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Welcome to the Astera Fests front page! Here you'll find a list of all the events going on in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne, the best activities to do, and all of the limited time equipment you can get your hands on.

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Astera Fests

Astera Fests
spring blossom partial.jpegSpring Blossom Fest summer twilight partial.jpegSummer Twilight Fest autumn harvest partial.jpegAutumn Harvest Fest
winter star partial.jpegWinter Star Fest appreciation partial.jpegAppreciation Fest

Seliana Fests

Seliana Fests
full bloom partial.jpegFull Bloom Fest sizzling spice partial.jpegSizzling Spice Fest Fun Fright Fest partial.jpgFun Fright Fest
holiday joy partial.jpegHoliday Joy Fest grand appreciation partial.jpegGrand Appreciation Fest

Astera Fest Schedule

March 12, 2021 ~ March 26, 2021
Spring Blossom Fest

Previous Fests

Previous Fests
Astera Fest Seliana Fest
spring blossom fest.pngSpring Blossom Fest
3/12/2021 〜 3/26/2021
full bloom fest.pngFull Bloom Fest
3/12/2021 〜 3/26/2021

There are currently no Fests in-game. Check back in a couple of weeks, there should be some Fests then!

Event Time Period

MHW Appreciation Fest.jpg

Astera and Seliana fests, each with their own special perks and benefits, used to be available only at certain times of the year. With the new update Iceborne 15.10 Update, they will rotate every two weeks, meaning you'll never miss a fest again.

What to Do During Astera Fests

High Priority

High Priority
Login Bonus and Daily Bounty
Gather Event Quest materials
Forge Event Equipment

Login Bonus and Daily Bounty

There are special bonuses per day when you log in during these special events! Usually it’s more than one Lucky Voucher per day as well as the unique ticket available for that Festival. Read more about what each festival gives down below!

Gathering Event Materials

During an Astera Fest you want to collect your Login Bonus every day and complete the Daily Bounty as there are tickets that cannot be obtained without doing bounties.

Forge Event Equipment

Each event will have unique equipment that’s only forgeable during the event period. Make sure to get them made before it’s too late! Read more about what each event offers in their specific segment down below.

Middle Priority

Middle Priority
Raise your MR
Gather materials for Augmentation and Custom Upgrades
Collect Decorations
Complete any unfinished event quests and forge gear

Increasing Your Rank and Strengthening Gear

As quests have certain rank limits you should try and raise your rank beforehand. Getting above MR100 will allow you to do most event quests to collect materials for Augmentation and Custom Upgrades.

Completing Unfinished Event Quests

Event quests that you might have missed are usually available again for the duration of the Festival, so they are good times to go back and do those quests that you’ve missed!

Low Priority

Low Priority
Collect Large Monster Crowns
Farm Monster Materials

Collecting Crowns and Materials

Crowns and materials can be farmed and obtained at any time so you should focus on the event quests during the event period.

Occasionally during events there will be quests that spawn Gold Crown monsters so these can safely be prioritized to increase your Crown size.

Spring Blossom Fest

Daily Login Bonus

For each day you log in, not only do you get two Lucky Vouchers but you also get a seasonal Spring Blossom Ticket that you can use to craft the festival’s unique items.

Forgeable Event Gear

Blossom Set
Blossom Set.jpeg

Using Spring Blossom Tickets, you can forge the Blossom armor set.

Spring Blossom Fest

Summer Twilight Fest

Daily Login Bonus

For each day you log in, not only do you get two Lucky Vouchers but you also get a seasonal Summer Twilight Ticket that you can use to craft the festival’s unique items.

Forgeable Event Gear

Diver Set (Armor/Layered) Shadow Shades (Layered Head)

Using Summer Twilight Tickets, you can forge the Diver Set, its layered armor counterpart, and the Shadow Shades.
Summer Twilight Fest

Autumn Harvest Fest

Daily Login Bonus

For each day you log in, not only do you get two Lucky Vouchers but you also get a seasonal Autumn Harvest Ticket that you can use to craft the festival’s unique item.

Forgeable Event Gear

Harvest Set (Armor/Layered)

Using Autumn Harvest Tickets you can forge the Harvest Set and its layered armor counterpart.

Autumn Harvest Fest

Winter Star Fest

Forgeable Event Gear

Orion Set (Armor/Layered)
Orion Set.jpeg

Using Winter Star Tickets, you can forge the Orion Set and its layered armor counterpart.

Winter Star Fest

Appreciation Fest

Forgeable Event Gear

Gala Set (Armor/Layered) Fair Wind Lance

Using Appreciation Tickets you can forge the Gala Set, its layered armor counterpart, and the Fair Wind Lance.

Appreciation Fest

What Are Astera Fests?

Seasonal Events in the Gathering Hub

Astera Fest.jpeg
Astera Fests are seasonal events that take place in the Gathering Hub of Astera. If you're connected to the internet you can get a variety of rewards on the Celestial Pursuit!

Most Event Quests Become Available

Event Quests.jpg
During an Astera Fest most previous Event Quests will also be available. These quests will offer you another chance to get any limited time equipment you may have missed so get farming!

Powered-Up Facilities!

Aside from event quests, the various facilities around Astera will offer things like limited time meals or selling items for half the money or research points that should be taken advantage of.

NPCs Change Outfits Too

When Astera Fests are going on the receptionists around the Gathering Hub as well as the Handler will be wearing special outfits for the occasion. Poogie will also have a cute new costume you don't want to miss!

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