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Iceborne 15.10 Update and Release Date

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Monster Hunter World 15.10 Update

This is a guide about what you can find in the Iceborne 15.10 Update for Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on more to find out about all the changes that come with the update!

Iceborne 15.10 Update Release Date

According to the Monster Hunter World's official website, the release date for the update will be on Friday, December 4, 2020 0:00 (UTC)

Update Size per Console

Console PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Required Space About 770 MB About 450 MB

Iceborne 15.10 Update Contents

Artemis Monster Hunter Movie Quest

MH Movie.jpg

The Artemis Monster Hunter Movie Quest has been added to the game and is now available as event quests for a short time. You need to be Master Rank 1 or higher and have the Iceborne expansion installed to be able to play the quests.

Read more about the event quests and their subsequent rewards by checking out our article all about the Monster Hunter Movie Crossover!

Monster Hunter Movie Crossover

Safi'jiiva Siege Scales for One to Two Hunters


The Safi'jiiva siege, which normally requires multiple parties of hunters, will now scale in difficulty for parties of solo or duo hunters. This means that if you could never get enough friends or strangers to sucessfully farm the Safi'jiiva, now is the time to be able to get those sweet Safi gear.

Items that can Now be Melded in the Elder Melder


Listed below are the following items that are updated and can now be melded at the Elder Melder.

For Monster Hunter World

  • Spring Blossom Tickets
  • Summer Twilight Tickets
  • Autumn Harvest Tickets
  • Winter Star Tickets
  • Appreciation Tickets

For Monster Hunter World + Iceborne

  • Spring Blossom Tickets
  • Summer Twilight Tickets
  • Autumn Harvest Tickets
  • Winter Star Tickets
  • Appreciation Tickets
  • Full Bloom Tickets
  • Sizzling Spice Tickets
  • Fun Fright Tickets
  • Joyful Tickets
  • Appreciation Tickets
  • Gratitude Tickets
  • VIP Full Bloom Tickets
  • VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets
  • VIP Fun Fright Tickets
  • VIP Joyful Tickets
  • VIP Gratitude Tickets

Astera and Seliana Fests are Rotated Out Every Two Weeks

MHW Appreciation Fest.jpg

Astera and Seliana fests, each with their own special perks and benefits, used to be available only at certain times of the year. With the new update coming out, they will be rotated out every two weeks. Meaning that they will play in full for two weeks then will not be available in the following two weeks after.

For our full list of Fests and what you can get from them, check our guides down below!

Astera Fests Seliana Fests

All Event Quests Will Be Permanently Available

Event Quests

Event Quests are special quests that were only available for a limited time. They give special items that can be used to craft unique weapons, but once the window was over, these weapons became inaccessible. With the new update coming out, these quests will remain live indefinitely, allowing you to get their items and unlock their weapons. These event quests also include crossover quests, so if you wanna see your favorite franchise with Monster Hunter World, now would be the time!

For our full list of event quests, check our guides down below!

Event Quests (Low and High Rank) Iceborne Event Quests

Bug Fixes and Balance Issues


  • Quest fix for rare issue when guest players that couldn't return to camp on "The Black Dragon" and "Fade to Black".
  • Special Assignment fix on "The Black Dragon" as a guest player; if you do not speak to the General while on an expedition afterwards, an exclamation mark would appear indefinitely on the mini-map.
  • Room Item Fix for space appearing under Fatalis monster figure's right wing.
  • Seliana room offline mode fix for an exclamation point appearing in decor category even if there are no exclamation points in the individual decor for that category.


  • Scarred Yian Garuga fix; no longer trapped or unable to land on certain terrain in the Ancient Forest
  • Fatalis fix; glitch where Clutch Claw has no effect, parts are non-breakable, it cannot flinch, it can't be afflicted with sleep or paralysis, and it cannot be knocked down by heavy weapons while trapped.


  • Updated models for Deathbow Vaal Velos bow and Blackveil Vaal Hazak layered weapon parts to show Blackveil Vaal Hazak design.
  • Safi α+ Layered Torso fix no longer stretches when paired with Passionate Body α+ or Passionate Layered Chest armor for female characters.
  • Dragonhide β+ armor fix where the eye would dissapear when equipped with other specific head armor for male characters


  • The quests "The Evening Star", "Dawn of the Death Star" and "Fade to Black" mentions of availability has been removed in line with the indefinite time of event quests.
  • Certain gestures comment fix unintentionally setting itself to "Off" if you go back to the title screen and load data.
  • Item order fix when it would change unintentionally when equipping a loadout.
  • Numerous misc. bug fixes have been implemented

System Fixes

  • Added new playable BGM in Seliana room.

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