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This is a guide on the end-game location in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne, The Guiding Lands. We will discuss how to unlock areas and level up zones. Read on to learn more!

The Guiding Lands

Guiding Lands.jpg
The Guiding Lands is a new location you can unlock after completing the campaign in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. After you defeat the final boss, you will be asked to go after Ruiner Nergigante. This is just a set up for you and your handler to discover a new island.

The Guiding Lands
Sub-Areas Forest Region
Wildspire Region
Coral Region
Rotten Region
Volcanic Region
Tundra Region

Unlock The Guiding Lands

The Guiding Lands is an island that consists of different areas or Regions. Each biome is much like the different areas you have explored before, they are mini versions of The Ancient Forest, Widpire Waste, Coral HIghlands, Rotten Vale and Hoarfrost Reach. You must explore each area by discovering tracks or gathering from bonepiles and mining outcrops.

Increase Guiding Lands Region Levels

Guiding Lands Region Level.jpg

Your research level in each area will affect the materials you gather.

Tier Color Material
Tier 1 Yellow Tier 1/Tier 2 Materials
Tier 2 Orange Tier 2/Tier 3 Materials
Tier 3 Red Tier 3/Tier 4 Materials
Tier 4 Red Tier 4

Tier 4 Materials are the rarest and can only spawn in 2 different Regions at a time. The best approach is to reach Tier 4 Research Level in 2 adjacent Regions and gather the materials. It is also best to bring dung pods because higher research levels can increase the chances of tempered mosters appearing.

How To Reach Level 7

Initially, Region Levels will max out at 4. In order to increase these you much reach MR 49, 69 and 99.

Quest MR
Sleep Now In The Fire MR49
Big Burly Bash MR69
To The Very End With You MR99

Best Ways To Increase Region Levels

Region Levels increase your chances of getting rarer materials. Remember that by increasing one area's Research Level, you are lowering another.

Trap Monsters

The best way to increase a zone's level is by trapping the target monster. By doing this, you can gain around 25 points each time.


Work with other hunters on the same zone to increase it's level. Make sure you are working on the same area to increase efficiency!


Tracking down a monster and hunting is another way to gain reigon levels. Though, if this is not the target monster, it does not give you as many points as well as possibly take up more time and effort. Make sure you cut off a monster part to gain research points!

What The Guiding Lands Has To Offer

Aside from being able to continue to explore Monster Hunter World (MHW), The Guiding Lands has new things to offer to hunters who have completed the campaign!

Master Rank Increase

Doing research and hunting will help you increase your Master Rank. Make sure to go on hunts and gather materials to level up your hunter.

Level Up Regions

Levelling up regions will allow you to gather exclusive material to The Guiding Lands. This will give you the materials to augment your Iceborne weapons and become stronger!

Research Points

A large aspect of the Guiding Lands is the exploration. Increasing your research points will allow you to obtain better material. This will jump start your journey to lure out a new monster.

Lure Out Zinogre

Guiding Lands Fanged Wyvern.jpg
There is a bar on the side that states your analysis progress for a Fanged Winged Wyvern. Using the tips to increase Region Levels and collecting signs of turf wars, you can return to your handler back to a camp and lure out Zinogre to a biome of your choice!

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