered all over the Ancient Forest. Similar to monster tracking, hunters must fill up the Bugtrappers' tracking meter by finding and analyzing these doodles.

Locate a Bugtrapper

A Bugtrapper will show up at the highest level of the map (third level) once their tracking meter has been filled. Pin it and follow the scoutflies to its location.

If no Bugtrapper icons show up, hunters are advised to re-enter the region from HQ.

Chase it to the Hideout!

The Bugtrapper will start to flee when the hunter gets close enough. Hunters must then chase it all the way to its hideout.

If done correctly, the Bugtrapper will induct the hunter's Palico to the tribe and unlock the Flashfly Cage Palico Gadget and Jagras Tailraider monster.

Hunters may also run into the Ancient Forest Campsite (area 17) during the chase.

Route to Hideout

The Bugtrappers' Hideout sits at the highest point of the Ancient Forest. Hunters can easily get to the hideout from the Ancient Forest Camp (17).
At the Ancient Forest Camp (17), there is a nearby ledge with two hanging vines in front of it and an ivy wall at the other end. Swing across and traverse up the Ivy wall.
Continue going up by swinging across vines and climbing Ivy walls.
Hunters will arrive at the Bugtrappers' Hideout at the end of the climb.

Unlocked Palico Gadget & Tailraider Monster

Flashfly Cage

Flashfly Cage.png
A Bugtrapper insect cage used to stop monsters in their tracks. Its effectiveness varies with the type of insect inside and the duration increases with Proficiency.

Moves Effect
Thunderbug Cage The Palico will place a trap on the ground that is similar to the hunter's Shock Trap, paralyzing large monsters that trigger it.
Flashfly Cage The palico will place a trap on the ground that blinds any large monster that has it in view upon detonation.
Boombug Cage The Palico will place a giant net on the ground, large monsters that trigger it will receive high explosive and KO damage.


Jagras Tailraider
Hunters who befriend Bugtrappers will unlock the Jagras Tailraider Monster. This monster can serve as either a tracking mount for hunters or a combat mount for Palicoes.

The Jagras is available in the Ancient Forest or Forest Region of the Guiding Lands.

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