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How To Track Troupers | Grimalkyne Guide

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This is a guide on how to track Troupers in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to learn tracking tips, possible routes to their hideout, and more.

Tracking a Trouper

Tracking Grimalkynes can only be performed during solo play (Expeditions or Specific Quests).

Fend Off The Troupers

While exploring the Coral Highlands, Hunters may run into a hostile group of mounted Troupers. Fend them off by knocking them off their Shamos mounts.

Locate The Hideout

These Troupers will flee as soon as all of them are knocked off their mounts. Scoutflies will immediately track and lead thunters to their Hideout.

At the Hideout, the Trouper apologizes on behalf of the group, explaining that they tend to be hotheaded after playing battle music and were hunting two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus in the region when they ran into the hunter.

The hunter's Palico will then offer to aid the Troupers in their hunt. Head back to HQ and do the Troubled Troupers Optional Quest.

Alternatively, Hunters who perform this step during Expeditions can just head back to a campsite and select the Optional Quest from the Handler.

Help The Troupers

The Troubled Troupers Quest is a 4-star Optional Quest where hunters need to hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus in the Coral Highlands. It is important to note that this Quest can only be done ALONE. Complete this quest to proceed to the final step.

Return To Their Hideout

After completing the Troubled Troupers Quest, hunters will be immediately taken to the Troupers' Hideout.

The Troupers will thank them for their help, rewarding hunters with the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget and unlocking the Shamos Tailraider Monster.

Route to Hideout

The Troupers' Hideout lies at the Northeast of area 11 in the Coral Highlands.
From the Northeast Camp (12), take a right and jump to the lowest level of the cavern.
Two paths are seen at the western end of the lowest level of the cavern. Follow the path to the right by crawling through this small opening.
There will be another cavern entrance at the end of the path. Climb the ivy wall left of the entrance.
Take a right and cross the coral bridge.
At the end of the coral bridge, take a right and climb the ivy wall.
Swim through the waterfall after climbing the ivy wall.
The Troupers' Hideout lies behind the waterfall.

Unlocked Palico Gadget and Tailraider Monster

Coral Orchestra

Coral Orchestra.png
An instrument of Troupers. Its melodies boost attack, defense, or status resistances. Effects increase with Proficiency.

Moves Effect
Coral Cheerhorn The Palico will bring out a huge Horn, playing melodies for various effects.
Coral Cheerbongo The Palico will start stomping on a giant drum, providing status resistances for hunters.
Coral Sonicgong The Palico will do three strikes to the Sonicgong, flinching the monster with each hit.


Shamos Tailraider.png
Hunters who befriend Troupers will unlock the Shamos Tailraider Monster. This monster can serve as either a tracking mount for hunters or a combat mount for Palicoes.

The Shamos is available in the Coral Highlands or Coral Region of the Guiding Lands.

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