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How To Level Up The Guiding Lands

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The Guiding Lands is the last location you can unlock as of now in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne has various elements to explore and discover. Though, levelling up is an essential aspect in this. Read on for some tips and tricks!

The Guiding Lands

The Guiding Lands is a collection of biomes wherein you will be asked to gather Ore Deposits, Bonepiles and gather materials in these Regions.

Unlock The Guiding Lands

Guiding Lands.jpg
The Guiding Lands is a new location you can unlock after completing the campaign in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. After you defeat the final boss, you will be asked to go after Ruiner Nergigante. This is just a set up for you and your handler to discover a new island.

The Guiding Lands
Sub-Areas Forest Region
Wildspire Region
Coral Region
Rotten Region
Volcanic Region
Tundra Region

Increase The Guiding Lands Region Levels

The Guiding Lands Regions begin with 4 biomes. The Forest Region, Wildspire Region, Coral Region and Rotten Region. Each level is associated to a level which will unlock new monsters and in higher levels, tempered monsters.

Region Level Monster Spawns
Level 4 Tempered Monsters will begin to spawn
Level 5 Elder Dragons will begin to spawn
Level 6 Tempered Monsters and Elder Dragons will primarily spawn
Level 7 Tempered Elder Dragons will begin to spawn

Pick Up Monster Tracks

As soon as you enter The Guiding Lands, you will notice that there are several monster tracks. Make sure to pick these up as you will encounter these passively as you explore The Guiding Lands. This is the simplest way you can increase a Region's Level.

Break Monster Parts

Once you find a monster in The Guiding Lands, you can break a part. This guarantees levelling up your current progress.

Break Native Monster Parts

To increase region level while cutting off a monster part, make sure that the monster you are hunting is native to that region.

Capture or Slay Monsters

Capturing and slaying monster will also increase investigation though, will take more time than just cutting off the monster parts. Monsters are usually in the same area and can start a turf war. Make sure to bring dung pods to make the hunt easier.

Keep note that Regions wherein a monster is not native will lower in level when you slay a specific monster.

Capture or Slay Native Monsters

Much like breaking parts, capturing and slaying monsters is better when you do it in their native region to increase the level.

Trap A Monster

Trapping a monster will also increase the Region Level.

Unlocking Regions

Initially, Region Levels will max out at 4. In order to increase these you much reach MR 49, 69 and 99.

Quest MR
Sleep Now In The Fire MR49
Big Burly Bash MR69
To The Very End With You MR99

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