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Fatalis Weakness and Strategy Guide | Fatalis Release Date

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Learn when Fatalis will be available to battle, and how to beat Fatalis in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Fatalis' weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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What is Fatalis?

Fatalis Fight.jpg

Fatails Ecology

Species Elder Dragon
Monster Title Black Dragon
Game Appearances MH, MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MH4U, MH Generations Ultimate
Habitat Castle Schrade

The Legendary Elder Dragon

The Black Dragon, Fatalis, is a Legendary Elder Dragon that has lived since ancient times. It has been rumored that the Fatalis destroyed a kingdom in a single night and taken the castle for a roost.

Fatalis Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Fatalis Weaknesses.jpg

Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big None None Fire None
Breakable Parts
Head (2x), Chest, Wings

How to Beat Fatalis

Battle at Castle Schrade

Castle Schrade.jpg

The battle against Fatalis will be held at Castle Schrade. In the previous games there are only 1 or 2 areas available in Castle Schrade. The place will be full of siege weapons which include the Cannons, Ballistae, and the Dragonator.

In Monster Hunter World, Castle Shrade only has 1 large area. This area is made up of two halves which are the Starting area and the Dragonator half. To unlock access to the Dragonator half, players must be able to reach Phase 2 of the Fatalis Fight.

Dragon Elemental Weapons

Across the Monster Hunter Series, the Fatalis is always weak to the Dragon Element. If you are planning on brining elemental weapons against the Fatalis, make sure that the weapon has the Dragon Element since this is what the Fatalis has the weakest affinity to.

Use Siege Weapons

Since the battle takes place in an area where there are a lot of siege weapons, make sure to use them to aid you in your fight against Fatalis. Using the siege weapons are the easiest way to knock down Fatalis other than mounting it.

We heavily recommend having a Lvl. 2 Heavy Artillery armor skill to significantly increase the damage of the siege weapons.

One-shot Binders

Across the Monster Hunter Series, you can use the One-shot Binder ammo to tie down the Fatalis similar to how you can knock down other monsters with Environmental Traps.

Roaming Ballista

The Roaming Ballista is a new siege weapon introduced in Monster Hunter World. This siege weapon allows the player to rapidly shoot 100 Ballista Ammo while having the ability to move from side to side.

Aim for the Head

When fighting Fatalis, players should deal as much damage as possible to the head. It is extremely important to be able to break the Head of the Fatalis twice. Doing this will not only guarantee a Fatalis Evil Eye material, but it will also significantly decrease the damage of Fatalis' Breath Attacks.

Fatalis Breath Attacks

Second Phase Breath Attack

Fatalis Phase 2.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 80%, the Research Commission's Commander will warn the players to hide from the Fatalis' big attack. Players must immediately run to the small tent at the East side of the area in order to survive the attack. Failing to do so will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

During this phase, the Dragonator half of the area will be unlocked and players will now have access to the Roaming Ballista and the One-shot Binder Ammo. Players now have to attack the Fatalis until its HP drops below 50%.

Third Phase Breath Attack

Fatalis Phase 3.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 50%, players have to use the Barrier behind the Dragonator in order to hide from the Fatalis' next big attack. Failing to do activate and hide behind the Barrier will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

During this phase, players will now be able to use the Dragonator after a few minutes. This is also the Final Phase of the Fatalis fight. Players now need to break the Fatalis' head twice in order to significantly reduce the damage of his breath attacks.


Gigantic Flame.gif

Once the Fatalis' HP drops below 40% and 20%, players have to run towards Fatalis' side in order to be safe from this attack. Failing to do so will instantly kill any players caught in the attack.

The Fatalis will do this attack twice during the third phase of the Fatalis Fight. In order to significantly decrease the damage of this attack, players need to break the Fatalis' Head twice.

Cone Breath Attack

Cone Breath Attack.gif

This is the first of many breath attacks that can kill the player extremely quickly. Fatalis will unleash this breath attack in a cone shape in front of them. The player can evade this attack by running to the Fatalis' side or hiding behind one of the protruding rocks in the area. Fatalis only does this attack when they are standing on both hind legs.

Sweeping Breath Attack

Sweep Breath Attack.gif
In this breath attack, Fatalis does an area sweep with his breath. Players can easily evade this by doing a leap of faith before the breath hits them. Fatalis only does this attack when they are standing on all four legs.

NOTE: Hiding behind one of the protruding rocks will still damage the player in this attack.

360° Breath Attack

360 Breath Attack.gif
In this breath attack, Fatalis will charge up his breath and fire a breath attack that will sweep the area in all directions. This is similar to the Sweeping Breath Attack and can be easily evaded by doing a leap of faith before the breath hits.

NOTE: Hiding behind one of the protruding rocks will still damage the player in this attack.

Fatalis Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Fatalis Shard / ★★★★
Fatalis Cortex / ★★★★
Fatalis Pectus / ★★★
Fatalis Hardhorn / ★★
Fatalis Fellwing / ★★
Fatalis Evil Eye / ★

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Fatalis Fellwing / Wings
Fatalis Evil Eye / Head
Fatalis Hardhorn / Head
Fatalis Pectus / Chest

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Fatalis Shard /

Quest Clear Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Fatalis Cortex / ★★★★★
Fatalis Shard / ★★★★
Fatalis Pectus / ★★★
Fatalis Fellwing / ★★★
Fatalis Hardhorn / ★★

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Coming soon!

Quests Where Fatalis Appears

Type Quest Name
Special Assignment M★6 - The Black Dragon
Event M★6 - Fade to Black

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