Seething Bazelgeuse Weakness and Strategy Guide | Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne

Learn how to beat Seething Bazelgeuse in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Seething Bazelgeuse's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Seething Bazelgeuse Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Seething Bazelgeuse Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Seething Bazelgeuse
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Fire None
Breakable Parts
Head, Back, Wings, Tail

Locations and Areas Visited

No locations are currently known for this Monster. We will update this section as soon as they are determined!

Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts

No body part information is currently known for this Monster. Check back for more details as we continue to investigate!

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Paral. Sleep Stun
★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
Blast Exhaust Mount -
★★ -
Flash Shock Pitfall Ivy
★★ ★★ ★★
Dung Meat Screamer -
★★ -

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How to Beat Seething Bazelgeuse

Purple Bomb Scales

How to Beat - Seething Bazelgeuse 1.png
The Purple Bomb scales of Seething Bazelgeuse has a wide explosion range and it can take a huge chunk of your health. Be sure to check your position and avoid these bombs as soon as they drop.

Huge Explosion

How to Beat - Seething Bazelgeuse 2.gif
The Seething Bazelgeuse has a powerful attack that can cause a huge explosion after it drops his purple scales. This can immediately cart you if you manage to get hit by this attack. It is best that you leave the area during this attack to avoid its wide explosion range.

Weakening the Scales

You can weaken the scales by hitting them using your slinger pod with Puddle Pods, Scatternut, and Crystal Bursts. Hitting Seething Bazelgeuse with these different types of ammo can down him for a few seconds which can be used as an opportunity to attack with your most powerful skills.

Tail Attacks

How to Beat - Seething Bazelgeuse 3.png
Unlike the normal variant, Seething Bazelgeuse has a few more tail attacks that have been added to his pattern. These attacks can be difficult to avoid if you commit too much on attacking. It is best that you do not try to finish off your combos and prioritize dodging during the hunt.

Also, cutting the tail can shorten the range of his tail attacks significantly. It is best that you prioritize cutting the tail whenever possible.

Avoid Using Rocksteady Mantle

Using Rocksteady Mantle will prevent you from getting blown away by the explosions. This can be dangerous if there are a handful of scales present in the area as it can hit you multiple times without pushing you out of its range.

Seething Bazelgeuse Attack Patterns

Attack Attack Power Guardable Exhaustion
Tail Sweep 50 25
Continuous Tail Attack 65 30
Continuous Tail Attack (3rd Hit) 75 40
Spiral Head Thrust 30 10
Body Slam 45 25
Glider Attack 45 20
Tail Slam 45 20
Head Attack 75 30
Continuous Head Attack 75 30
Crush 80 40
Crush (Enraged) 90 40
Crush Attack (Gliding) 60 25
Rush 50 25
Bomb Scale (Explosion) 30+ Fire(30) 30
Bomb Scale 40+ Fire(40) 40
Detonator Breath 20 10
Explosion Breath 50+ Fire(20) 60
Enraged Full Explosion 90+ Fire(30) Guard Up 60

Seething Bazelgeuse Carves and Rewards

Carvings and Hunt Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
LR Coming soon!
HR Coming soon!
MR Bazelgeuse Flail / Tail 70
Bazelgeuse Gem / Body 5
Bazelgeuse Shard / Body 30
Flickering Silvershell / Body 22, Tail 27
Bazelgeuse Mantle / Body 2, Tail 3
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / Body 17
Distilled Blast Fluid / Body 13
Scorching Silverwing / Body 11

Rewards for Each Body Part

Obtain Rate (%)
MR Scorching Silverwing / Wings 69
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / Wings 35
Flickering Silvershell / Torso 69
Distilled Blast Fluid / Head 61, Torso 30
Bazelgeuse Gem / Head 5
Bazelgeuse Shard / Head 32
Bazelgeuse Mantle / Head 2, Torso 1

Breakable Body Parts

Defense Value How to Break
Head 400 Set durability to 0, twice.
Torso 350 Set durability to 0, once.
Left Wing 200 Set durability to 0, once.
Right Wing 200 Set durability to 0, once.
Tail 400 Reduce durability by 1100 using cut damage.

Shiny Drops

Obtain Rate (%)
Bazelgeuse Shard / 50
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 28
Large Wyvern Tear / 22

How to Get Drops

How to Get # Times


Quest Clear & Investigation Rewards

Obtain Rate (%)
Bazelgeuse Flail / 9
Bazelgeuse Gem / 3
Flickering Silvershell / 25
Bazelgeuse Shard / 22
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 16
Distilled Blast Fluid / 14
Scorching Silverwing / 11
Bazelgeuse Mantle / 8
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 24
Distilled Blast Fluid / 18
Flickering Silvershell / 14
Scorching Silverwing / 14
Bazelgeuse Flail / 12
Bazelgeuse Gem / 10
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 22
Distilled Blast Fluid / 16
Bazelgeuse Mantle / 16
Scorching Silverwing / 13
Flickering Silvershell / 12
Bazelgeuse Tail / 11
Bazelgeuse Gem / 10

Plunderblade Rewards


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Bazelgeuse Shard / 41
Flickering Silvershell / 33
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 25
Bazelgeuse Mantle / 1


Obtain Rate (%)
MR Bazelgeuse Shard / 50
Bazelgeuse Hardclaw / 28
Large Wyvern Tear / 22

Quests Where Seething Bazelgeuse Appears

Type Quest Name

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