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Post-Game Content | What to Do After Main Story

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Feeling lost after slaying Xeno'jiiva and ending the main story? Don't worry; there is still a lot of content you can go through before you move onto Iceborne.

Rewards for Finishing the Story

Hunter Rank Cap Increased to 29

land of convergence.png

★9 Land of Convergence is the final quest for the main story. When you finish it, you can finally raise your Hunter Rank (HR) cap up to HR29.

First Wyverian Ritual

You also receive a Streamstone Shard once you finish the main story. The First Wyverian Ritual opens up at the Elder Melder, and you can use your Streamstone Shard to meld decorations in exchange for some of your own decorations.

Carrying Two Equipment at Once

two equipment at once.png

If picking between your various mantles and boosters was a problem before, it will be less of a problem now because you are now allowed to bring two equipment with you on every hunt.

What to Do Before and During HR29

Create Weapons and Armor

From here on out, monsters will just get tougher and tougher. If did not immediately reach HR29 after finishing the main story, grinding for better gear is the best thing you can do.

The Nergigante armor is highly recommended not only because of its stats, but also because of the skills it gives you—specifically, Nergigante Hunger. This skill regenerates your health every time you are attacking a monster.

Hunter Rank Cap Increased to HR49

beyond the blasting scales.png

Upon reaching HR29, you will have an assigned quest ★9 called Beyond the Blasting Scales where you have to hunt 2 Tempered Bazelgeuse. Afterwards, your Hunter Rank cap will be increased to HR49.

What to Do from HR30–49

Tempered Monsters

When you reach HR30, Investigations for various Tempered Monsters will start to appear. Tempered Monsters are more difficult than their normal versions, but they do give you better rewards such as more HR points received and Streamstones.

Hunter Rank Cap Increased to HR100

Eventually, you will reach another Hunter Rank cap at HR49. You will be given a quest named ★9 Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands where you have to slay a Tempered Kirin. If you manage to succeed, your Hunter Rank cap will be increased to HR100.

What to Do After Reaching HR50

Tempered Elder Dragons

vaal hazak.png

If you were wonder why Tempered Nergigante tracks weren't appearing before you reached HR50, it is because they will only appear now. Tracks and investigations about Tempered Elder Dragons start popping up upon reaching HR50.

Tempered Behemoth


★9 A Visitor for Eorzea (Extreme) appears when you reach HR50. It will require you to fight a Tempered Behemoth, which will give you materials for both Drachen armor and layered armor.

Powerful Mantles

Quests for getting new mantles will be unlocked. These will require rarer materials from Tempered Monsters, but their pay-off will be good.

Mantle Name Effect | How to Get
evasion mantle.pngEvasion Mantle The invincibility time during evading becomes longer. If you avoid the monster's attack just before getting hit, your attack power will increase temporarily.
Clear the quest ★9 New World Sky, New World Flower
impact mantle.pngImpact Mantle Adds a stun value to most attacks. If the attack already has a stun value, it will increase its effect.
Clear the quest ★9 Showdown: The Muck and The Maul
temporal mantle.pngTemporal Mantle When a powerful attack is received, it is automatically evaded.
Clear the quest ★8 No Remorse, No Surrender
rocksteady mantle.pngRocksteady Mantle Some attacks are ignored, and gives resistance against wind pressure, roars, and tremors. Also receives less damage.
Clear the quest ★9 A Summons from Below

Gamma Armor

nergigante γ (gamma) armor.png

After α and β armor comes γ armor. γ armor is made of Arch-Tempered Monster materials, so it is guaranteed to be stronger than the α and β versions. Arch-Tempered Monsters are only available during events, so make sure you don't miss them!

The Sapphire Star's Guidance Quest

At HR100, ★9 The Sapphire Star's Guidance appears. This quest will require you to slay a Tempered Nergigante, a Tempered Teostra, and a Tempered Kushala Daora. This will allow you to break the final Hunter Rank cap, and be able to level up until you hit a hard cap at HR999.

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