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Fatalis Weakness and Strategy Guide | How to Unlock

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Players can unlock Fatalis by completing the Dawn's Triumph Special Assignment in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). Read on to learn more about Fatalis's weakness, how to beat Fatalis, Fatalis Moveset, carves, rewards, quest appearances, and general knowledge about the Legendary Black Dragon.

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How to Unlock Fatalis

Fatalis Unlock Condition Guide

Complete the Main Story of MHW: Iceborne
Complete the Special Assignment:
Reveal Thyself Destroyer
Complete the Special Assignment:
Across the Lost Path
Complete the Recon Mission:
Point of No Return
Speak to the Third Fleet Master in Seliana
Participate in the Special Assignment:
Blazing Black Twilight.
You do not need to beat Alatreon in this quest.
Speak to the Exciteable A-Lister.
Complete the Special Assignment:
Dawn's Triumph
Participate in the Special Assignment:
The Black Dragon
You will fight Fatalis's first phase solo for your first run.

Players need to beat Alatreon in the Dawn's Triumph special assignment to unlock Fatalis's special assignment, The Black Dragon.

Alatreon Weakness and Strategy Guide

Fatalis Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big None None Fire None
Breakable Parts
Head (2x), Chest, Wings

Fatalis's weakest body part is its head, which players should aim to break to mitigate his breath attacks. Fatalis is weakest to dragon element weapons, followed by fire. However, for this fight, we recommend maximizing your damage as the quest only has a thirty-minute timer.

How to Beat Fatalis

Fatalis Strategy Guide

Use Dragon Element Weapons

Use Dragon Element weapons against Fatalis to maximize your damage output as Fatalis has a high weakness to the Dragon Element.

Aim for the Head

When fighting Fatalis, players should deal as much damage as possible to the head. It is extremely important to be able to break the Head of the Fatalis twice. Doing this will not only guarantee a Fatalis Evil Eye material but it will also significantly decrease the damage of Fatalis' Breath Attacks.

Cannon Use and Setup

Cannons can be used to knock down Fatalis during the first phase of the hunt. Players will need to hit Fatalis with 7 cannon balls while having a Lvl. 2 Heavy Artillery skill active to successfully knock him down.

For a perfect cannon setup, move the right cannon to the right once, then move the left cannon to the right thrice. Fire the right cannon first and wait for Fatalis's roar to finish before moving to the left cannon. Fire the left cannon and drop down for a free DPS window on Fatalis's head.

Roaming Ballista Use and Setup

The Roaming Ballista will be accessible during the 2nd phase of the hunt, we recommend hitting Fatalis on its chest as it deals higher damage compared to Fatalis's head. Players can also use Smoke Bombs to make Fatalis land on the ground and have an easier time hitting it compared to when it's flying.

If players do not have a Lvl. 2 Heavy Artillery equipped they can still knockdown Fatalis by using the Roaming Ballista in the second phase of the hunt. However, players must also hit Fatalis with at least 7 cannon balls during the first phase.

Use the Dragonator

Fatalis - Use Dragonator
The Dagonator is an extremely important tool for this fight, as it can potentially deal 17,000 damage on Fatalis if both Dragonators hit.

After using the Dragonator, Proof of a Hero will play in the background, signifying that victory is near.

Use One-shot Binders

You can use the One-shot Binder ammo to tie down the Fatalis to prevent it from moving, giving you a free DPS window to destroy its head.

Use Dragon Pods to Disrupt

Dragon Pods are important in this fight as they can be used to disrupt Fatalis's moves that you have a hard time dodging. It is also important to use for Fatalis's final phase where it traps your teammate; simply fire two Dragon Pods to free your teammate.

Fatalis drops Dragon Pods when you tenderize any part of his body. Note that heavy weapons need the Clutch Claw Boost skill to drop slinger ammo.

Fatalis Moveset Guide

Second Phase Breath Attack

Fatalis Phase 2.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 80%, the Research Commission's Commander will warn the players to hide from the Fatalis' big attack. Players must immediately run to the iron wall on the East side of the area to survive the attack. Failing to do so will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

During this phase, the Dragonator half of the area will be unlocked and players will now have access to the Roaming Ballista and the One-shot Binder Ammo. Players now have to attack the Fatalis until its HP drops below 50%.

