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The New World Quest | Rewards and Conditions

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Interested in learning more about Artemis and The New World Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW)? Keep reading for more information, tips and tricks, and a plot summary of the Monster Hunter movie crossover quest!

Basic Information

Event Duration

Event Quest Availabilty
Date Time
Start Friday, December 4, 2020 0:00 UTC
End Thursday, December 2, 2021 23:59 UTC

How to Unlock

You must have Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to play the quest. After downloading the update, simply log in and head to a Quest Board, your Handler, the Pub Lass or the Hub Lass. The quest will be filed under events.

Quest Details

Level M ★ 1 Destination Wildspire Waste
Type Event HRP N/A
Time Limit 50 mins. Reward 18000z
Monster Black Diablos
Condition MR 1 or above

Monster Information

Black Diablos

Black Diablos Variant.jpg

In this quest, the Black Diablos only appears in the hilly area with wildspires (Area 8).

Black Diablos Weakness and Strategy Guide


Artemis already has Screamer Pods in her inventory, but with the amount of times the Black Diablos burrows underground, it is worth playing around the Noios, the flying monsters, in the area. You can use your Clutch Claw on them to trigger their scream.

Don't forget to check the Item Box! You'll find a lot of helpful items such as EZ Rations, Ancient Potions, and First-aid Meds.

Artemis comes with a pair of strong Dual Blades. If you have not played Dual Blades before or are just not comfortable using them, you can feel free to change your weapons at the Equipment Box in the starting area.

But if you want to play her with Dual Blades (or any other stamina-heavy weapon for that matter), you should also pick up a Wiggly Litchi before your fight, just to decrease your stamina usage.

How to Use Dual Blades


Artemis α+ Armor

You can craft the Artemis α+ Armor at the Smithy with the Chocolate rewards.

Monster Materials

Black Diablos

Blos Medulla Wyvern Gem
Diablos Tailcase+ Black Diablos Cortex
Black Diablos Chine Large Wyvern Gem

Quest Rewards

Item Appearance Rate
Ancient Potion -
Chocolate -
Max Potion -
Mega Potion -
Ration -

Plot Summary

Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.


Plot Summary.jpg
You will play as Artemis from the Monster Hunter movie, who just arrived in the Wildspire Waste from her own world. Artemis spots the Admiral flying with a wingdrake, and tries to follow the scoutflies to his location. Artemis eventually stumbles upon a Black Diablos and proceeds to take it down.

Meeting the Admiral

She is then greeted by the Admiral, who, to her surprise, does not recognize her, much less speak her language. They both spot a Rathalos in the skies. The Admiral tries to go after it alone, but she grapples onto him. This leads them straight into the Ancient Forest.

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