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Glavenus Weakness and Strategy Guide

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Learn how to beat Glavenus in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Glavenus's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Glavenus Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Glavenus Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Glavenus
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big None None None Fire
Breakable Parts
Head, Back, Hindlegs, Tail

Locations and Areas Visited

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Spot
Ancient Forest ImageAncient Forest 8 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 15
Wildspire Waste ImageWildspire Waste 12 (1st time) 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 12 12
ElderElder's Recess 12 6 / 9 / 11 / 12 6

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
50 55 30 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
25 10 15 15


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
37 37 25 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 10 13 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
65 65 35 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
30 10 15 10

Exhaust Organ

Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
45 45 35 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 5 10 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
20 20 30 0 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 5 10 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
20 20 18 0 Green
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 5 5 5


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
37 35 25 0 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 5 5 5

Tail Base

Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
37 35 25 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 10 15 15


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
37 35 25 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
20 5 10 10

Tail [Burning]

Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
65 60 45 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
25 10 15 15

Tail [Rusted]

Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
20 20 15 0 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
15 5 5 5

Higher values indicate higher damage.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Flash ★★
Paral Shock ★★
Sleep Pitfall ★★
Stun ★★ Ivy ★★
Blast ★★ Dung ★★
Exhaust Meat
Mount Screamer

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Countermeasures against Glavenus

Recommended Weapon Element and Armor Skills

Recommended Weapon Element
Water Weapon Glavenus is weakest against water.
Recommended Armor Skills
Fire Resistance Once Glavenus emits a red glow and his rust tail turns into a fire tail, most of his attacks will be fire-based.
Clutch Claw Boost Glavenus's rust tail is extra tough. Using this skill (from the Shaver Jewel 3) will help get you extra damage on it.
Evade Window Evade Window is extra useful for Glavenus since his attacks are faster than most.
Health Boost Having more health is always beneficial!

How to Beat Glavenus

Glavenus Mechanics

Rust Fire
How to Beat - Glavenus 1.png How to Beat - Glavenus 2.png
Normal Red Glow
How to Beat - Glavenus 3.png How to Beat - Glavenus 4.png

Always check the throat and the tail of Glavenus to predict its attacks. If the throat and the tail is glowing red, this means that his attacks deal an additional fire attribute damage if it lands. The power and the speed of the attacks are significantly higher when they are red.

Additionally, you can only cut the tail when it is in the fire state.

Tail and Heat Mechanics

State Description
Red Glow Glavenus' throat will gradually turn red as the fight goes on. This will allow him to do fire-based attacks and it can only return to normal if you manage to down him by focusing your attacks on his head or throat.
Tail (Fire) Glavenus can heat up its tail using the fire from his mouth to reach the fire state.
Tail (Rust) The tail will eventually return to its rust state overtime. During this state, the tail is a lot tougher but its attacks are less dangerous.

Focusing the Head

It is good to focus the feet and the tail of Glavenus. However, it is still recommended that you try and aim for the head since attacking the head can take him down for a long time and it can also release the red glow from Glavenus which can weaken is attacks.

Tail Spin Attack

How to Beat - Glavenus 5.png
Glavenus' tailspin attack is a high damaging move that sweeps a wide area using its tail. Before Glavenus executes this attack, he will first put his tail on his mouth. Use this as the signal for you to run away as far as you can to get out of its range.

Attacking the Tail

How to Beat - Glavenus 6.png
If you are continuously attacking the tail, Glavenus will eventually slam his tail on to the ground multiple times. Always be prepared to roll to the sides to avoid taking damage.

Tail Range

Most of Glavenus' attacks utilize the length of his tail. If you manage to cut down the tail, it will drastically reduce the range of its attack and possibly the amount of attack he can do.

Using Evade Window

Using Evade Window is extremely useful when fighting against Glavenus because most of his attacks have a short hitbox time. Having more invincible frames will make it a lot easier for you to dodge his attacks.

Glavenus Attack Patterns

Attack Attack Power Guardable Exhaustion
Bite 30 15
Turn and Bite 20 0
Continuous Bite 30 15
Continuous Bite 2 10 0
Tail Slam Attack 50/60 30
Ground Fire Attack 50/60 30
Tail Sweep 30/40 20
Tail Slash Attack 1 50/60 30
Tail Slash Attack 2 30/40 30
Jumping Tail Attack 1 60 30
Jumping Tail Attack 2 70/80 40
Tail Spin Attack 80/90 50
Jump Attack 50 30
Fireball Breath 1 30+ Fire(30) 0
Fireball Breath 2 10+ Fire(10) 0
Fireball Breath 3 10+ Fire(30) 30
Fireball Breath 4 15+ Fire(15) 0
Ground Flame Attack 1 15+ Fire(15) 10
Ground Flame Attack 2 30+ Fire(30) 30
Ground Flame Attack 3 30 0

Glavenus Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Glavenus Cortex / Body 9, Tail 70
Glavenus Tailedge / Body 32
Glavenus Shard / Body 24, Tail 27
Glavenus Mantle / Body 2, Tail 3
Glavenus Hardfang / Body 19
Glavenus Hellshell / Body 14

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Glavenus Hellshell / Torso 65
Glavenus Cortex / Torso 35, Hindlegs 70
Glavenus Hardfang / Head 66
Glavenus Shard / Head 32, Hindlegs 70
Glavenus Mantle / Head 2

Breakable Body Parts

- Defense Value How to Break
Head 350 Set durability to 0, twice.
Back 250 Set durability to 0, once.
Hind Legs 200 Set durability to 0, once.
Tail 200 Reduce durability by 270 using cut damage while its heated.

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Molten Bursa / 50
Glavenus Shard / 28
Large Wyvern Tear / 22

Quest Clear & Investigation Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Glavenus Mantle / 8
Glavenus Cortex / 22
Glavenus Shard / 18
Molten Bursa / 14
Glavenus Hardfang / 14
Glavenus Hellshell / 12
Glavenus Tailedge / 12
Glavenus Mantle / 8
Glavenus Hardfang / 22
Molten Bursa / 18
Glavenus Hellshell / 14
Glavenus Cortex / 14
Glavenus Shard / 12
Glavenus Tailedge / 12
Glavenus Hardfang / 18
Glavenus Hellshell / 16
Glavenus Mantle / 16
Glavenus Tailedge / 14
Molten Bursa / 14
Glavenus Cortex / 12
Glavenus Shard / 10

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Glavenus Shard / 41
Glavenus Cortex / 33
Glavenus Hellshell / 25
Glavenus Mantle / 1


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Molten Bursa / 50
Glavenus Shard / 28
Large Wyvern Tear / 22

Quests Where Glavenus Appears

Type Quest Name
Assigned M★3 - The Scorching Blade
Optional M★2 - A Face Nightmares are Made Of
Optional M★3 - The Secret to a Good Slice
Optional M★3 - A Flash of the Blade
Optional M★3 - Simmer and Slice!
Optional M★3 - Secret of the Ooze
Optional M★3 - Special Arena: MR Glavenus
Optional M★4 - These Azure Eyes See All
Optional M★4 - In the Heat of the Moment
Optional M★4 - Blue Rathalos Blues
Optional M★4 - Piercing Black
Assigned M★6 - Big Burly Bash
Event M★3 - Fired-Up Bruisers
Optional M★6 - We Run This Town
Event M★4 - Beef is Never a Mi-Steak
Event M★6 - Heavy Metal in the Waste

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