Third Phase Breath Attack

Fatalis Phase 3.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 50%, players have to use the Barrier behind the Dragonator to hide from the Fatalis' next big attack. Failing to activate and hide behind the Barrier will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

During this phase, players will now be able to use the Dragonator after a few minutes. This is also the Final Phase of the Fatalis fight. Players need to break the Fatalis' head twice to significantly reduce the damage of his breath attacks.


Gigantic Flame.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 40% and 20%, players have to run towards Fatalis' side to be safe from this attack. Failing to do so will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

The Fatalis will do this attack twice during the third phase of the Fatalis Fight. To significantly decrease the damage of this attack, players need to break the Fatalis' Head twice.

Cone Breath Attack

Cone Breath Attack.gif

Players can take advantage of this move by attacking Fatalis's head during the duration of the move. Be careful as Fatalis will drop an exploding fireball under his head after the cone breath.

This is the first of many breath attacks that can kill the player extremely quickly. Fatalis will unleash this breath attack in a cone shape in front of them. The player can evade this attack by running to the Fatalis' side or hiding behind one of the protruding rocks in the area. Fatalis only does this attack when it is standing on both hind legs.

Triple Fireball

Fatalis will stand on its hind legs and fire three fireballs slowly; take advantage of this move by attacking Fatalis's chest while he does this move.

Charged Fireball

Fatalis often uses this move against players who are far away and players who are on siege weapons. Watch out for Fatalis's mouth; when it glows slowly with fire, that is your queue to drop everything and dodge.

Vertical Breath Attack

Fatalis looks directly downwards, breathing fire after a short delay. Avoid this attack by running away from the flame radius or clutching onto Fatalis.

Sweeping Breath Attack

Sweep Breath Attack.gif

Take advantage of this move by positioning between Fatalis's hind and forelegs and attacking its chest.

In this breath attack, Fatalis does an area sweep with his breath. Players can easily evade this by doing a Superman dive before the breath hits them. Fatalis only does this attack when they are standing on all four legs.

NOTE: Hiding behind one of the protruding rocks will still damage the player in this attack.

360° Breath Attack

360 Breath Attack.gif

Take advantage of this move, by dodging towards the flame as soon as Fatalis's head starts moving. If you dodge correctly this move can be a huge DPS window.

In this breath attack, Fatalis will charge up his breath and fire a breath attack that will sweep the area in all directions. This is similar to the Sweeping Breath Attack and can be easily evaded by doing a Superman dive before the breath hits.

NOTE: Hiding behind one of the protruding rocks will still damage the player in this attack.

Fire Bombs

Fatalis will breathe fire for a short duration, placing a line of firebombs that have a delayed explosion. Fatalis can do this attack close in front, on his sides, and far in front.

Fake Fall

Fatalis will make a fake knockdown, queued by a short period of it standing then crashing his body forward. Note that there are instances when this attack can hit you even if you are behind Fatalis or on its sides.


Fatalis will do a short dash forward, dealing damage to any hunters in front and on his sides. Be careful as he can do this move repeatedly in quick succession.


Fatalis will charge at a target player at high speed, dealing damage and knocking back any hunter on its path. You can avoid this attack by running or dodging to the side as Fatalis cannot change the direction of this attack.

Fatalis Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Fatalis Shard / ★★★★
Fatalis Cortex / ★★★★
Fatalis Pectus / ★★★
Fatalis Hardhorn / ★★
Fatalis Fellwing / ★★
Fatalis Evil Eye / ★

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Fatalis Fellwing / Wings
Fatalis Evil Eye / Head
Fatalis Hardhorn / Head
Fatalis Pectus / Chest

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Fatalis Shard /

Quest Clear Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Fatalis Cortex / ★★★★★
Fatalis Shard / ★★★★
Fatalis Pectus / ★★★
Fatalis Fellwing / ★★★
Fatalis Hardhorn / ★★

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!

Quests Where Fatalis Appears

Type Quest Name
Special Assignment M★6 - The Black Dragon
Event M★6 - Fade to Black

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What is Fatalis?

Fatalis Fight.jpg

Fatails Ecology

Species Elder Dragon
Monster Title Black Dragon
Game Appearances MH, MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MH4U, MH Generations Ultimate
Habitat Castle Schrade

The Legendary Elder Dragon

The Black Dragon, Fatalis, is a Legendary Elder Dragon that has lived since ancient times. It has been rumored that the Fatalis destroyed a kingdom in a single night and took the castle for a roost.

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