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How To Track Monsters

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Before you can hunt a monster down, you need to track them down first! Read on to learn how to gather all the clues to track down a monster.

How To Track Monsters

There are several species of monsters in Monster Hunter World (MHW) to discover and learn. Collecting clues and tracking them down will help in learning about them or hunting them!

1Choose a camp
2Exit the camp
3Follow the Scoutflies
4Interact and collect clues and tracks
5Continue following Scoutflies
6Fill Investigation Bar
7Find Monster!

Choose A Camp

The best way to decide where to spawn would be to assume the nature of the monster you are hunting. For example, in the Ancient Forest, flying wyverns would most likely be found closer to the higher camps. Entering an investigation with this in mind could speed up the process!

Check out our list to find out where the best camp to start is for each monster you are tracking. Here you can find the starting location of each monster!
List of All Monsters and Starting Locations (Base Game)

Leave The Camp

In either an expedition, quest or investigation, you will choose to spawn in a camp. To begin tracking, you must leave the camp first.

Follow Scoutflies


Once you exit, there will be Scoutflies. They are bright green glowing specks that fly towards materials, monsters, or clues!

They will float around tracks that can be investigated. Get a better look and check out what they're gathering around.

Scoutfly Level
Level Scoutfly Guidance
1 Scoutflies will lead you to the next monster track
2 Scoutflies will lead you to the monster
3 The monster and its status will appear on the map

Approach and Interact With Clues

Once you approach the scoutflies and you uncover that the item they are hovering over is a track, interact with it! Gather clues to bring back and keep going!

These clues are not nly important for research points but also to be able to identify the monster quickly in the future.

Continue Following Scoutflies

Once you find the first track, the scoutflies will lead you to the next one and so on.

Find Enough Tracks To Fill Investigation Bar

There is a bar when tracking down a monster, once this is filled, the Scoutflies will lead you towards the monster itself.

Find Monster

Once the monster is found, it will give you a prompt for a New Discovery! Congratulations, you have successfully tracked down a monster!

Research Points

Fathering enough tracks and filling up the investigation bar will help you earn research points!

Research Point Use
Palico Equipment
Canteen Food
Botanical Research Center Fertilizer
Trailraider Safari Missions
Melding Pot

Ecological Research

Ecological Research.jpg
Sitting atop hundreds of books is the Vice Chief Ecologist of Ecological Research. Here, your tracking pays off when they constantly update the Monster Field Guide with new information on monsters, their weaknesses, drops, elements, ailments, carves, rewards and more!

Monster Guide Level

The information in the Ecological Research Center varies per monster. The only universal factor is the higher the Investigation Level, the higher the Monster Guide Level.

With each increase in the Monster Guide Level, more information regarding the mosnter is unlocked.

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